Recipe For Success With $7 Secrets – Kevin Riley

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Recipe For Success With $7 Secrets

“Who Else Wants A Simple, Step-By-Step Recipe For Making A Ton Of Money With $7 Secrets?”

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Since “$7 Secrets” hit the online scene, it’s been easier than ever to make a quick bunch of sales.

And, it’s great!

1. Pop up a $7 report on a simple sales page. 2. Watch the PayPal notices come rolling into your inbox. 3. Celebrate … and do it again!

But … wait a minute! Is that all there is? Are you really satisfied with just making $7 a pop? What if you could pump those sales up towards $20, $30, $50 … $150 per ka-ching?

There’s a lot of money to be made on the Internet. You might as well be the one making it!

Problem is: It’s not that easy. To make REAL MONEY on the Internet — and keep making that money for a long, long time — you have gotta build a real business. You’ve gotta have a plan! Gotta have a system!

Without a plan in place, you’re just floundering about from temporary success to temporary success — with nothing but painful failures in between.

And … let me tell you this: “Failure ain’t fun!”

So, time to roll up your sleeves and build a real, solid online money-maker. A business that will continue to pull in a river of cash for a very long time.

Don’t look so dejected. It’s not gonna be “all work and no play”. In fact, it’s going to be quite easy. See … I’ve got something for you.

Here is that Plan … that System … that Recipe For Success!

Here’s the Recipe that lays it all out for you. This is the one that takes your $7 reports and creates a full-blown, money-making, “How much cash do you want?” online business that fulfills your wildest dreams.

Recipe For Success With $7 Secrets - Kevin Riley


“Recipe For Success With $7 Secrets” fully lays it all out for you in a simple step-by-step plan. In fact, you are not going to believe how easy it is to build a profitable online business.

Let’s not beat about the bush! Building a profitable business takes some work. Yes, the four-letter “W” word.

However … this Recipe basically does it all for you. It:

  • Sets a perfect goal that ensures big success for your online business — with easy-to-achieve milestones.. 
  • Assesses your winning edge and beats your competition to the river of Internet cash. 
  • Creates a full product line that produces multiple sales of higher and higher priced items. 
  • Develops your unique position in the marketplace and makes you stand head-and-shoulders above the others — for the lion’s share of profits. 
  • Jumpstarts the viral factor of your $7 reports to infect thousands of eager customers … and pump up your overall sales. 
  • Embellishes your business with the extras that win the war for profits.

You will get:

  • A 10-step Recipe that builds a profitable Internet business.
  • “Dream Lifestyle” planner which makes sure you end up with the better life that you really want. 
  • “Milestone” template which sets an easily attainable goal and ensures your progress down the road to success. 
  • “Business Hours” planner which makes sure you have a schedule in place to take your business to the profit zone. 
  • “Strengths Self-Assessment” & “Strengths Poll” sheets that ensure you take full advantage of your assets and win in the marketplace. 
  • “Brainstormer” worksheet that creates the ideas for a money-making product line. 
  • “Sales Funnel” template which arranges your money pump for maximum income. 
  • “USP Builder” worksheet which sets your products and you up as unique and special — to really make you stand out from the crowd and get more sales. 
  • “Report Packages” planner that arranges your report campaign to provide the kind of memorable products that have your customers shouting your praises and lining up for more. 
  • “Series Designer” worksheet that plans out your e-mail series to fully display your expertise and make you the choice for all future purchases. 
  • “Viral Jumpstart” template which ensures that your readers become your evangelists — promoting your report and spreading your reach across the vast riches of the Internet. 
  • “Mind Mapper” worksheet which bundles your reports and creates high-value back-end products that will bring a lot more money into your account.
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