Mind Body Weight Loss Summit – V.A.


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V.A. – Mind Body Weight Loss Summit

Mind Body Weight Loss Summit - V.A.

Hi – this is Jon Gabriel and thanks for your interest in Mind Body Weight Loss Summit.
If you need to lose 20, 40 or even 100lbs or more; and if you’ve tried and failed at dieting; I’m very happy you have found your way to this website.
Here’s the problem you’re probably experiencing now…
In your mind, you desperately want to be thin and you try everything—diets, exercises, pills and even deprivation—but your body fights back with cravings that are out of your control.

It’s as if your body wants to be fat.
If you’re experiencing this struggle now, the bad news is that it just gets worse and worse. If you don’t find a solution, you’ll most-likely continue to gain weight and your health will decline with each passing year.
But here’s the good news…
There is a solution. And it’s not like anything you’ve ever tried before. The approach that myself and all the experts in this summit teach is medically-backed, scientifically-sound, safe and natural.
This is the same approach I presented to The American Holistic Medical Association, and the same thing I taught in my best-selling book, The Gabriel Method.
This approach is currently used by medical doctors, therapists, and weight loss coaches all over the world.
And why is it so different?
First and foremost, there are no extreme diets or hardcore gym workouts involved. Overeating is a symptom, not the cause of your weight gain, and this mind-body approach focuses on bringing your body and mind back into balance.
We treat the root causes of the problem, and are then able to reestablish hormonal and emotional harmony within.
Over the past weeks, it’s been an absolute pleasure to be able to team up with some of the leading minds in holistic health to deliver to you the newest breakthroughs mind-body weight loss.
But since even before the summit began, hundreds of my subscribers requested that we record and archive the entire seminar, including class notes, so they could go back, listen and learn at their own pace in the comfort of their own home.
And many people wanted to share this summit with friends or family members.
It makes sense, and I totally understand.
In fact, I thought that was such a great idea, what we’ve done is put together a simple home study package to make it easy for you to own this year’s Summit forever.
The package is called the Mind Body Digital Pack and includes every single video lecture from Seminar along with complete transcribed notes so you can read, watch—or both—at your own convenience, in your own time.

The Right Information is Crucial to Your Success…

As I’m sure you probably already noticed, there is a lot to learn—but there’s no need to get overwhelmed. One of the big benefits of owning this year’s Summit is you can go back, learn and listen at your own pace.
There is no rush, and no pressure to “get it” all in one go.
More than anything, these packages are designed for people who are fed up with fad diets and extreme exercise, and for those that are excited and ready to put into action the holistic, mind-body approaches we all teach and advocate.
This is a way for you to be able to learn at your own pace, share the program with family and friends, and hopefully make a huge transformation in your life.
Before I go… I’d just like to make sure to emphasize that everyone’s weight loss journey is unique. Some people need to balance their stress, others are suffering from nutritional starvation, and for others still, a past trauma is keeping them stuck.
If there’s one prevailing message I want you to take from The Mind-Body Weight Loss Summit, it’s that your weight loss challenges are unique and complex, yes, but they are reversible. I’m living proof of this, and so are many of the experts in this very Summit.
Thanks for your interest, I hope to connect with you again very soon.

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