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Rescue your relationship and reignite love with hands-on tools and real-time solutions

Why do couples fight? Here’s a hint―it’s not about who puts the dishes away. “Conflicts with our primary partners are rarely about what we think they are,” teaches renowned psychotherapist Stan Tatkin, “An invisible host of factors in our brains and bodies plays into every encounter we have.” With Relationship Rx, Tatkin unpacks the real causes of common relationship challenges with humor and compassion, offering a comprehensive program to help couples restore and sustain the love that brought them together.

A nuts-and-bolts program to heal your most common relationship challenges

Throughout Relationship Rx, Tatkin focuses on the real-life conflicts that all couples face ―money, time, chores, sex, kids, betrayal, decision-making, and more. Drawing from his Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT), Tatkin teaches us how our attachment styles, nervous systems, and unique backgrounds impact every interaction we have. “We’ve come so far in our understanding of the human condition, how we’re wired, and our relationships,” Tatkin says, “Using this new knowledge gives us the power actually to change the way we relate instead of just wishing things were different.”

Through targeted lessons, practical tools, and sample dialogues with Tatkin’s insightful commentary, couples will learn to heal past conflicts and navigate even the most contentious topics with understanding and respect. Whether you’re tired of little misunderstandings or are in full-on crisis mode, Relationship Rx will help you find relief―and real love―once again.

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