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Marketing Agency Academy – Client Services Series

The Client Services Series is a seven-part webinar series designed for agency leaders and professionals that offers an immersive experience in account management, retention and growth. Sessions dive into the planning, execution and evolution of an integrated marketing campaign for a hypothetical B2B software account — Social Business Unlimited (SBU).

Together, we’ll walk through the different stages in the client relationship, from campaign activation through renewal, sharing insights from our collective experiences along the way. Weekly webinar content will draw on attendee feedback from previous sessions, offering a crowdsourced and adaptive curriculum.

7 on-demand webinars.

Session 1 – The Marketing Assessment: How to analyze companies, forecast potential and align expectations

Session 2 – The Scorecard: How to build a customized Marketing Performance Dashboard

Session 3 – The Game Plan: How to Connect Agency Services to Audiences and Metrics that Matter

Session 4 – The Honeymoon: How to Mix Builders and Drivers(Q1)

Session 5 – The Reality: How to Make the Partnership Work through the Ups and Downs (Q2)

Session 6 – The Tipping Point: How to Adapt and Evolve at a Critical Stage in the Client Lifecycle (Q3)

Session 7 – The Renewal: How to Soldify the Relationship and Focus on Long-term Growth

Also includes

– Exclusive resource downloads, including private beta versions of Agency Manager, Scorecard and GamePlan— management tools featured throughout the series.
– Insight from leading marketing agency minds.

Customer Reviews

Finally, I realize that my challenges in owning an inbound marketing agency aren’t unique. The Client Services Series provides step-by-step examples of how to deliver value and manage a profitable account. The tools in the series give me an integrated process to keep track of time, projects and outcomes, as well as a way to communicate easily with the client.

— Cristine Hafner, Hafner Creative Communications

Paul and his team are incredible. The experiences, expertise and insight that they shared in this series will stick with me for years to come. My partner and I were able to walk away with actionable next steps — ones that I’m certain will change the trajectory of our agency. What’s more, this series took a group of participants that, from the outside, looked like a group of competitors; and fostered a learning environment that was full of collaboration and encouragement. I can’t wait for the next series!

— Katie Gutwein, KBK Communications

Paul Roetzer and his team at PR 20/20 have shared and enriched best practices in the lifecycle of inbound agency/customer partnerships. As such, this has proven of great value to fellow marketing agencies including DutchmarQ (the Netherlands).

— Paul Hassels Monning, DutchmarQ

At first I was leery of a attending a series that was (gulp) 7 sessions. Really enjoyed how Paul took us from start to finish in a year with client. The scorecard was a very smart marketing tool, that I cannot wait to use with new clients. It really helps set up the expectations right off the bat. He really did a nice job focusing on drivers and builders and using metrics with final analysis. I was extremely happy with the series, and have tons of ideas to take and work with my clients on in 2013!

— Mary Jo Preston, Stream Creative

Paul and the team over at PR 20/20 are well oiled machines with very organized systems and processes to help their agency run efficiently and get results. It is a very impressive thing to see. In the Client Services Series, they are kind enough to reveal these systems and processes to help other agencies grow and get results for their clients. It’s also extremely valuable to see the strategies and tactics that an elite agency like PR 20/20 does to produce results for its customers. I highly recommend the Client Services Series to any agency that is serious about growing.

— Ron Medlin, Searchdog Marketing

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