Release Technique – Lester’s 90 Day Launch to Freedom Program (03-06 2010) ($2,995)


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Lester’s 90 Day
“Ultimate Freedom & Life Mastery” Program

If you’ve ever experienced any sort of executive mentoring programs, you know they’ll cost you an excess of $50,000.

Why do these executive programs cost so much? Because they absolutely work. They get results!

So, we thought… what if we could take the quality of the best executive programs, and not only reproduce their effectiveness, but give you something 100x better?

Better, because we’re applying the highest teachings, direct from Lester: Total Mastership!

As a result, we’ve modeled the best, most scientifically proven, coaching program out there… a program which creates more success in its field that anywhere before… so you will have a greater than 95% success rate in achieving what you’re looking for.

And guess what?

This 90-Day Program we’ve put together is massively successful!

Imagine getting:

  • Completely hootless
  • Experiencing total mastery
  • Making every impossible in your life immediately possible

Become a master in all areas of your life, such as: finances, health, relationships, confidence, clarity, peace and happiness.

That’s exactly what you will get if you’ll get if you decide to do this program.

Below are the exclusive highlights of what
you’re participating in:

  • 12 week interactive tele-course like nothing you’ve ever participated in before.
  • Larry and 5+ Inspiring and Committed teachers sharing their unique guidance and perspective.
  • Archived recordings of the 12 week tele-course for playback at your convenience.
  • An absolutely huge Ultra Powerful Workbook with custom designed exercises for freedom & mastery.
  • A releasing partner for Synergy, Support and Accountability.
  • Daily 30 minute “CAP Power Call” (Mon – Fri) to set the tone for your Day, Week & Life!
  • Archived recordings of the “CAP Power Call”.
  • Success Mentoring & Advanced Private Coaching.
  • Weekly accountability check-in with mentor by email with homework, intentions and progress.
  • Bi-Weekly (focus group) conference call with your mentor.
  • Exclusive Direct Access to your mentor for unparalleled advance support – available ONLY to “Ultimate Freedom & Life Mastery” course participants.

Lester Levenson knew that mastering the Six Steps is the key to reaching the Ultimate Freedom. The Six Steps, when focused on and carried out to completion, enable you to Ultimately Master your life.

What if you could tap into the same focus that enabled Lester to achieve freedom in every aspect of his life in just three months? With that in mind, we’ve customed-tailored a special 90 day (12-week) Full Immersion program just for you that gives you all the Tools, Support and Guidance to stay on track and FINALLY master the Six Steps and master your life!

So, here’s the bottom line:

The simple truth is, a program like this is easily valued at $50,000
– however, we’re giving you for just $2,995.

But check this out:

  • If you sign up for 2 90-Day Programs, you can have both for $5,180 (that’s a savings of $840)


  • We will give you 2 Seven Day Retreats (that’s a value of $4,590… yours free)

And don’t forget…

  • If you don’t already have them, we will give you the Goals & Resistance, plus the Grow Up Courses (that’s an additional value of $670… yours free)

So, to be perfectly clear…

  • By signing up for 2 life-changing 90-Day Programs, you get a Total Value of $17,250 for the ridiculously low price of $5,180!

And that’s not all… but you’ll have to fill out the form below (or call us at 1-888-735-3731) to hear about an additional offer that will totally blow you away!

To maintain integrity and focus, only participants who are serious releasers are invited to join.

Release Technique – Lester’s 90 Day Launch to Freedom Program (03-06 2010) ($2,995) is digital download at

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