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Deepen your understanding of Spiritual Mastery with this video collection by Michael Mirdad, covering attaining mastery, fighting life’s battles, and living mastery.


Attaining Mastery

  • Living the life of a master in everyday life
  • The twelve attributes of a living master
  • Awakening our Divinity while still on earth
  • Key concepts of a living master

Dealing with Life’s Tests

  • What is the purpose of life’s tests
  • Understanding the dark night of the soul
  • How we create our own reality
  • How each of our chakras is connected to each level of our personal tests

Fighting Life’s Battles

  • Dealing with personal conflicts
  • Fighting the righteous fights
  • Being a spiritual warrior
  • Stories of Krishna and Mohamed

Living Mastery

  • The three prerequisites for living mastery
  • Being a living master is different from an ascended master
  • Living mastery affects everything we do
  • Living Masters tend to attract miracles more often
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