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The Kinowear Video Coaching Program

The Kinowear Video Coaching Program is a 3-month, comprehensive course that helps you get to the top of your A-game. You’ll find out how to become part of the 1% of guys who…

  • Commands attention from every person in any room you walk into…
  • Instantly gains more respect in business and career situations…
  • Gains an upper hand in ANY social situation…

If you are fine being “average”… this is NOT for you.

It’s for guys who refuse to be average. Who refuse to accept being part of the status quo. Who hate the thought of even being compared to the average guy who dresses like a little boy, clueless about what looks good and what doesn’t.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside…

New Lessons Each Month


In these videos, we’ll show you, as if you were next to us, the different things you need to bear in mind to evaluate an item of clothing: cut, size, quality, how to wear it, how to look after it, what are the mistakes that you need to stop making…

There will also be other videos specifically about style: how to accessorize, how to match clothes, how to find your own style…

In these videos you’ll learn the basics for improving your style.




Exercises With Each Video


At the end of each video, there are exercises depending on your level.

I can assure you, I’m not going to ask for a three hour dissertation about the cut of a blazer! They’re practical and simple.

These exercises allow you to memorize the ideas, put them into practice, but also find where you’re at: a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

We’ve done them so that you only need to take a little bit of time to take in a lot. What’s more, they’re fun and easy to understand. Thanks to these exercises, you’ll buy effectively and be confident in your choices.




Our Top Shopping Picks


Every week, there will be a selection of clothes for you, with affordable price tags and always the best quality/elegance/price ratios.

You will be able to buy these clothes in most big cities department stores. And there will also be a very extensive Internet selection so that you can buy from home.

One last thing: we’ve tested the clothes that we recommend, and carefully chosen the sellers, so that you can buy completely securely.

And during the sales, you’ll make gigantic savings. You’ll be able to build your closet whilst the price of the Kinowear Program is saved several times.



Personalized Coaching


We will respond individually to all your questions at the end of every lesson.

This will help you to stay motivated thanks to our encouragement (and the encouragement of others also on the Program!) It’s great for those who need a bit of a helping hand to get going.

Nicolas – Kinowear Program is digital download at

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