Local GMB Messages – Kerry Knoll

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Kerry Knoll – Local GMB Messages

How Adding Google’s Chatbot to Your Client’s Google My Business Listing Helps Generate An Influx Of Additional Sales Each and Every Month.

Local GMB Messages - Kerry Knoll

Kerry Knoll

CEO GrowthHackMindset.com

Why should you listen to me…


Hi, I’m Kerry Knoll…


Over the past few years, I’ve been working on solutions to help folks like you, from all over the world, discover micro automated services that have little to no resistance and are scalable. 


Today I have something amazing to share with you…I was recently working with my client’s Google My Business listing and I discovered something new that I had not seen before. There was a “Message” button next to the Call button for a Google My Business listing on my phone. I immediately went to see if it was there on my desktop computer, but wasn’t. I did a little research and found out that it’s a new feature to make it one step easier for a customer to contact a local business through Google.


Why this is important…


Many local businesses owners have yet to turn this feature on, nor do they even know it exists! And because of this they’re missing the boat big time. Now days most people don’t like to call a friend or family member, much less a local business.


The Truth…


It’s a convenience factor that simply can’t be overlooked. Local businesses need every possible advantage to gain new customers.


The worse part…


Most customers will choose convenience over quality simply because we’ve become a very lazy society as a whole. So it pretty much goes without saying that local business owners are leaving the door wide open for their competitors if they don’t offer this feature.  


I think you’ll be blown away at how I’m helping local business owners get the messaging service activated and how I’m able to charge them a small monthly fee to manage this feature (and one other) of Google My Business for them. 





I want to talk to you about how I’m able to find qualified clients and how I’ve added this micro automated service to my tools so that I can do this for one niche and then scale it to as many businesses as I can find.



Here’s how I’m finding the right clients directly from Google and how I’m helping them…

  • I go to Google search for a location and a niche on my mobile device.
  • ​Once the results come back, I begin to look for listings without the “Message” feature. 
  • ​After I find one of those I contact the business and offer to set it up for them.
  • Rinse and repeat for another client in another location.
  • ​Rinse and repeat for another deal for the same client.

The BIG opportunity…


Almost all local business owners would love to have this feature readily available to them, but most if not all have no idea how to set it up nor have the time to manage it themselves.


The best part…


There’s an endless supply of local businesses who have no idea that this service even exists, much less have it set up and working for them…..and when they see the results they will happily pay $99-$199 per month to create posts for them. 


In my training I will show you exactly how to make a full-time income by activating the messaging feature and posting 4x per month to their Google My Business listing. 


I’m going to show you how to prospect for clients, how to fully set this up, and how to do it all in less than an hour and then profit from it month-after-month, year-after-year.


To sum it up…You’re getting an inside look at one of the easiest recurring income streams I use…and you’re going to learn how to do it all. 



What is it?


I’ve recently discovered a new Google My Business feature that allows customers or leads to communicate with a local business directly through a chat session so to speak using the new messaging feature. 


 I’ve been offering this service for my own clients to help them generate more sales and customers.


If you offer Google My Business services (and even if you’re not) then this is a must have tool to add to your arsenal.


Every business owner will benefit from this new service.


Who is it for?


This product is for folks who want to offer another micro automated service and increase their income by selling an extremely easy to deliver service to local businesses.


The best part of this system is that you can do almost 100% of the work for your client in less than an hour (however, I like to get paid monthly so I am offering to manage their Google My Business listings by adding new posts each week).


Here are 3 powerful ways to use this

Micro Automated Service:


1. It’s a GREAT way to get a Foot-In-The-Door by offering a REALLY hot service that will absolutely

WOW a local business owner.


2. Of course, if you already have clients, you can add on some extra money for providing this service. It’s set-and-forget and I don’t exaggerate that claim!   


3. OR, you could find new potential clients who just need this service activated and collect an easy $99-$199/mo.   


So, I’ve given you THREE ways to use this micro automated service to pad your pockets! 




Salepage: https://growthhackmindset.com/ghm-local-gmb-messages-thrivecart
Local GMB Messages – Kerry Knoll is digital download at Edudigi.net.

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