Sara Ivanhoe – Crunch – The Perfect Yoga Workout

Product info: [1 DVD – ISO]. File size: 4.211 GB. Digital download. “”Upbeat, athletic-style yoga class of basic standing and floor postures.”” Shape Magaz…

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“”Upbeat, athletic-style yoga class of basic standing and floor postures.”” Shape Magazine Two complete yoga workouts led by a friendly, down-to-earth instructor. They both feature a medley of classic yoga poses (e.g. downward facing dog, plank, warrior, cobra, triangle and mountain pose) “”Joy of Yoga”” provides the improved flexibility and relaxation benefits of traditional yoga without the intimidating attitude. Sara’s unusually laid-back style makes it unusually easy to do (e.g. “”if your knees are doing this, just flop them out”” or “”now just kinda wiggle your fingers””). Her emphasis is always on enjoying the movement, not perfecting each one. It has more energetic, upbeat music than most yoga videos. The second program, “”Fat Burning Yoga,”” also features classic yoga moves. Sara’s solid cuing and non-mystical style makes it an effective and exceptionally yoga workout. And by helping you achieve a balanced lifestyle and a deeper body-awareness, it provides a key element in weight-loss success (but it’s really too slow to immediately burn much fat…). It ends with a short, but intense, segment of traditional ab-focused floorwork. Bright, colorful, airy set. ©1997 & 2001. (80 min.). Note: VHS version is only the “”Fat Burning”” program; it does not include “”Joy of Yoga.”” description

From the Back Cover

Welcome to CRUNCH Fitness! With Fat Burning Yoga you can tone and re-shape your entire body, increase energy levels, feel lean and limber, and it can help you maintain healthy weight levels. By adding more movement to your yoga practice, you’ll definitely increase your heart rate and improve your circulation, which aids in weight loss and burning extra calories. In this workout, you’ll use standing postures to improve your muscle strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. Plus, to complete your workout, we’ve added a bonus yoga ab routine to trim your mid-section and to help improve digestion. The Joy of Yoga brings an exhilarating change of pace and style to traditional yoga. After a yoga warm-up, you’ll do both standing and floor poses, followed by a guided meditation for the ultimate in relaxation. Both programs are for all fitness levels. A yoga mat or a non-slippery surface is recommended.

Sara Ivanhoe – Crunch – The Perfect Yoga Workout is digital download at

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