Profitography 2.0 – Jamie Larson

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Jamie Larson – Profitography 2.0

Profitography 2.0 - Jamie Larson

Module 1- Branding
(Value $499)

We lay the foundation of your profitable photography business by mapping out your unique strengths and communicating it as a consistent brand that your clients will love and trust.

Discover the #1 strategy to get noticed in a saturated market
Target your dream clients & find out where they are already looking for you
Identify your unique style and how to communicate it both online and off
Discover the elements of to creating a signature brand that will do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to sales and bookings.

Module 2- Marketing
(Value $499)

In this module, you’ll master client attraction so you can have a steady stream of happy clients who want to pay your higher prices and recommend you to all their friends.

Create a client attraction strategy (perfect, even in a small market)
Become fluent in the #1 marketing strategy for growing your business
Learn how to leverage previous clients to skyrocket your business
Dive into the real reason behind fabulous referrals and how to generate more of them (without having to ask)
Walk away with a solid marketing plan that will grow your business both today and in years to come.

Module 3- Pricing
(Value $499)

Stop guessing or checking out your competitors when deciding your pricing. A profitable photography business knows it’s worth and communicates it effortlessly.

Overcome the #1 thing holding you back from charging the prices you NEED to charge to run a profitable photography business
Discover how to charge 2x, 4x or 10x your current rates!
Breathe easy with these simple tips to transition your current clients into your new and improved pricing.
Raise your rates and structure your packages so they SELL!

Module 4- Sales
(Value $499)

Selling your work should feel happy and fun, because you make a difference in your client’s lives. You’ll leave this lesson with confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm knowing exactly how to sell your photography in a way that serves your clients.

Take all the guesswork out of In Person Sales with our proven strategy.
Uncover exactly how to react to every possible client question, concern or objection.
Learn how to confidently turn in-person sales into a service that your client raves about (and can hardly wait for), even if you’re an introvert or shy.

Module 5- Websites
(Value $499)

Your website is your most powerful business tool – it does the selling for you! That’s why it’s so important to give your potential clients an amazing experience from the moment they land on your site.

Grab our exact formula for building each and every website page, including authentic writing
Learn how to easily convert lookers into bookers with this easy website strategy
Uncover the secrets to giving your client an amazing experience from the minute they land on your site (psst. If you do this, half the selling is done for you)
Get these exclusive Profitography course bonuses

Bonus #1- Setting up Mailchimp
You’ve heard how important it is to have an email list, and MailChimp is one of the best tools to help you build that list. In this tech training, you’ll walk through setting up your account, from signing up all the way to crafting your first newsletter. (Value $99)

Bonus #2- Client Guide Template
One of the best tools in turning inquiries into clients is this client guide! Beautifully made and completely customizable, it’s the perfect way to answer any inquiry. Everything you need is already there – all you have to do is insert your own pictures and prices! (Value $250)

Bonus #3- Transition Kit
We have seen a lot of fear around the idea of raising prices on our past clients. So we have included a transition kit that will help smoothly move your past clients from your old lower prices to your new higher prices. This is what we created for our business when we transitioning our business, and because of it, many of our past clients stayed with us. (Value $140)

Profitography 2.0 – Jamie Larson is digital download at

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