No-Nonsense Muscle Building – Vince Delmonte


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Vince Delmonte – No-Nonsense Muscle Building

No-Nonsense Muscle Building - Vince DelmonteNo-Nonsense Muscle Building - Vince DelmonteNo-Nonsense Muscle Building - Vince Delmonte

Skinny Guy “Saviour” comes forth and blows the lid off the bodybuilding and supplement conspiracy to reveal why it’s not your fault that you’re still a struggling hard gainer…

“Take Just 6 Minutes To Read This Page And I’ll Cut Thru All The Bull That Has Been Keeping You From Having
A World Class Body!”


You’ll Do It Too:

  • With no dangerous steroids. This means your body’s getting shredded…the natural way!
  • With no expensive supplements. Which means you still have money in your pocket to spend on all those women that are suddenly giving you attention!
  • With no more conflicting advice. Say good bye to listening to “experts” who constantly disagree and confuse the life out of you.
  • With no long hours at the gym! So you work out less and achieve more. This gives you the freedom to live your life, instead of living in the gym.

From Vince DelMonte
Monday, January 05, 2009
Dear Fellow Hardgainer,
Let’s face it. You’re tired.
Tired of filling your body with mysterious supplements that do nothing except make you bloated and sick.
Tired of busting your ass in the gym 6 days a week, only to find you’re the same size you were last month.
Tired of watching other guys work out half as much and get twice as big.
I know. Because I was once there too. I was your typical 149 pound weakling.
But then I uncovered something so powerful, it changed my life forever!
And as you read each and every word of this page, you too will discover that the lies the muscle industry has been feeding you have kept you from attaining the body you’ve always dreamed of…

“And They’re Doing
It On Purpose!”

But that’s all about to change. Because you were lucky enough to land on this page.
So…don’t sit back and relax. Get on the edge of your seat because I’m going to expose the dirty little secrets of the industry. And hand you the most powerful, muscle growth and weight gain system ever developed for skinny “hardgainers!”
It’s the same system that I used to defeat the worst “skinny genetics” in the world and pack on a clean, 41 pounds of rock-hard granite-like muscle in just under 24 weeks.
It’s the same system that earned me 1st place at the Canadian Fitness Model Championships in Windsor, Ontario, in November 2005.
The same system that brought me international notoriety in Maximum Fitness and has made me a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness Magazine and on the Advisory Team for Maximum Fitness Magazine
It’s the same training program that has helped hundreds of skinny hardgainers – JUST LIKE YOU.
And if you happen to be chubby instead, stick with me for a few minutes and you’ll see how this will work for you, like never before (and with no restrictive dieting)!
You are about to own a killer step-by-step muscle building system exclusively for young guys and old guys who have tried everything else and still can’t gain clear, defined, eye-popping muscle mass!
There is one truth we have to establish right now…

“TheBodybuilding Industry Is Scamming You Out Of 90% Of Your Muscle Growth And 100% Of Your Money…”

That’s right – If you just landed from Mars, and were able to avoid every muscle magazine, every supplement ad, and every re-hashed website then you would immediately have an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over the rest of male hardgainers out there.
You would easily be able to double your muscle gains in half the amount of time…

Simply by exploiting a few ‘little known’ techniques that the bodybuilding magazines are spending MILLIONS to keep from you…

And by mastering a few of these long forgotten training procedures you’re going to learn about on this page, you will maximize your genetic potential quickly and easily.

You will literally force your muscles to grow!

Do I have your attention? I thought so.
Hi. My name is Vince DelMonte.
And every word you’re about to read is the God’s honest truth.
All my life I was skinny. I was so thin growing up I was nicknamed “Skinny Vinny” all through high school. The only thing I wanted was to be big and muscular. But no matter how hard I tried, I remained the same.

Skinny. Scrawny. Weak.

“I Mean I Had No Muscle Mass Whatsoever!”

What made matters worse was when I headed off to college all 4 of my roommate were JACKED. I’m talking 6 packs… 8 packs and guns the size of Howitzers!

The intimidation was unbearable.

I wanted what they had, but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t come close to achieving it.
Like you, I read all the magazines… and wasted thousands of dollars on worthless supplements. I watched my buddies getting all the girls, while I spent my nights killing myself in the gym.

Still…I looked like a skinny little runner and my social life was non-existent.

So…I gave up. I figured everyone was right. I was destined to be “Skinny Vinny.” But I still wanted to make the most of the skinny little body I was cursed with. Since I was built like a runner… I became a runner. More than that. I became a triathlete. You know…those mean and lean running, swimming, and biking dudes. Sure, it wasn’t bodybuilding but at least it was something.
I actually got pretty good at it too. I even represented the national team in competitions. But still it wasn’t what I wanted.

Just like you, I wanted muscle.
Just like you, I wanted bulk.
Just like you, I wanted all the things I figured I could never have.

“Then A Tragic Event Rocked Me To My Core…”

That day changed who I was… and who I was meant to become.
That single event turned me from “Skinny Vinny” to an international hard body and Canadian Fitness Model Champion.
That fateful day helped make me one of the nation’s most sought after fitness coaches.
That one horrific moment helped get me all the female attention I could ever imagine.

And when I tell you how it happened, it will blow your mind.

No-Nonsense Muscle Building – Vince Delmonte is digital download at

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