Quadrant – Brandon David & Chris Turchi

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Brandon David & Chris Turchi – Quadrant


LIMITED EDITION includes Paul Harris designed Inversion deck, perfect for Quadrant and can even add some serious “weird” to card tricks you already do!

Quadrant - Brandon David & Chris Turchi

With the Quadrant gimmick you can perform visual magic with an ordinary playing card box. Not only can you perform a super visual color changing box effect but you can make the box shrink, turn it inside out, transform to a completely different object or even make it disappear. The handling is very easy and something that you can take with you anywhere because it takes up no pocket space.

Here’s just one of the many effects possible with the quadrant gimmick…

After having a card selected, signed and returned to the box you explain to the spectator the idea of being able to invert objects so they are permanently inside out. With a wave of the hand visually the card box is now transformed and now it can only be described as inside out. The inverted box is immediately handed out for examination. After you let that moment of amazement sink in and explain that not only did the card box turn inside out but the previously signed card is found to be inverted too.

What makes the Quadrant gimmick so valuable is that you are receiving a high quality, custom made gimmick that is built to last. You will learn a color changing deck routine where you also visually change the box. You will learn how to visually shrink a deck of cards and extract their selection from the box. I guess the real question is what will you come up with when you have the quadrant gimmick?

Please note: The included gimmicks differ from the prototype used on the instructional DVD.

Salepage: https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/2689
Quadrant – Brandon David & Chris Turchi is digital download at Edudigi.net.

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