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Perfect hair health - Rob

Ready to get the facts on hair loss, bypass years of trial-and-error, join a supportive community, and get a regrowth regimen tailored to your needs and preferences?

It’s all inside our membership community.

Perfect hair health - Rob

I do really need to thank you, your website was the only place I could get reliable and scientific information that considered multiple sides on hairloss.

Reddit and other hairloss forums are a complete mess filled with misinformation, fearmongering and bitter people. I should have started my hairloss journey 3-4 years ago…

I know it’s going to take some time to regrow more but I might actually get to experience some of my youth before I’m actually old because of you and honestly that means the world to me.

–MTC, 23, Australia



As I mentioned in one of my comments, I see a massive amount of regrowth that is all less than about 8 cm long... I can’t thank you enough for what your program—essentially all of your time and research—has done for me!

The key is to get your information to hair loss sufferers early on in the process—before they have been bombarded with misinformation and the myriad (and costly) product pitches that leads nowhere except to discouragement.”

–Lisa, 52, U.S.

Perfect hair health - Rob

When looking for answers on hair loss,

  • Frustrated trying dozens of pills, topicals, or shampoos with zero results?


  • Confused about the causes of hair loss? (Hint: it’s not just DHT)



  • Unsure if a new product you’ve found online is the real deal or a scam?



  • Trapped between choosing either your hair health… or your sexual health?



  • Overwhelmed by the negative, unhelpful environment of most hair loss forums?



  • Exhausted reading so many conflicting pieces of advice?


If so, I can relate.

I was diagnosed with pattern hair loss in 2007. For the next five years, I spoke to doctors, searched online, and tested dozens of treatments – all to try and get the facts on my hair loss (and how to reverse it).

I’ll save you the suspense: I never found an unbiased resource.

  • Hair loss forums always seemed hostile and split into two camps: “natural” versus “conventional”


  • Physicians always said my only options were minoxidil, finasteride, or a hair transplant


  • Dermatologists always skipped a health exam and tried to prescribe Propecia® (or upsell me into low-level laser treatments or platelet-rich plasma therapies)


  • Health websites always offered free information – then tried to sell me their pills, topicals, or ebooks

I bought the pills, topicals, and ebooks. I also tried low-level laser therapy, Rogaine® (for six years), and nearly every natural remedy under the sun. None of them helped my hair.

The cost of my trial-and-error? $10,000 over seven years – all wasted on one-size-fits-all “solutions” that never addressed the roots of my own hair loss… or the mechanisms I’d eventually target to reverse it.

I built this community so you can avoid my mistakes


Contrary to what you may have heard, there are scientifically validated approaches to reversing hair loss – with or without drugs.

I would know. I’ve spent the last five years writing books and publishing peer-reviewed papers about them. I’ve shared my research on this site, helped hundreds of other hair loss sufferers, and produced dozens of success stories (with photos).

That’s why I can say (with 100% confidence) that if you have access to the right information, you can save time and money… and avoid my mistakes.

This is why I’ve created the Perfect Hair Health Membership Community.

Introducing: the Perfect Hair Health Membership Community

The Perfect Hair Health Membership Community is the ultimate resource center for hair loss sufferers.

It’s a membership 100% dedicated to hair recovery.

It’s packed with in-depth courses, member case studies, regrowth success stories, ultimate guides, expert interviews, and educational resources on everything you need to maximize your chances of hair regrowth.

It’s all built around a community of supportive, like-minded hair loss sufferers committed to learning, taking action, and helping each other succeed.


The Membership Community: A Look Inside

This is an interactive membership site designed to maximize your chances of hair regrowth. It’s constantly updated and organized into a step-by-step process: a system I call our regrowth roadmap.

Perfect hair health - Rob

Step one: read the book

Finding the right hair regrowth regimen doesn’t start with diving into a treatment; it starts with education. That’s why I’ve written a brand-new book on hair recovery. It’s the ultimate resource for hair loss guidance and the entire foundation of our membership site.

The book is streamlined for anyone who wants quick answers, but also jam-packed with hair loss science: its causes, treatments, and misconceptions. Inside, you’ll uncover:

  • My story, my research, and beyond
  • The fallacy of “genetic destiny”
  • How to identify your hair loss type (and why it’s critical for selecting the right treatments)
  • What the patterning of our hair loss can tell us about our health
  • The causes of hair loss (and the shortcomings of most treatments)
  • How our diets, lifestyles, and microbiomes do and don’t influence hair loss
  • How to become a best responder to any therapy
  • The key insights I haven’t yet shared from our peer-reviewed papers

Don’t want to read a 220-page book? That’s okay! You only need to read a single chapter to understand how to correctly identify your hair loss type. Then you’re prepared to move onto step two: building your customized hair regrowth regimen.

Step two: build your regimen

The causes of hair loss are complex, multi-faceted, and highly individualized. Consequently, the right treatments depend on your age, gender, health history, hair loss type, comfortability with drugs, and time availability (to name only a few factors).

Perfect hair health - Rob

With all of these moving parts, finding the right regrowth plan without guidance can take years of trial, error, and research. And even after reading through a book on hair recovery, sorting through its 220 pages to find the material relevant just to you can feel like an atlas task.

Fortunately, I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you by creating an interactive survey that streamlines you to answers. This is a first-of-its-kind, five-part questionnaire that takes inputs on your age, gender, hair loss type, comfortability with drugs, and time constraints to…

  1. Build you a hair regrowth regimen tailored to your needs and preferences
  2. Show you the book chapters, case studies, and ultimate guides most relevant to your hair loss case.

Six questions, 130+ regrowth regimen possibilities (each averaging 2,400 words), and one plan that best suits your needs and preferences. This is the perfect resource if you’re interested in a straight-to-the-facts action plan and a regrowth regimen fully optimized to you.

Perfect hair health - Rob

Step three: get inspired

The book and membership site includes dozens of success stories. These are readers who’ve gone through this process, achieved regrowth, submitted before-after photos, and shared their

Perfect hair health – Rob is digital download at

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