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These 25 Facebook Ads Made Millions Now you can use them in YOUR business!

Hey YOU:

Ever play Nintendo growing up?

If so, you’re prob’ly familiar with “cheat codes.”

Where you hit a buncha buttons – in special sequences – and you can skip levels, gain super powers, etc.

Then, before you know it… you go from stuck… to beatin’ the entire game…. just like that!


Yeah, well, we’ve got the “cheat code” for Facebook ads. Our own up-up-down-down left right left right B A that gives US an unfair advantage.

Resulting in:

• Ad accounts remaining open and in good-standing

• Ads getting approved – the first time – every time

• Higher relevance scores

• Greater reach

• Much lower CPM and CPC

Which means:

• Less time

• Less testing

• Less stress

• Less struggle

• Less frustration

• Lower lead costs

• Lower cost per sale

• Easier to scale – without costs going up

• More consistency

• More predictability

• And most important, more profit!

Now here’s why I’m tellin’ you:

Cuz… today… you can get our Facebook ads “cheat code” – the same one that’s made us millions of dollars – for an easy one-time fee.


When you order today and get your hot little hands on this… you’ll be able to launch winning Facebook ads and level up ROI… immediately… even if you’ve never ran a winning Facebook ad before in your life.


Just plug and play. Remember, it’s a “cheat code.” It works for anyone who’s lucky enough to know it. So save your excuses. I mean…

IDGAF who you are, what your business is, or what your past experience has been like with Facebook ads.

Doesn’t matter.

Everyone overthinks and overcomplicates this sh*t. When really, you just gotta get a few things right.

Thing #1: Targeting
Hint: the harder you make their algorithm work, the more you pay a “picky tax.”

Thing #2: Placement

Newsfeeds. Nuff said.

Thing #3: Squeeze Page
Less is more. Take your subheads and bullets and busyness and friggin’ footer links and shove ’em in a sack. Then light that sack on fire.

Thing #4: Image
This one’s a lir. tougher. We just developed a feel for it over time, after running thousands of ads in dozens of niches… at daily spends of up to $5,000 per ad. So… how ’bout we just give you our top-performing pics?

Thing #5: Copywriting
Here’s where people poop their Pis. They write ads that are boring, predictable, incomplete… that sound too good to be true… that do a crappy job of calling out who the offer is and isn’t for… and then usually lie about “act now”… “limited spots.”


What we do? Is the exact opposite of all that: we come up with fun, fresh, thorough, honest ad copy… that qualifies the perfect prospects… and gives them a real reason to act now.
What we end up with is lots of interaction, bargain conversion costs, and the RIGHT people clicking-through, opting-in, and joining our list.

Which is better for everyone involved.
The people on our list actually WANT to hear from us.

So… higher opens, more clicks, and more sales – even from teeny-tiny lists!

And none of it’s possible without copy that pops n’ sizzles like hot bacon grease.

Lucky for you, my multimillionaire copywriters have already done all the dirty work.

So you don’t need to go spend a decade learning copy yourself.
Nor do you need to pay them several thousand for a single ad.


Today, you’re gonna get their top 25 long-copy Facebook newsfeed ads -that they’ve ever written.

Responsible for millions in sales. Yours to model. But that’s not all…

Let’s take a closer look at everything you’ll get with our “cheat code” offer:

We’ll Also Include The Following Bonuses

Copy Papi Crash Course

What if you could write like us? And make millions with words? And what if it didn’t take you years of researching, reading, studying, reverse-engineering, implementing, editing, publishing, testing, tweaking, improving, rinsing and repeating… to do so?

Sound farfetched? Maybe. But maybe not, thanks to this confidential copywriting report-written by my main copywriter.

In it, he spills his guts, revealing sentence secrets anyone can use to instantly improve their writing. Yes, even you. Even if you write like a third grader currently.

I’m serious. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to arouse your audience with word porn… then slowly seduce ’em till they whip it out (their credit card, Sicko) and buy.

Which begs the question:

Who’s your daddy?

Our Top 10 Ad Images

These pictures grab attention like nobody’s business. Battle-tested, proven to pull readers in so the copy can do its thing.

We’ll give you two sizes for each image:

One to be used in the actual ad itself. It’ll be the perfect dimensions – so it shows up sharp and clear, no matter which device someone sees your ad on.

And the second, for your squeeze page. This’ll be different dimensions, obviously, and we’ll also “squish” the file size down… so that your page loads quickly – which is another trick to keep costs down.

Do you have to use the same pic both places – in the ad and on the squeeze page?

Based on millions in ad spend, yes, you should. We always convert higher and pay less for leads when we do. Probably because people feel like they’re in the right place when they click-through your ad and arrive somewhere that looks the same.

But if hundreds of people buy this, won’t we all be using the same 10 images?”

I knew you were smart.

Possibly, yes. Although, you’d have to be in the same niche to bump up against one another. Nonetheless, by handing you these 10 eye-catching images, you’ll notice similarities and start to develop your own feel for what types of pictures to use. Then you can select your own winners – with complete confidence.

Plus, just understanding dimensions, sizing, and having a smooth, familiar flow from ad to squeeze page… is valuable insight.

Run It Right Crash Course

What good’s all this if you don’t? Like, what if you pick the wrong campaign objective? Or placement? Or your pixel’s installed wrong? Or you don’t know how to set up custom conversions? Or you’ve got trash targeting? Or any number of other things that are easy to mess up?

Then it’s all useless, isn’t it? So, in this fast, over-the-shoulder video training… I’ll have my right-hand man show you how it’s done, A to Z. just click after him, and you can’t miss.

And after you do one, it’ll be automatic – you’ll run ’em the same way each time. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The $285k/mo Ad

A mouth-watering case study:

One ad, 9 months – took us from $15k/mo to $300k/mol
We’ll reveal every last detail, proving the power of this collective “cheat code” we’re about to hand you.

After going through this, your belief in these templates and tactics will be bulletproof; on a scale of buffalo sauce, you’ll be Habanero about getting your first one launched; and you’ll be thinking: “Man, this alone was worth the price of admission.”

Pinky promise.


Lucrative Landing Pages

We’ve seen 87% opt-in rates – at scale – with our stupid-simple squeeze page format. How would you like to do the same?
I’ll show you, on video, how to make these squeeze pages yourself… with just a few clicks… even if you’re not techie at all.

Plus, I’ll tell you the exact headline text you’ll wanna use, what button text to use, which color your call-to-action button should be – everything. No thinking necessary. No decision-making. Just follow my lead.

But don’t laugh. These landers go against the grain of what the gurus teach. You’ll have to trust us, try it, and see for yourself. Worst case scenario, if you do it right, you should expect no less than a 45% conversion rate… based on our extensive testing.

Think about that: while most marketers are doing a happy dance if 1 outta 3 opt-in, and you’re doing, say, double that… who wins?

You do, Thilly Gooth.

Even a nice 50% conversion – compared to the awful 15% so many see – can be the difference between FAIL and SCALE.

Trust me, you need this bonus. Your mean Grandma Mavis needs this bonus.

Marketing Funnel Academy – 25 Facebook Ads That Made Millions is digital download at

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