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Yo! Empaths & Sensitives:
[And those of us who have worked crappy Retail jobs!]



Master Teacher & Healer Rudy Hunter Will Teach You About
The Intricacies Of Your Invisible Energetic Scars.

Then we’ll begin to heal them together using Energywork.  Always gently!



Here’s the in-depth introduction [nearly 20 minutes!] to this
powerhouse audio self-healing tool. 
It’s yours to access for FREE anytime you need it.   
It contains the first round of EnergyWork as Rudy’s gift to you. 
[We all need a little help getting back on our feet after we’ve been scarred, right?]


FREE AUDIO INTRO + FIRST ENERGYWORK ROUND – #PsychicAttacks & #EnergeticScars

No personal recording of the audio is permitted; that will scramble the embedded energetics in it. 
Just return to this page to enjoy it as much as you wish…and please tell your chums on Social Media that it’s available now.

​Press the gray play arrow on the left side of the audio player above.  Turn up your speakers and enjoy.
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Here are the 7 rounds of EnergyWork in this powerhouse recording:

1–Portal Flush
[Your complimentary round above]

2–Going After Blood

3–Nil By Mouth

4–My Beacon Of Shame
[Including an in-depth energetic explanation of how exactly haters find us & our specific weaknesses.  This mechanism is important to understand so you can stay clear in the future.  Fascinating stuff you’ve never heard anywhere else!]

5–Seeking Revenge & Retribution

6–Portal Re-Flush

​7–Mind-Wandering Mystery Round



Purchase & download your personal copy of the 52:11 minute in-depth recording below and benefit from ALL the rounds of EnergyWork to help restore you.  It is just $55.00 and the embedded energetics will stay active for life.  You’ll use this tool a lot–especially if you’re an empath, a sensitive or work with people.  A lot!


PsychicAttacks & EnergeticScars – Rudy Hunter is digital download at

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