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The Habits Academy is the premier training platform for individuals and organizations that are interested in building better habits in life and work.


Professionals are the architects of their habits.
Amateurs are the victims of their habits.

Imagine two versions of yourself, 5 years into the future. What would your life be like if you continued to repeat your bad habits each day? What would life look like in five years if you stuck with good habits each day?

From day to day, you may not recognize the effects of your habits.

If you go to the gym for an hour today, you don’t expect your fitness to transform overnight. If you work late and ignore your partner and children today, you don’t expect your family to fall apart overnight.

But, looking at the span of 5 years, it’s easy to see how our everyday habits add up to something more.

Bad habits make time your enemy. Good habits make time your ally.

The habits you repeat (or don’t repeat) every day largely determine your health, wealth, and happiness. Knowing how to change your habits means knowing how to confidently own and manage your days, focus on the behaviors that have the highest impact, and reverse-engineer the life you want.

Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. The Habits Academy will show you how and where to invest for the biggest gains.

Introducing, The Habits Academy.

A scientific guide for the person who
wants to achieve greatness.

The Habits Academy is the most practical, effective, and science-backed course on behavior change ever created. Each of the 40+ lessons covers powerful ways to change your habits based on proven scientific research.

Master your habits:

  • Break your bad habits. Identify the root causes of your bad habits and cut them off at the source.
  • Make good habits stick. Get a simple plan to overhaul your habits and create habits that last.
  • Stop procrastinating. Get proven methods that make it easier to get ed and follow through on what you set out to do.
  • Overcome failure and setbacks. Learn how to bounce back from adversity and get back on track quickly when you fall off the wagon.
  • Harness motivation and follow through on your goals. Learn how to follow through on what you set out to do, whether you’re feeling motivated or not.

Then, watch as simple habits compound to life-changing results:

  • The habit of writing every day compounds to a finished novel.
  • The habit of saving $100/month compounds to six figures in the bank.
  • The habit of working out three times per week compounds to being in the best shape of your life.
  • The habit of introducing yourself compounds to a fulfilling social life.
  • The habit of emailing potential clients compounds to a thriving freelance business.

Plain and simple, this course will help you improve your habits, and in turn, improve your life. Even if you don’t have much time. Even if you aren’t sure how to begin. And even if you have failed in the past.

If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, we’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back.

The Habits Academy will teach you simple ways to change your daily routines and optimize for success.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

The ideas taught inside The Habits Academy have been used to train leaders at major organizations as well as thousands of individual students.

From individual students to massive companies, these ideas have helped more than 5,700 people.

Billy ed exercising more consistently and quit his habit of eating junk food every day.

“Honestly, this is one of the most practical and actionable classes I’ve taken, no exaggeration.

I love the bite-sized lessons. They’re easy to consume and put into action. I’ve already ed exercising more consistently and am building a handful of habits that I think will make the biggest impact in my life.

The course also helped me get over a frustrating bad habit of eating candy bars or junk around 2 to 3 p.m. everyday. I learned how to used the Notecard Method for bad habits to try and nail them down. I ed experimenting, and by eating a slice of avocado with lunch, the good fat filled me up with no cravings until I got home for dinner.”


Erik has made more progress on his book in the last 25 days than he had in the previous 10 years.

“My goal was to become a writer and I have set up a consistent system for writing, so far 3 days missed in 25 and I have made more progress than the last 10 years on this project.

I enjoyed the course a lot, the lectures are brief, but most of them give something to think about a lot more than the short lecture. Very practical to implement, very well thought-through structure. I can certainly recommend taking this course if you are interested in creating strong habits and understanding how to do so.”

Daniel had given up on making new habits—until this course helped him going to the gym more often.

“I really enjoyed the course. The habit I decided to work on was to go to the gym more often. I decided on going Monday through Friday and just run on the treadmill for 1 to 1.5 miles. I still have times when I miss a workout, but I’ve been going pretty consistently for the past 3 weeks. I’ve been tracking my mile times as well and making good progress there.

I’ve honestly never had much success despite all the books and articles I’ve read over the years. And prior to the course, I was kind of at a point where I had given up on making new habits. I was just tired of failing.

But I ed the course anyways and it just made sense to me. I’m pretty logical when it comes to most things, so I liked that the course didn’t talk about getting motivated or ‘you need to want it.’”


Jan got rid of her bad habit of sleeping past her alarm.

“Learning how to build good habits and how to get rid of bad habits is a key skill for success in life and work, in my opinion. The information on how to acquire this skill is out there, but there are two major problems: One, it’s scattered among tons of individual studies, books, blog posts, and so on, and two, it’s rarely presented in an actionable format. With his program, James does an admirable job of solving both of these problems. He pulls together and integrates the key insights from both science and practitioners, and presents them in an integrated fashion that is focused on applying his advice right away. I loved the short, to-the-point video lessons and the examples James provided on how to apply each lesson. Using James’s advice, I managed to rid myself of my long-standing bad habit of sleeping past my alarm in the morning. I’m holding a Ph.D. in psychology and have been studying habits for a few years now, but I have never come across any other resource that is as complete, focused, and actionable as James’s program.


Donn is sticking to his writing habit – even when life gets hectic.

“James Clear’s Habit Academy was time well spent. I’m using these lessons to write regularly. The lesson about scaling down the time dedicated to your new habit during a hectic period rather than miss a day was very useful. I’ve been able to to maintain a string writing days during hectic periods. I’ve used another habit to schedule a specific day, place, and time to write as well. I’m gaining traction in my writing, which is very encouraging. I’m finding ways to apply these lessons in other areas of my life. The lessons are clear and easy to digest. I intend to go back over the lessons again. Thanks, James!”

Beautifully and thoughtfully crafted for busy leaders.

No matter how you measure the quality of a course, The Habits Academy is in a league of its own. The ideas are scientifically proven. The lessons are practical. And the format is simple and easy to follow. We’re confident this is the best habits course on the market.

  • 40 high-quality video lessons, broken up into 8 sharply focused modules. Most courses are “all parts, but no assembly.” The Habits Academy puts everything together in one, easy-to-understand program.
  • 11 downloadable worksheets to help you put what you learned into action.
  • Unlimited access to the course – forever. Watch any time and on any device. You can watch the course from your mobile device, computer, or tablet, and you’re free to learn at your own pace. Your progress is automatically marked as you take the course. Revisit lessons whenever you want.
  • 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t love it, I’ll refund you. It’s as simple as that.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: The Surprising Power of Small Habits


    Pre-Course Survey


    Lesson 1: Introduction (1:25)


    Lesson 2: The 1 Percent Rule: Why Small Habits Make a Big Difference (3:03)


    Lesson 3: The Habit Loop and How Habits Work (2:06)


    Lesson 4: How Long Does it Take to Form a New Habit? (4:56)


    Lesson 5: A Simple Plan to Overhaul Your Habits (2:06)

Module 2: How to Build Habits That Will Last a Lifetime


    Lesson 6: How to Create Hot Triggers (3:24)


    Lesson 7: How to Set an Anchor Task and Fit New Habits Into Your Life (3:41)


    Lesson 8: How to Actually Follow Through on What You Set Out to Do (3:34)


    Lesson 9: How to Get Addicted To Taking Action (4:09)


    Lesson 10: How to Build a Habit That Sticks for Good (3:38)


    Lesson 11: How to Be Motivated Every Day (4:35)


    Lesson 12: The Secret to Breakthrough Success (3:49)

Module 3: Environment – The Shape of Habit


    Lesson 13: The Invisible Engine That Drives Human Behavior (3:59)


    Lesson 14: The Best Way to Rapidly Transform Your Habits (2:56)


    Lesson 15: What to Do When Your Willpower is Weak (6:50)


    Lesson 16: How to Achieve More With Less Effort (4:33)


    Lesson 17: How to Make Good Habits Automatic (3:22)


Each of the 40+ lessons is designed to
pack a punch in 5 minutes or less.

  • Battle-tested strategies: Every strategy I’ll tell you about has been rigorously researched and tested in my own life and lives of alumni and readers. Not every strategy will work for every person, but I make sure the ones I recommend are the best of the best. As a result, you’ll get the ideas that are likely to work for you so you don’t have to waste your time and energy.
  • Fascinating stories: Great stories not only make the lessons interesting and entertaining, they also help concepts stick in your mind so you know exactly what to do when a tricky situation arises.
  • Cutting-edge research, explained simply: If I’m recommending an action, you can be confident I’ve done the research and put in the work to verify its validity. I did the researching and digging on Pubmed so you don’t have to, and I’ll explain everything you need to know without jargon, filler, or fluff. And if you do want to geek out on the latest research, you’ll find a full list of studies in the footnotes beneath each video.
  • Practical examples for easy implementation: In creating this course, my team and I brainstormed hundreds of examples of implementation for dozens of different habits. No matter what habit you’re trying to build or break, you’ll find practical examples that are applicable to your situation, making quick implementation a no-brainer.

Get a sneak peak inside the course with the sample lesson below. Each of the 40+ lessons in the course is similar to this…

Get a sneak peek inside the Habits Academy

Take an in-depth look at one of the popular lessons within the academy.



Taught by someone who’s researched and
tested these ideas for years.

Hi there, I’m James Clear and I’m the creator of The Habits Academy.

I’ve spent years talking with leading researchers about habit change as well as reading, writing, and experimenting with my own strategies and explanations to develop simple and practical ways to build better habits. This course is the culmination of all that work.

Here is a bit more about me:

Over 8 million people read my articles each year and my work has been featured by CBS, Forbes, TIME Magazine, and more.

Over 400,000 people subscribe to my weekly emails on how to form good habits and break bad ones.

Over 5,700 students have taken my habits training programs.

James Clear – Habits Academy is digital download at

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