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Tubes are K-Swiss’ new fitness shoe comprising a series of cylindrical tubes on the sole of the shoe that offer optimum comfort, durability and stability. The technology of Tubes allows the shoe to move in motion with the foot, creating an ideal all round training shoe for gym users, fitness classes and light running.

The shoes were used in body pump, step and the gym.
Overall a good trainer, good bounce which comes from the cylindrical tubes on the sole of the foot. Good balance in training.
Tried and tested in all three sports and we enjoyed them.
Design-funky, young, great colours
Quality-7/10, could have had more of a comfort insole in place, we felt that was skimped on a bit.

Overall we gave the product 7/10 stars
K-Swiss Tubes are £49.99.

K-Swiss – The California Sports Company, has launched a high definition versatile workout in collaboration with celebrity fitness instructor Deanne Berry to coincide with the launch of K-Swiss’ biggest innovation technology to date – “Tubes”. The first versatile fitness workout available across multiple platforms, that can be followed whenever and wherever your location and viewed on a digital medium that suits you – phone, iPad, computer or TV.

Fitness expert Deanne Berry comments: “All my workouts are so varied; aerobics, combat and dance, or going for a run, I’m always changing what I’m doing – day to day. Since trying on my Tubes, I haven’t been able to go back to my old trainers. The ankle support is great, they’re comfortable, have great cushioning and are super stable… everything I need in a trainer.”

The K-Swiss Tubes Workout with Deanne Berry aims to give those with a
fast pace of life a versatile fitness workout that works for them, wherever they are, be it on an iPad in the kitchen, your phone in the bedroom, on your laptop, or through a multimedia centre via your TV with friends in the front room. Viewers can also watch online at video hosting sites or download free from iTunes – as the K-Swiss Tubes workout is designed for your time, wherever your location.

K-Swiss and Deanne Berry created three innovative workouts in Tubes – Aerobic, Dance and Combat – that can be viewed as a series of podcasts, or downloaded as a full 30 minute workout from iTunes. The K-Swiss Tubes Workout with Deanne Berry has been devised into 8 downloadable sections: Warm up, Aerobics 1 and 2, Dance 1 and 2, Combat 1 and 2 and Cool Down.

Each offers a mini workout on their own or can be watched in full or combined into bespoke workouts for those with more time or energy. Deanne Berry is a fully qualified fitness instructor and choreographer having regularly appeared as a fitness expert on GMTV and in national magazines, as well as advising and choreographing several of the most recent Celebrity fitness workouts. “I choreographed this easy and versatile workout so that it can go with you wherever you are, simply download on to your phone or watch on your TV or computer and away you go!” – Deanne Berry. The K-Swiss Tubes Workout with Deanne Berry’ will be launched online across internet video hosting sites and iTunes.

K-Swiss Tubes workout – Deanne Berry is digital download at

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