Kendall SummerHawk – Platinum Style Program Success System


Kendall SummerHawk – Platinum Style Program Success System is AVAILABLE, you can download immediately after payment. Training Module Includes:The ONE ques…

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Kendall SummerHawk - Platinum Style Program Success SystemKendall SummerHawk – Platinum Style Program Success System

“Yes, Kendall! I want instant access to
your PROVEN training course that will show me
how to Design, Market, Price and Fill ‘Platinum Style’ programs so I can feel good about the transformation I deliver — and BOOST my income in record time!”

This is for you even if you are new in business, or transitioning your current business, and yes, even if you don’t have a list!

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You get instant access to this step-by-step, downloadable training course that includes:

  • Downloadable training audios and transcripts of each step, brilliantly laid out to get you started immediately
  • Downloadable companion workbook loaded with done-for-you checklists, scripts, templates, examples, samples, forms, marketing plans and blueprints

Platinum isn’t about simply ‘charging more’ or working harderOffering ‘Platinum Style’ programs will give you more breathing room, rapidly accelerate your income and give you the joy of feeling that you’re doing the work you’re meant to be getting out into the world!

Step-By-Step, here’s what’s included so you can get started today:

How To Create A ‘Platinum State of Mind’ In Just 30 Minutes

Want to feel confident and in integrity with higher fees? You will with these simple exercises that make it easy to shift from “Will my clients pay?” and “Am I ready?” to trusting your worth at the deepest level.

Training Module Includes:

  • The ONE question that will powerfully transform negative self-talk into positive self-worth, instantly
  • CHECKLIST of 4 Platinum mindsets (plus companion exercises) so you create to-the-core, unshakeable and fully authentic faith in your value, in just 30 minutes

How To Transform Your Expertise Into A Compelling And Easy-to-Market “Signature System”

Once you transform your expertise (processes, methods, etc.) into an exciting Signature System you’ll easily attract ideal clients, without you ever again having to “try to explain” what you do. This is an ALL NEW, completely updated module, created EXCLUSIVELY for Platinum Style Program Success System course participants.

Training Module Includes:

  • The FOUR best-selling types of Signature Systems clients happily pay for (with this TEMPLATE, you’ll know exactly how to position your transformational work in a compelling way)
  • 3 simple questions that reveal WHY people will be eager to sign up as YOUR Platinum client
  • Done-for-You “So what do you do?” template that makes it surprisingly quick and easy to comfortably talk about your Platinum program in 60 seconds or less

The ABCs of Designing Your Platinum Program So You Offer Awesome Value Without Over-delivering

You’ll get all the breathing room you’ve been wanting in your business (no more over-delivering!) using this exciting, “I can’t believe it could be this easy!” step-by-step template for designing your Platinum private or group offer.

Training Module Includes:

  • 6-step Platinum Design Template, making it easy for you to “choose and use” what to include in your private or group Platinum programs (with this, you can design your program in under 60 minutes)
  • Exactly how much coaching or content to include so that you FREE UP your time, while delivering exceptional value
  • What ONE component you must always include so that your clients experience immediate results and love that they invested with you (this is so fun and easy to provide, it will be your joy!)
  • These exact, ready-to-go Platinum BLUEPRINTS: 6-month private, 12-month private, 90-day group, 6-month group, and a 12-month group
  • 5 popular formulas for creating the perfect name for your Platinum program (includes benefit words you’re welcome to use)

Complete Marketing And Enrollment Materials, All Done-For-You

You get the exact enrollment and application materials you need to fill your private or group Platinum program with high-quality, paying clients.

Training Module Includes:

  • Platinum enrollment letter TEMPLATE outlining exactly what to say to describe your program in juicy terms, and so that your ideal clients immediately connect with why they should sign up (SAMPLE enrollment letter INCLUDED)
  • Platinum application TEMPLATE, including done-for-you application questions, designed to inspire your ideal clients to hiring you (and respectfully screen out the ones that are clearly not a fit) (SAMPLE application INCLUDED)
  • Platinum agreement CHECKLIST, listing exactly what to include so that you’re presenting your business as a professional (SAMPLE agreement INCLUDED)
  • How and when to list payment details (without this, you could easily end up losing new clients)

Step-By-Step, How To Price Your Platinum Program With Confidence And Integrity

You can breathe easy because I’m demystifying pricing and eliminating the emotional charge often associated with this important task. This simple, step-by-step process makes it a breeze to choose your Platinum fees with grace and ease.

Training Module Includes:

  • 17 Pricing “do’s and don’ts” that will save you costly mistakes
  • My profound signature exercise that will reveal — in just 30-minutes — the real value of your program to you AND to your ideal clients with crystal clarity (with this you’ll immediately stand confidently in the truth of your value — without any guilt pangs — and your potential clients will feel your integrity, 100%)
  • How to make a “pay in full” option enticing and easy for your potential clients to say “YES!” to (imagine how good it feels to receive payment in full, right at the start of your client relationship)
  • Easy 6-step Platinum Pricing Guide, showing you exactly how to calculate what to charge (this template works beautifully to simplify choosing your fee so you avoid costly pricing mistakes or giving away too much for too little)
  • The ONE step you must ALWAYS take when offering a payment plan so that your client stays committed (and isn’t tempted to back out)
  • Guidance on when to post your fees online (and when it’s a big no-no that can tank your sales!)
  • Exactly when to discuss the investment in your program (yes, there IS a perfect moment for this, and now you’ll know what it is)
  • Real-life pricing EXAMPLE, following the same template you’ll be using

Complete Marketing Formula — Step by Step — To FILL Your Platinum Program (Even If You Don’t Have A List)

Get excited because you can attract your first Platinum client with just ONE conversation, or choose from a variety of proven ways to fill a group program, all by following these simple steps.

Training Module Includes:

  • The exact marketing sequence to use if you’re just starting and don’t have a list
  • TWO simple email campaigns, all laid out for you
  • How to leverage free speaking into a steady stream of potential Platinum clients (perfect when you’re not allowed to “make an offer” from the stage — no worries, you’ll still get clients using what you learn here!)
  • When and how to use online marketing such as teleseminars, webinars or video to create a wealth of potential private or group Platinum clients

Get Kendall SummerHawk – Platinum Style Program Success System at the Edulucky

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