Right Now: Mastering the Beauty of the Present Moment – Steve Chandler

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In RIGHT NOW, Steve Chandler shows us how to embrace the truth, the beauty and the infinite possibilities that are always within us. Through humor, insight and a wealth of personal stories, he leads us to the source of all creation and joy: the present moment.

Praise for RIGHT NOW

“RIGHT NOW is my new favorite of all Steve Chandler’s books. With his usual humor and easygoing style, Steve shows us that everything we’re waiting for is waiting for us in this very moment-beneath the thoughts, labels, identities, and misunderstandings that we carry through life. (He even shows you how to love taking out the garbage-that alone is worth a read.) If you want a brand-new experience of life, I highly recommend you read this book right now.”

~ Amy Johnson, Ph.D., author of Being Human and The Little Book of Big Change, and creator of The Little School of Big Change

“Steve Chandler has knocked it out of the park with his inspiring new book, RIGHT NOW. With his use of descriptive and entertaining storytelling, Chandler shows the reader how to wake up to the beauty of life that is available to all of us. If you’re tired of waiting for “someday” to have your best life, read this book, not “now,” but RIGHT NOW!”

~ Devon Bandison, author of Fatherhood Is Leadership: Your Playbook for Success, Self-Leadership and a Richer Life

“Steve Chandler powerfully shares his poignant, practical wisdom (with tons of love and levity) to help us see just how simple the mastery of THIS moment can be. True freedom never felt so accessible thanks to this engrossing and entertaining book.”

~ Jason Goldberg, author of Prison Break

“RIGHT NOW: Mastering the Beauty of the Present Moment provides penetrating insights into creating and living a thriving life.”

~ Dusan Djukich, author of Straight-Line Leadership

“Steve Chandler creates yet another masterpiece with RIGHT NOW. In this beautifully written, enjoyable and practical book, Steve shares his wisdom and personal stories of how he is a living example of all that he teaches. The message is clear and relevant for all ages: live the life you want now, today, not someday. Be an owner and the cause of what happens in your life. Take action now: pick up the phone and call her, send him that text you meant to send yesterday. Connect with those important people in your life now, right now. This book will inspire you and have you taking action even while you’re reading it . . . Steve Chandler is a timeless gift for us all!”

~ Sherry Welsh, author of Slowing Down-Unexpected Ways to Thrive as a Female Leader

“I love Steve Chandler’s work! RIGHT NOW is a simple yet powerful manual for creating the life you desire and have not yet taken action on. This book provoked thought in a deeply profound and action-oriented way to let go of long-held labels and limiting beliefs to see how I might live and create more in the present moment than ever before. Steve inspires and challenges each of us to let go, slow down and play more with life. Buy this book, read it and use it to see new possibilities for your life!”

~ Kamin Samuel, coach and author of Increase Your Abundance Starting Today and the award-winning Wealth Transformation Journal

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Right Now: Mastering the Beauty of the Present Moment – Steve Chandler is digital download at Edudigi.net.

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