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One Touch Sales System

“Retrenched And Desperate Texas Woman Struggles For 7 Years Before Finally Nailing An Exact System That Makes Her $176,597.34 Per Year Through These Incredibly Ugly Websites… And Swears Under Oath That They Have Nothing To Do With Porn!”

Her Websites Are So Embarrassingly Ugly, Some Of The Biggest Names On The Internet Actually Felt Sorry For Her…

Fugly Website #1

One Touch Sales System - Rachel Long

This is the ONE page website she uses to sell herself and promote other people’s products. Note the severe lack of slick sales pitches or professionally designed graphics. And the terrible background color.

Fugly Website #2

One Touch Sales System - Rachel Long

This is the website she uses to sell her own products. Notice the cheap header, gaudy colors and throwaway writing!

But Their Jaws Literally Dropped When They Saw The Results Generated Using This “System”…

PROOF: “$14,740.17 in 3 months”

One Touch Sales System - Rachel Long
* Results are atypical and in no way guaranteed.

Some websites show you screenshots that are a few years old. The above screenshot is proof that this system continues to work even as you’re reading this… as you can see from the results of 3 very recent months this year!

PROOF: “$3951.50 earned… and the month is not even over!”

One Touch Sales System - Rachel Long
* Results are atypical and in no way guaranteed.

Here’s another one: At the time of writing, the month of November is not even over yet… But she is well on her way to making $4000 extra this month from using this system to promote one product alone.

 PROOF: “$57959.67 From August To November 2006”

One Touch Sales System - Rachel Long
* Results are atypical and in no way guaranteed.

And just by plugging someone else’s product and promotional material into her own cookie cutter system that requires absolutely no computer knowledge, she generates mind boggling 5 figure paychecks like this every few months for very little work. Is this even fair?

PROOF: “$3,900 In 4 Days Through PayPal”

One Touch Sales System - Rachel Long
* Results are atypical and in no way guaranteed.

Most people will be happy to live on such a generous paycheck alone, but this is JUST the amount she makes through PayPal in 4 short days… And she is free to repeat the process anytime she likes!

From the desk of Rachel Long
Austin, TX
Tuesday, 9.10AM

Dear Friend,

Does everyone seem to be making good money online selling something… except you?

Are you getting the results you want from your online marketing?

If not, what’s the missing link?

You know, I struggled with these questions myself for 7 years. For the longest time I got caught up with what all those Internet Marketing “gurus” said.. and spent a heck lot of money on books, courses and seminars. You wouldn’t believe what those guys tried to sell me on…

  • They said I needed a better looking website.
  • They said I needed slick sales copy that will “hypnotize” people into buying.
  • They said I needed to master complicated skill such as SEO, RSS feeds, Google Adsense™ and Adwords™.
  • Some even suggested I needed the right mindset!

Fast forward to 7 years later, where I’m making well over 6 figures per year online (proof on file):

  • My websites are some of the ugliest you can find around.
  • They do not contain any slick sales copy, just some very basic “facts” about me.
  • I am still hopeless when it comes to working any of those complicated technology.
  • And yet I’m making more money than many of the gurus COMBINED… to the tune of $176,597.34 (EXCLUDING PayPal earnings) in 2006… and the year is not even over yet!

Look, I didn’t say all this to brag or boast about how much money I’m making on the Internet… That’s not the whole point of this letter as you’ll soon realize, although my newfound freedom certainly allows me to enjoy many of the finer things in life!

I said all that to bring to your attention one thing that can drive people to greatness, and achieve amazing results… That one “magical factor” is:


You see, when I was retrenched from my dead end 9 to 5 job after September 11, I was forced to find ways to put food on the table or else literally starve to death. It was in those dire straits that I stumbled upon Internet Marketing… and it was under those same conditions that I absolutely had to make things work. 

And since I was utterly desperate with lots of free time on my hands, I started bumming around with whatever little knowledge I had, putting different aspects of marketing together and seeing what happened as a result. 

I don’t know about you. Maybe you’re doing this fulltime or maybe you’re wanting to make some extra cash. Whatever it is…

You Can’t Afford To Lose Any More Time Or Money
Unless You’re A Desperate Loser Like Me!

Why do I say so? Because it’s just NOT fun being a desperado. I know, since I’ve been one for the better part of 7 years — until I got to where I am today. Anyone who tells you they enjoy Internet Marketing while making next to nothing from it either has no life… or is a pathological liar. In short, all the pain, frustration, loss of time and money resulting from NOT knowing what to do can cost you dearly.

I Don’t Want You To Go Through The Same Pain As Me
And Gain Nothing From It At The End!

I was lucky and persistent enough to make my Internet business work. But that was during a time when there were far less gurus trying to hardsell you their products… and everyone was a lot more honest. You may not be as fortunate today, and here’s why: Right now, there is a group of gurus out there who are using some very hardball techniques to pressure you into buying their products… You may have seen some of their pitches. They flash their paychecks, their lifestyle, some almost even shaming you into parting with your money. The question is – How much more money or self respect do you have left to lose?

Yet here I am, making well over 6 figures a year quietly from my own methods that have absolutely nothing to do with what all these gurus claim or teach

Since I’m not a self proclaimed guru, only a few of my closest friends and associates know of the results I’ve been getting. Some are the biggest names in their field…

But we are all genuinely worried.

Someday these big guys will win selling you stuff that hardly works and is only designed to line their pockets with more money. After all they got more savvy copywriters, marketers and partners by their side. They made lots of money feeding you with half true crap and selling you “How To” information, so they certainly have no problems spending lots more money to keep flooding you with more attractive sales pitches.

In Fact, They Can’t Afford To Stop Selling To You! 

Here’s why. No matter what kind of absurd reasons those gurus may cook up to explain people failing to achieve results they want online (and hence scare you into buying more of their stuff)… my research has only pointed to 2 main reasons:-

Reason #1: You run out of time

This is pretty straightforward. You get so caught up with doing the small and non results producing stuff that you suffer from information overload. It seems that almost every other product is trying to teach you ways and “secrets” to sell more, how to write better Adwords™ ads, find profitable niche markets and attract more traffic.

The problem is: Can the average person cope with all that information… without getting stretched too thinly?

Reason #2: You run out of money

We all know it takes money to sell online. First there are the expenses you have to incur to keep your business going: Buying ad space, web hosting, domain names and so on. Then there are the more expensive investments you have to make for your own marketing education: Buying that new course, attending that seminar, spending money to learn new skills and making your knowledge pay.

For Internet marketers, death by lack of money” happens most frequently because they do not know how to use their resources effectively and end up wasting a large portion of it.

Savvy marketers (gurus included) understand these 2 reasons and do everything they can to stay inside the marketing game for as long as possible. How do they do so? Firstly by consistently taking steps to ensure that they will NEVER suffer the fate of running out of time, or money.

Let’s take a look at what these guys are doing on a regular basis:

  • They keep on selling you bigger, better and more expensive products = More Money
  • They use affiliates to sell and promote their products for them = More Time & Money
  • They outsource the creation of their material to 3rd parties = More Time
  • They hire people to handle the technical aspects of their business = More Time

When this happens,

The Unsuspecting Customer Always Loses!

I don’t know whether this thought has ever occurred to you — But have you realized that you could easily be one of those “losers” forming the majority… to actually run out of time and money before you even achieve the kind of success you desire online?

That’s why I’m writing this letter today. It’s an open plea for help. For you to help yourself and this whole industry we’re in. There is not much time left for you to waste or bum around… unless you want to be sucked dry by someone else!

And one more thing… 

Some People, Especially Those Self Proclaimed Gurus
Will Feel Very Uncomfortable With Me Telling You This…

Since you have read until here, let me be frank and share with you how I make most of my money online. No, it has got nothing to do with porn… but a large portion of my income comes from promoting what many consider to be MLM based products.  

Why do some people (especially those “self proclaimed gurus”) feel so uncomfortable with MLM? Because they view the industry as oversaturated, with little or no product differentiation. In their books, they will probably be able to rattle off reasons why it is an extremely poor business opportunity to go into!

If that’s the case…

How The Heck Can A Self Proclaimed Doofus Like Me
Possibly Make 6 Figures A Year
In Such A Ridiculously Competitive & Saturated Market? 

Remember the net marketer’s “secret weapon” Michael T. Glaspie, the guy who thanked me at the start of this letter? He is the guy who runs one of the nation’s largest privately held Internet service companies. What this means is that Mr. Glaspie has access to a customer database of 1.5 million people…

And Can Pretty Much Sell Anything He Likes
To These 1.5 Million People With A Single Click!

Since the numerous websites his company operate routinely fall under the top 1% of the most visited sites in the world… don’t you think this guy knows much more than the average “expert” about marketing and traffic generation in general?

So you can imagine everyone’s surprise when in a real world marketing test against some of the world’s most formidable marketing experts, I came in top and literally trounced all of the “big boys”…

One Touch Sales System - Rachel Long

“$67,715 Just From Using My Techniques To Promote This Website!”

One Touch Sales System - Rachel Long
* Results are atypical and in no way guaranteed.

And here’s a very true and instantly verifiable fact:

(Just go to Google and do a simple search for yourself)

Try taking what all the gurus are teaching, the so-called “conventional wisdom” of online Marketing that is supposed to work — Pay Per Click ads, blogs, RSS, articles submission, lead generation techniques, tapping into niche markets… and use all of those skills to promote a highly competitive product like mine.

The extremely stiff competition will ensure that even the most seasoned marketers run out of BOTH time and money before they make a single, red cent!

Is it any surprise then, that they are…

Doing Everything They Can To Prevent You
From Ever Hearing About Such “Real World” Successes…
Since Their Own Results Can’t Even Match Up?

Now let’s turn the equation around:

If a person like me can promote some of the most hellishly competitive products around today and still trounce all the big guys while doing it…

What Can My Secrets
Do To Your Sales Or Business?

Remember: Not a single cent of the $176,597.34 I made online comes from selling “How To” information filled with fluff or pie-in-the-sky theories. Every dollar I earn is the direct result of honing my marketing chops in the real world, against some of the sharpest marketers, in markets with neck breaking competition!

In fact, if I were to outline a blueprint of how I conduct and promote my online business, it would probably take around 20 to 25 pages just to explain the basics. Then if I handed you that very same blueprint, it would probably (and very conservatively) take you…

3 To 5 Years Just To Build
The Same System For Yourself!

Why will it take such a long time? Because I did not achieve all this 6 figures success overnight by doing one thing the gurus asked me to do, or from learning one secret at a particular seminar. I built every single block of my online empire from scratch with lots of persistence… all the while reminding myself that I have not much time, or even money left to waste!

As a result…

After 7 Years, I Developed A ‘One Touch’ System Where All You Do Is To Push A Single Button… And The Dirty Work Gets Done Electronically Behind The Scenes!

Here’s an equation for calculating the success of any marketing campaign:

HSP + HC + L + SS = More Traffic / Sales / Signups / Leads

HSP = Hot Selling Product

You need a hot selling product that people already want to buy.

HC = Hungry Crowd

You need a large, hungry crowd, cash-in-hand… ready to buy from you. This is where most marketers stumble since they have problems identifying and attracting their desired target audience. 

L = Location (Knowing where to look)

You need to know the location of this hungry crowd so that you can reach them effectively. Again, most people run out of money here trying to figure out the best way to reach prospects. As a result, they try a little bit of everything – PPC advertising, sending out emails, list building, name squeeze pages but with limited success.

SS = Sustained Selling

With all the time and money you spent locating your hungry crowd and creating a hot selling product, you can’t afford to sell to them just once. That’s why you need to practice sustained selling, or upselling. You need to keep selling to them. Once again, this step takes time and money to execute.

My One Touch Sales System Is Designed To
Automate And Achieve All These Marketing Goals…

Hot Selling Product

This is the only step the One Touch System is unable to help you with. You need to have a good product in mind which you want to sell. Since you are reading this page, chances are you already have one in mind.

Hungry Crowd

This is where the One Touch System really shines. Through a proprietary, qualifying process that happens 24 X 7, your website is immediately aligned with a “hungry crowd” of over 250,000 people.  

This is the part that took me 7 years to fine-tune and perfect. 

Suppose each potential prospect is worth $1, how does $250,000 sound to you?

(Knowing where to look)

With the One Touch System, you don’t have to worry about the best way of finding hot prospects eager to buy your products. The system does all the work for you… by directly sending your sales pitch to over a quarter of a million people.

And did we also mention that you don’t even have to waste any time writing ads, typing keyword lists or struggling to come up with headlines?

Sustained Selling

For as long as you let your website remain inside the One Touch System database, this system will sell for you around the clock… until you manually tell it to stop.

It is strongly advised that you choose the websites you wish to promote wisely, and ensure that you have everything properly setup, ready to handle all the sales and traffic that result. 

Do not start UNTIL you or your processing and fulfillment systems are ready to handle the additional business. Once activated, it is virtually impossible to reverse any changes made by the system.

Due To A Number Of Reasons, I’m Finally Allowing A Small Number Of Candidates Full Access
To My One Touch Sales System!

This means you’ll get access to the same interface, and get to use the automated system I’ve built to promote YOUR own website and products. In short, you get to use my system and keep all profits from it.

When I made this offer earlier to an inner circle of fellow friends and marketers, many of them thought I was going crazy… Some even thought I was retiring! 

“Rachel, since this system works so well,
why bother giving it away? Why not just keep it for yourself?”

Don’t get me wrong here. The truth is that I AM keeping this system to myself. In fact, I use it on a daily basis, to promote my products and online businesses as you’ve seen prove of above… to the tune of 6 figures each year.

Yet at the same time, this system has grown “too large” for me… turning it into somewhat of an overkill. While I can continue using it for my own marketing efforts to promote a few of my websites, the kind of results I get wouldn’t do justice to what is humanely possible if this system were utilized to the fullest!

That’s why I’ve decided to share my access to this system with you and a few others who have the vision to see how this will benefit your business in the near future. It’s a win-win proposition. You jumpstart your sales efforts with a tested system, in an environment where it is virtually impossible to fail… and I make some extra cash to justify my continued investment in fine-tuning this system which certainly does not come cheap. At the same time I’m giving those gurus a run for their money by providing you with a way to safeguard yourself from the dreaded possibilities of ever running out of time or money!

There is one thing you need to know, however, and that is I’m not giving the farm away. You are only gaining access to use this system, instead of learning how it works. Also, don’t bother signing up if you’re hoping to “reverse engineer” and find out what exactly goes on behind the scenes of my system. I’m not ready to give that part up… just yet!


You get to learn all this:

  • Learn the powerful principles I use to make over $176,597.34 a year through my incredibly ugly websites (These principles, when used together with the One Touch Sales System, can literally double or triple your online income within the next 6 weeks!)
  • How to avoid wasting your money by learning how to spot real gurus from the fake. This one tip alone will save you thousands of dollars in your marketing education. (Hint: It’s by seeing how many times they use these few deceptive words in their sales letters.)
  • What is ONE thing you should never do when it comes to Internet marketing
  • How to decide exactly what you want for your online business… and then imprint it into your mind such that it becomes virtually impossible NOT to succeed (This is the technique I use myself on a daily basis)
  • My now famous magic formula: HSP + HC + L + SS = More Sales, explained in detail and how you can use it to instantly transform your website into a sales machine.
  • How to easily persuade people to invest time, energy and money in you… for free, and then profit from it.
  • The 7 words legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz said that brought me from being struggling, desperate and out of job to a 6 figure hotshot online marketer that consistently trounces the “big guys”
  • How you can quickly “model” my success by following this template for making money online
  • 3 steps to boost the effectiveness of any Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign
  • How a freak $5000 investment and 2 hours of my work added $36,750 to my monthly, residual income — That’s an additional $441,000 per year! (Learning this principle alone will instantly awaken you to new possibilities for your online business and remove any income blocks that have been hindering your success until now)
  • How I “took advantage” of my competitors and transformed a potentially sour situation into a great moneymaking opportunity (You can easily do this by sending out one email and knowing the right questions to ask…)
  • One thing you absolutely must consider when crafting joint venture proposals
  • One little known technique to get your joint venture proposals opened and responded to 100% of the time.
  • And more…
One Touch Sales System – Rachel Long is digital download at

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