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Product info: [14 MP4 + 8 pdf + 4 notepad + 4 ods + 3 jpg]. Digital download. “How to Earn Income Using Zillow Without Owning Any Real Estate” The ‘Z Code’…

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The Z Code

“How to Earn Income Using Zillow Without Owning Any Real Estate”

The ‘Z Code’ formula works even if:

  • You’ve tried endless strategies to wholesale and flip deals… with no results
  • You still haven’t done a single deal
  • ​You’ve been told houses listed on big sites like Zillow and Trulia don’t have any money in them
  • The idea of selling or pitching scares the heck out of you (…you won’t have to)
  • ​Your credit is bad (or doesn’t exist), and you don’t have a ton of money lying around to invest in properties
  • ​You don’t have a realtors license (not required)
  • ​Or… you think you’ve tried everything, been to every scammy ‘free’ real estate seminar… and had a terrible experience trying to do a deal

Four “Z Code Crushers” Video Case Studies

You’re also getting four video case studies with students who have recently closed deals using Zillow. Including:

  • The $2,000/hr Flip – Behind the Scenes of a $4,000 Zillow Deal From Only 2 Hours of Work
  • The FSBO System – How to Face Your Fears & Scale From Newbie to Seasoned Pro with an Army of Zillow Cold Callers
  • The $55k Sandwich – Inside the Zillow “Sandwich Lease Option” Deal Netting $775/mo and a MASSIVE Future Payday!
  • Low-Hanging Leads – Why Zillow is the Cheapest & Least Competitive Lead Source for a $25-30k/mo Cash Flow Investor
Joe McCall – The Z Code is digital download at

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