Jill Konrath – Getting Into Big Companies System


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Getting Into Big Companies System

A self-study program for today’s crazy business environment

Format: Digital Download

What’s inside the Getting Into Big Companies sales system?

Initially presented live as a series of teleseminars, each of these audio programs includes 50 minutes of workshop, plus 10 minutes of Q&A – for a total of over 9 hours of instruction. It’s the only substitute to attending one of my workshops.

You will discover how to:

  • Crack the corporate code and gain access to corporate decision makers.
  • Slash the time it takes to get your foot in the door of large corporations.
  • Position yourself as a strategic business adviser, not a product-pushing peddler.
  • Create a replicable account entry strategy that keeps your pipeline full.
  • Eliminate sales obstacles and steadily advance the sales process to the logical next step.

Volume 1: Building Your Sales Foundation

Cracking the Corporate Code (60+ min.)

  • Discover & lead with your best foot-in-the-door strategy.
  • How to break big accounts down to find the easiest entry point
  • Which marketplace factors are impacting your ability to get in – and what this means to your sales efforts.
  • What corporate decision makers want from sellers and what they don’t want.
  • Why your current “getting in” approach is probably hurting your efforts to set up meetings.

Finding Customers Who Are Ready to Buy (60+ min.)

  • Why being promiscuous in your prospecting decreases your success rate.
  • How to define your ideal targeted customer based on the key factors relevant to your sales success.
  • How to identify triggering events that significantly increase your likelihood of getting the business.

Developing Strong Value Propositions (60+ min.)

  • Why changes in the market have made obsolete the traditional ways of talking about your company’s offering.
  • How a value proposition is different from an “elevator speech” and a “unique selling proposition.”
  • The key components of strong value propositions.

Volume 2: Launching the “Getting In” Campaign

The Elusive Corporate Buyer (60+ min.)

  • Price of admission – expected research and homework.
  • What they want from sellers today – and why they’ll totally dismiss you unless you meet their expectations.
  • Multiple strategies to locate the right buyer for your product or service offering.

Crafting Your Account Entry Plan (60+ min.)

  • The key components of an effective, multi-touch sales campaign.
  • How to identify and engage multiple people in your account entry campaign.
  • The wide variety of resources you can incorporate into your sales tool kit. (Note: you don’t have to create everything yourself!)

Creating Enticing Voicemails (60+ min.)

  • How to avoid the most common mistakes sellers make that cause messages to be deleted before they’ve finished talking.
  • What it takes to immediately establish credibility with someone who would just as soon hang up the phone.
  • Three things that always pique a decision maker’s curiosity and are great to include in your voicemail messages.

Volume 3: Breaking Through Sales Barriers

Setting Up Appointments With Ease (60+ min.)

  • What you absolutely must avoid saying in the first couple minutes so you don’t blow it after all this work.
  • How to immediately establish credibility with someone who’s never heard of your company.
  • What it takes to establish a peer-to-peer relationship.

Dealing with the “Tough Stuff” (60+ min.)

  • What prospective customers really mean when they throw objections at you before you’ve even said a few sentences.
  • What to say when you encounter those common, sales-derailing obstacles like “We’re already working with another company” or “There’s no money in the budget.”
  • How what you’re saying actually creates the bulk of your objections – and how to effortlessly eliminate them so they become a total non-issue.

Awesome Initial Meetings (60+ min.)

  • The biggest mistakes sellers make in their initial meetings and what you can do to prevent them.
  • How to effectively prepare for client meetings so that they go exactly as you planned.
  • How to best position yourself at the beginning so you can establish a consultative relationship with your prospect.

Getting Into Big Companies Workbook

When you get this CD package, you’ll also receive a comprehensive 150-page printed workbook. There’s a complete section in it for each of the 1-hour workshops

Use the Getting Into Big Companies Workbook as you listen to the audio programs. Here’s the value you’ll get from this important document.

  • It’ll help you focus on the most important points and get more out of your listening time.
  • Use the exercises to help you think through the concepts and strategies in more depth.
  • Read the related articles for even greater understanding.
  • And finally, use the discussion questions to stimulate additional thinking on how to apply the concepts presented to your own sales initiatives.

This companion workbook supports your learning and ensures maximum value.

Jill Konrath – Getting Into Big Companies System is digital download at

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