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Product info: [1 Video (MOV) 1 Audio (MP3) 1 Manual (PDF)]. Digital download. “The reason,” he told his dad, “is so I can train full-time in the summer.” H…

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Leveraging LinkedIn

Get More Traffic, Leads, and Sales with LinkedIn

Massive credibility. Sneaky SEO. Free email marketing.

How Lewis Built A Seven-Figure Business With LinkedIn

He was a truck driver. He was a bouncer.

“The reason,” he told his dad, “is so I can train full-time in the summer.” His dad agreed, and as a result of that focus, Lewis became world-class at football. In fact he left college early — without a degree — to enter the NFL draft.

Things turned south almost before they could even begin. In the second game of his first season as a pro player, Lewis dove for a pass and crashed into a wall. He felt a strange pop in his wrist. He shook it off and decided to “tape it and go.”

Cut to the end of the season: what he thought was a minor injury turned out to be career-ending: he had shattered his wrist, and through repeated wear and tear, what was left of it had crumbled and had to be replaced with a bone fragment from his hip.

The surgery left him in a cast for 6 months recovering on his sister’s couch with 250 bucks a month of workman’s comp from the arena football league to live on.
This was during the economic downtown in 2008, and he found himself jobless, near-broke, with no degree, and an eyesore of a cast. He was un-hirable.
Forced to figure out what he wanted to do next with his life since his main passion was taken away due to injury, Lewis turned to a mentor, who told him to check out LinkedIn…

Get this: Lewis then spent 6-8 hours a day — for 6 months — only on LinkedIn. At first he was learning how to use it to get connections, meet people, and find business opportunities.

But then as he uncovered more and more the powerful vehicle LinkedIn proved to be, it started to make him money. What he found is four extraordinarily powerful and effective steps, steps you can take right now, that can really move the needle.

He shares those steps, fully illustrated with step-by-step walk-throughs in this Master Class.

You will learn

• How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for SEO to get more leads, traffic, sales on a passive basis
• How to build and leverage LinkedIn groups to get more awareness of you and your product or service, and to generate more leads back to your site
• How to create your own LinkedIn group — the #1 most underused resource out there — to start building an email list for free (free leads), getting more traffic, leads, and positioning
• How to use advanced applications to sell more products and drive traffic

You Will Get:

Bottom line impact
People who take our courses often say that implementing just one tactic adds thousands of dollars to their bottom lines.
That’s because Mixergy courses are taught by proven leaders, not professional teachers.

Clear examples
Don’t you hate to hear ideas that only work in theory? This course is full of real-world examples. You’ll see them in action, right on on your computer screen.

Full course material
You can watch this course online, or download it to your favorite media player.
You’ll also get links to all the resources you’ll need to implement the systems in this course.

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