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Jeffy Finally Cracks Open The Vault…

And Reveals To You 5+ Years Worth Of
“In House” RSD Secrets, Hyper-Advanced Techniques, And His PERSONAL “Master Formula” For Skyrocketing Your Success In Life To The EXTREME

Are You Ready To “Cut The Crap” And Propel Yourself To A Carnival
Of Abundance This Year And Every Year For The Rest Of Your Life???  Prepare Yourself.  – Just One “Hit” From Jeffy’s Repertoire Will WIPE The Floor With You


Hi there…

Tyler here (YES the “real” Tyler, I don’t allow my name to be used on anything that I didn’t personally write), and I’ve got a quick question for you… 🙂

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to just “cut loose” and tap into that awesome “unpredictable and out-of-control” side of your personality??

You know, that side you feel brewing beneath the surface and when you’ve seen it “flicker,” people have been drawn to you INSTANTLY (it’s so instinctive you might as well call it a “stimulus-response”).

Be honest with me here.

I want to know…

have you ever felt a “spark” of something more RAW inside yourself, a dimension of your personality that you KNOW is as legitimate (if not more) as every other, but for some reason society has taught you to suppress??

have you ever felt like you were “holding something back” and that there might be a “primal” element you were BORN WITH, which if you had the ability to “tap into” would have people flocking towards you in droves??

have you ever had the desire to just rip the chains off and PUT YOUR FULL PERSONALITY out there and be the COMPLETE and ATTRACTIVE person that you know you’re meant to be??

Alright well here’s the next big question then…

What if these brief “flashes” of pure glory were something that you managed to unleash consistently on a daily basis??

What if you had FULL CONTROL over this, and it became an integral part of WHO YOU ARE??

Think about what your life would look like. The type of ridiculous success you’d be getting for yourself if you could just DO IT.

Well, I happen to know a guy who’s tapped into this side of himself on an EXTREME level…

This is a guy who is so dangerously effective that he walks into his favorite places and the staff will just chuckle and shake their heads because they KNOW the frenzy that’s about to ensue.

And guess what? YOU know this guy as well. You’ve been reading about his adventures in the notorious RSD newsletter for the last five years.

The man we’re talking about here is Jeffy. And he has something very important he wants to teach you. An urgent “correspondence” that he needs to get off his chest…

The Legend Of Jeffy: In Any Industry Insider’s
“Top 5 In The World”


I’ve stated this over and over for years now, and I’ll say it once again just to make sure it’s 100% crystal-clear:  Jeffy is flat out, without the slightest hesitation, one of the best transformational coaches in the world.

If you ask me why (very reasonable), I just break it down with the hard facts…

Jeffy has been perfecting his methods and sharpening his skills continually since 2002. He’s been teaching live high pressure bootcamps where he has been demonstrating his skills every weekend since 2003.

He’s taught how to be a shocking success up close and personal with thousands of ecstatic clients, and his students have consistently been getting resultsduring his actual programs about 50 to 75% of the time.

(These numbers are unheard of by the way…)

Jeffy has been my own personal “secret weapon” for crucial crunch-time aspects of my life (like how to increase your personal magnetism) for a very long time. It was actually Jeffy’s explicit advice that helped me reach exciting breakthroughs in my personal life.

Jeffy is highly innovative and always on the cutting edge.  He’s got tons of the hardest hitting never-seen-before formulas and techniques (as well as tons of “outside the box” elements that most people would never think about) at his full disposal at all times.

The guy has interacted with people all over the world.  His programs have taken him on extended trips all over America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and now even Africa.  The techniques that he employs are field-proven to work everywhere.

We’re talking an “Original Gangster” here…

He’s got a massive cult-following with his insane success stories, and the man just has this funny/badass/rebel “all in one” personality while being a super-professional and mega-effective teacher at the same time.

The bottom line to me is that Jeffy always seems to have the most success and abundance of anyone I know.

Anyway, there’s one thing I can say for absolute sure…

Every person on this planet who wants to get massive success in all aspects of their life should be desperate to soak up knowledge from this guy.

Jeffy is a crack expert at communicating his ideas and secrets to you.

He’s the type of guy to force feed advanced skills into your head, pounding them in mercilessly whether you like it or not.

And his greatest resource is now being made at your disposal…

Five Years Of Mind-Blowing Results…
Six Months Of Preparation, Rehearsals, And Development…  Jeffy’s Masterpiece Finally Brought To You In Crystal-Clear Video And Audio


I remember it was about this time last year that I first approached Jeffy about doing “The Jeffy Show.”

The key issues on his plate were these…: 

  1. Jeffy is known for getting and enjoying*insane* success in his life.  This is a guy who can barely be bothered to promote himself as a “self-improvement guru” because he’s literally living his dream life all the time.
  2. To make the program 100% “true and authentic” to what he’s REALLY DOING to get this type of shocking success would be extremely difficult.

    That’s because Jeffy has an arsenal of FIVE YEARS worth of personal experiences, methodologies, and techniques that he’s using to get the extreme results at all times … which is not exactly easy to put into words. 

  3. For Jeffy to condense all of this advanced wisdom into a cohesive step-by-step master formula (that you could instantly use to replicate his level of results) would take literally months of his time, pulling him away from all of his activities.


Obviously it took me a lot of arm-twisting, bribing, prodding and convincing to get Jeffy on board. 

But you know what?? 

Once he decided to do it, he threw everything he had into it. 

We got together in Honolulu Hawaii (aka – “bribing”) for a backroom brainstorming session that would rock you to your core. 

The room was covered with mountainous stacks of Jeffy’s private notes and case studies/field-reports from half a decade’s worth of “highly experimental” successes and failures – and we started the long, grueling process of burning through them and filtering for the best of the best. 

What happened next was probably one of the most riveting experiences of my entire career… 

We started turning up nuggets of gold. Literally, one after another, all over the place.

It’s like we were drowning in an oasis of the most uber-advanced, hyper-detailed wisdom I’d ever encountered.

This was the type of stuff that could rocket your success from amateur-mediocre levels to the levels of abundance that’s usually only enjoyed by a very few

We’re talking (and this doesn’t remotely cover it)… 

…the most absurdly innovative techniques for developing INSTANT charisma I’ve ever seen… 

…swipe files with “step-by-step formulas” and “verbatim instructions” that have yielded the most results I’ve ever seen… 

…and every single thing the “top guys” intuitively understand (but can never properly explain) about human psychology to give you the ability to read others and communicate with them in a profound, authentic way.

Jeffy himself realized that he was doing all this stuff unconsciously – that he had “internalized” all of these personally-invented methodologies, formulas and techniques and then forgotten about it.

It had become a natural part of his personality and a surging force in what was empowering him to get the continual tsunami of success in his life for the past several years. 

(That’s really the ultimate goal with all this:  “Unconscious competence” where you get continual success without having to think about it ever again.) 

Anyway, with two straight weeks of 14-hour workdays under our belts, we had just the *seed* of what would soon become Jeffy’s masterpiece. 

This was followed by a “West Coast Tour” of Live Rehearsals, where Jeffy riveted slack-jawed audiences with what many described as being a “front row seat to a once in a lifetime rock concert learning event.” 

Jeffy was absolutely insistent that the final-cut would be a RIPPER – 100% ready-to-rock and stream-of-consciousness (unlike the BS where gurus will read off of their notes) for the most spellbinding performance in the history of the personal development community.

And the result was insane… 

The room-rocking final event in Hollywood California was slickly polished and obnoxiously-organized – with every section specifically designed to explode your reality of what’s possible and shortcut your learning curve to EXTREME success by as much as several years. 

It was truly incredible. 

Well, guess what??

The crystal-clear recording of that epic event is now here, and it’s going to uplift you like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

“The Jeffy Show” Will Ignite “Raw Power” In You Like No Other Program On Earth

So, OK, all this is true. So what??

There are a lot of similar programs out there. 

What does “The Jeffy Show” bring to the table? What’s unique about it? What does it offer you that nothing else does?

Well, it’s very simple. It’s got two aspects to it.

“The Jeffy Show” will give you a soup to nuts tactical breakdown of every stage of the road to personal success. Lines, gambits, stories – he lays his entire toolbox bare.

He’s holding nothing back – this is the distilled wisdom from five years of Jeffy’s one relentless obsession – achieving personal excellence and becoming the master of your destiny.

If you want a program that will give you “everything you need to get off the ground,” this is it.  But all that, no matter how groundbreaking, raw, hilarious or instantly-usable adds up to about 10% of the value of this course.

The other 90% of the value lies seething beneath its “how to” content.

We’re talking a very special “extremely-advanced-feature” that’s going to change the way you approach your life forever and give you the type of raw out-of-control “power” that’s previously been reserved only for the select few who can handle the intensity of it.

Jeffy’s unique perspective is that of a man who’s learned to unleash the blistering power of his potential (a “master-skill” that he demonstrates over and over, every weekend, to stunned Bootcamp clients worldwide).

This is something that, up until this point in history, has never been taught.

Now all that’s changed.

The most valuable part of this program is, by far, the step-by-step instructions that will allow you to both 1) harness the “raging-zen” type headspace, and 2) fine-tune all of the “riding the edge of the cliff” outer behaviors.

Have you ever had one of those days where you were just a wildman out of control?? When you felt like nothing was impossible?

These are the times that people are just flocking to you…  Staring at you from every corner of the room.

You’re clearly “the man”.  You have presence.  Total domination of the social environment.

Think of it like a physical heat dripping off of you, radiating your core-self, and you’re just entirely out-of-control.

It’s about unpredictability.  Not just being a bit cocky or quirky, but being on a level where people are instantly drawn to you, eager to partake in your unbelievable energy.…

That’s what we’re talking about here…

Jeffy is a master of quick-learning communication, rocket-shuttling you towards every goal you have the courage to dream of.

It was several years ago it “clicked” for him that the short-cut secret to rapid, meteoric advancement has got nothing to do with what you say, or even how you say it.

(Regardless that he teaches all this stuff in vivid detail to get you moving…)

It’s all about whether or not you have learned to deploy your personality like an artillery piece.

To do that, you need to 1) shatter the chains that society has placed around you and walk through the world “in your own reality”, and 2) be a MASTER, “ride the wave” and surf the social-tsunami you create all the way to the shore.

Jeffy is revealing the perspectives it took him years of agony to develop.

The live bootcamps he teaches are often hard to get into (limited to only 3 spaces), and this is a roadmap that’s designed to install in you this reality-shattering epiphany.

There are a ton of intricacies that make this work on a level where people are LOVING it, but once you’ve “got it down” it definitely becomes the absolute key piece in your personal development.

Let me explain…

People Swoon For “Rockstars” Because Of Their
Self-Directed, Unpredictable Nature


A lot of people will look at rock stars and think “Oh, that’s just the fame… That could never be me…”

The thing a lot of people fail to grasp is that NOBODY is “cut from a different cloth.

What one man can do, another can do. Point blank period.

The “key piece” that a lot of rock stars have that YOU (and most people) probably don’t, is that they’re highly self-directed and just do whatever they feel like doing, *whenever* they feel like doing it (within the constraints of law, of course!)

This aspect of their nature makes them highly exciting, unpredictable, and literally *addictive* to be around.  People are just drawn to them.

The question you’ve got to ask yourself here is are YOU on that same level??

See, the vast majority of people spend their entire lives trying to FIT IN and AVOID JUDGEMENT.

They might *think* they’re being exciting and unpredictable.

The sad truth is that most people haven’t REALLY cultivated this side of their personality as much as they think.

Ask yourself:  “ARE PEOPLE DRAWN TO ME??”

It’s a simple question.  Either they are or they aren’t.

Now if they’re not, it’s very likely BECAUSE this “key piece” in your life is M.I.A.

(Or at least it’s not developed to its true potential…)

Now you might be thinking… “But that’s not my style… I am the way I am, and that’s Jeffy not ME…”

The thing is, this is about CREATING BALANCE and ROUNDING OUT your personality by tapping into an innate NATURAL part of your animal core that’s been suppressed up until this very day.

Take a guy like Jeffy, who if you’ve read his extensive-writings you know is intelligent, educated, and highly articulate.  The guy is a “classic literature buff” and into –gardening- of all random things.

In many respects he’s even the “perfect gentleman”

So yeah, if you meet him he might come across as highly professional or even a sophisticated dude (as funny as that sounds).

AT THE SAME TIME, Jeffy isn’t CONFINED by social “labels” or “categorization”.

He’s tapped into a deep and fundamental part of his CORE SELF and he’s got that WELL-ROUNDED character that makes him blisteringly-compelling for others to be around.

The man is not controlled by ANYONE or ANYTHING.  You could say that he’s used his intelligence to cultivate ALL of his natural abilities.

(NOTE:  If you know Leonardo da Vinci you’ve heard the term “Renaissance Man,” which is basically someone who’s developed a BROAD RANGE of their abilities…)

And you know what??    

This is the SPECIFIC REASON why Jeffy has experienced the most insane, surging success in his life.

He’s been able to command the identical type of life that most rock stars have, without so much as a shred of the fame or high-profile.

More importantly though, this is where YOU fit into this equation.

You’ve probably known for a long time that being a “complex” and “dynamic” person is what makes others COMPELLED to be around you.  Anyone versed in the “Art Of Interaction” knows that having “multiple-sides” makes you exciting and addictive for others to be around.

Jeffy has been teaching people LIKE YOU to get this exact result through highly refined LIVE DEMONSTRATION virtually every weekend for many years.

His advice isn’t theory or guess-work, it’s a results-oriented PROVEN practical methodology that’s actually worked both for himself and countless ecstatic clients every weekend since 2003.

The result:  No matter how bad you think you are at “doing life” you will come out of this program armed with SPECIFIC formulas, techniques and understandings that ONLY a proven, tested and experienced professional of Jeffy’s caliber can give you.

YOU will be the “star” in your own show, and THAT is how you get to the “next level.”

So the ONE UNIVERSAL TRUTH that needs to “click” in your head is this:

You might want to take on the type of EXTREME lifestyle that Jeffy has long-enjoyed.  Maybe you want to try it for a SINGLE DAY just to experience it, or maybe you want to crack the code on becoming your best self and living a life of fulfilment from here on out.

All are 100% worthy goals…

But hands down the most effective and field-proven way of getting to your end goal is to learn from those who have figured it all out and are already enjoying an amazing life.

Being the person who projects true magnetism is going to get you what you want REGARDLESS of your individual goals (which you will DEMOLISH with flying colors).

Here is how Jeffy reveals to you the skills…

Jeffy Show – iPod – RSD is digital download at

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