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Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to be able to disappear at will?Imagine what you could do if other people were unable to see you…Walk into a room undetected, listen to other people’s conversation, and engage in many other ethical and unethical activities.Those potentially unethical activities are one of the reasons why these techniques were kept secret.

People who are quiet by nature may have had more spontaneous experiences of invisibility – without investing any additional effort. Some of them may have even wished at times to be more visible. Whether you’re more introverted or extroverted by nature, you can master the art of manipulating your energy and be noticed or unnoticed as may serve your needs at the time.

Perhaps you too can remember some time in your life when you very much wanted someone to avoid you, to by-pass you, act as if you were not there. Maybe you even silently prayer “oh, God, please not now”, maybe even silently telling to that person you wanted to skip saying hello that day “oh, please go away, just go away” and the person went away. And if you has such experiences, maybe you thought it was just an accident, a coincidence, you were lucky and it never crossed your mind that your thoughts are very powerful and that you really can influence how other people perceive you and whether they see you or they don’t.

Seven Invisibility Techniques

The Hypnosis CD in the invisibility set contains SEVEN DIFFERENT INVISIBILITY TECHNIQUES. The first five techniques will help you to become unnoticed, ignored, left alone and at peace to mind your own business, while the last two techniques will teach you how to experience actual invisibility.

With he first few techniques, you may experience instant results, other techniques will require more commitment and practice.

All techniques involve manipulation of your own energy and other people’s perception to a certain degree. They range from changing your energy field and merging with the environment, to altering other people’s perception through transfer of consciousness, to building walls around you from universal substance (astral or etheric matter – whatever term you may prefer).

Invisibility subliminal, supraliminal and supraliminal plus contain supporting suggestions designed to reinforce the practice with hypnosis recording. In order to learn the techniques, you have to use hypnosis recording. You can speed up your results with subliminal, supraliminal, and supraliminal plus recordings.

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