Jessica Dibb & Russ Hudson – The Experiential Depth Approach to the Enneagram

Jessica Dibb & Russ Hudson – The Experiential Depth Approach to the Enneagram is AVAILABLE, you can download immediately after payment. Heal ‘core sufferin…

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Jessica Dibb & Russ Hudson - The Experiential Depth Approach to the Enneagram

Jessica Dibb & Russ Hudson – The Experiential Depth Approach to the Enneagram

Discover experiential practices to activate higher realization — and embody the deepest, most sacred aspects of your Enneagram type in your everyday life.

Heal ‘core suffering’ in yourself and our world by immersing yourself in the true teachings (and purpose) of the Virtues, Holy Ideas & Instincts.

As a personality typology, the Enneagram can be illuminating

Yet, the original intention of the Enneagram is something more profound: To serve as an evolutionary map for exploringand embodying the deeper qualities of human nature.

If you’ve studied the Enneagram, you’ve likely begun to work with these revelatory insights. You now have a lens into lifelong patterns that have kept you from experiencing wholeness and fulfilling your potential.

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Yet, the Enneagram is rich and complex and the opportunities for self-discovery and the potential for healing are lifelong as well.

Through depth teaching — rooted in the original Enneagram teachings — you can access and integrate the full mystical power of the Enneagram.

And when the depth teachings of the Enneagram are paired with holistic, experiential practices, you actually begin to transmute your patterns (physiologically, cognitively, and emotionally) into the sacred aspects of your type

Living from your essence. Activating your soul’s purpose and sharing your gifts. Loving with all of your heart.

And perhaps most importantly, helping to heal our broken world.

A Unique, Evolutionary Program to Support Personal & Collective Wholeness and Awakening

World-renowned Enneagram teachers Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb have been the innovators of a depth approach to the Enneagram

And NOW they’ve challenged themselves to offer the most comprehensive program on the Enneagram they’ve ever presented. It encompasses the rich and nuanced levels of the Nine types, including the:

  • Three Centers
  • Instincts
  • Virtues
  • Holy Ideas
  • Essence
  • Relational Field
  • 9 Aspects of the Divine
  • Social Activism & Service

As well as what lies beyond the Enneagram Map — emergent for YOU.

This is your opportunity to join with a dedicated group — beginning seekers, advanced practitioners, and seasoned teachers — to share in this challenge to activate a higher level reality, so all of us and not only discover truth and love, but create a path of unprecedented authenticity and depth.

Jessica and Russ will bring a new level of intimacy, precision, inquiry and experiential practice to this intensive, experiential Enneagram journey, intended for both beginning and advanced students.

You’ll explore and experience:

  • Both subtle and dramatic changes that can result from working consciously with your  instincts, using inventive, ‘3-centered’ tools and practices.
  • An opening to the truths of your deepest heart, through the  virtues.
  • The  holy ideas as a path for unmasking of limiting, unconscious thought patterns, patterns of denial, rationalization and fantasy.
  • How essence can relax the fixations, delusions, sufferings and contractions of your type — and heal your core suffering and help heal the world.
  • Inner Work as the fountainhead of social transformation and collective healing at this critical time on the planet.
  • The relational field and creating relationships from presence.
  • Enriching our contact with the Divine by understanding all 9 expressions of Divinity.

Very few teachers have the knowledge, spiritual vision and techniques to help people truly navigate (and apply) the profound realizations available through the Enneagram.

Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb have conceived this approach and new body of teachings and practices — integrating both the modern Enneagram and its ancient mystical origins — to guide you into the most exciting terrain of the Enneagram, yet.

Over 17 transformative weeks, you’ll explore the deepest dimensions of the Enneagram — from personality to wholeness to the Higher Realizations that dwell in the territory beyond your type.

This unusually comprehensive program will guide you to apply inner realizations to social change and activism — transforming personal healing into meaningful contributions. You’ll be invited to explore acts of service that are authentic and ignited by the sacred qualities of the nine types.

What You’ll Discover in These 17 Weeks

In this brand-new Enneagram training, you’ll be guided by Russ Hudson, one the foremost and unique articulators of the Enneagram Teachings; and Jessica Dibb, one of the foremost and innovative creators of experiential practices in the Enneagram field.

Together, they will present an original evolutionary program to support your wholeness, consciousness, and awakening through the multidimensional guidance and transmission of the Enneagram.

Russ and Jessica will illuminate and articulate the higher aspects of the Enneagram, beyond type — sharing innovative practices to help you integrate and embodywhat you discover, in your daily life.

They’ll also explicate and build the architecture of what actually happens to your  body, heart and head as you activate the deeper qualities of not only your own type but all nine types.

During this 17-step journey into the sacred dimensions of the Enneagram, you’ll discover:

  • The original purpose of the Enneagram that takes us far beyond mere descriptions of our character structures
  • The real meanings of the passions, the fixations, the centers, the instincts, the Virtues, the Holy Ideas, as well as of Essence and Personality
  • The nature of experiential work in the context of the Enneagram
  • The role of presence in working with the patterns of personality/ego.
  • The innate life qualities called Instincts — and how they appear in nature and in you
  • The deep qualities of Instincts as felt sensations, which are part of your body’s wisdom
  • How the core suffering of the heart shows up in the Instincts, and interferes with their natural functioning
  • A customized set of experiential practices for working with your Instincts and creating better balance between them
  • The definition and meaning of the Holy Ideas
  • The Holy Ideas’ relationship to the Virtues and the essential qualities and gifts of each of the 9 types
  • How these deeper states of consciousness or nondual awareness relate to your mental patterns or “fixations.”
  • Psychological patterns that tend to dominate our relationships
  • Relationship as a structure necessary for life, but not able to bring the heart what it truly seeks
  • How to open to new qualities of genuine relatedness: appreciation, aliveness, and kindness
  • Sensations and energy flows in your body that occur when psychological patterns are relaxed
  • Practices for working with a current important relationship and recognizing the patterns you’re bringing to it
  • Each Enneagram point as an expression of Essence and an aspect of the Divine
  • Release your egoic perceptions of the Divine