Sean croxton – The Thyroid Sessions (2014)

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Walking into your doctor’s office equipped with everything you need to make the BEST, most-informed decisions about your thyroid health.

Decisions About:

  • Exactly which tests to order up. Remember, your doc works for YOU!
  • How to interpret your test results the right way and what to do about them.
  • Thyroid-healing foods to add to your diet. (And which foods to remove.)
  • Natural detox and gut healing strategies to give your thyroid a boost.
  • Which medications are safe and make sense as part of your healing protocol.
  • When thyroid surgery is NOT the best option, and when it is.
  • The perfect time to retest your thyroid to measure your progress.

Imagine having the confidence and education to have “the final say”…

To become the expert on your thyroid.

Introducing The Thyroid Sessions Digital Access Pass!

The world’s first thyroid-focused interview series, featuring the best of the best functional medicine doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, authors, and chefs.

The Thyroid Sessions Digital Access Pass will give you the answers to all of the questions you’ve been asking about healing your thyroid, reclaiming your energy, losing weight, and feeling like yourself again, with over 20 hours of multimedia interviews hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness Radio.

Here’s What’s Inside

Lifetime, DIGITAL Access to

11 HD-Quality Video Interviews + 2 Cooking Classes with Our Thyroid Sessions Experts

($199 Value) (mp4 format)

Lifetime, DIGITAL Access to 11 Web Video Interviews

($99 Value) (mp4 format)

Lifetime, DIGITAL Access to All 22 Recorded Audio Sessions with Our Thyroid Sessions Experts

($99 Value) (mp3 format)

Over 600 Pages of Thyroid Sessions Transcripts

($49 Value) (pdf format)

The Thyroid Sessions Recipe Guide

($19 Value) (pdf format)

Get Lifetime Access to All 24 Experts PLUS Bonuses for

ONLY $149 $79!

(Or 2 Payments of $39.50)

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NOTE: This is a DIGITAL product. Transcripts are in pdf format. Audio recordings are in mp3 format, and the Videos are in m4v fornat.

PLUS 11 Incredible Bonuses
from our Thyroid Experts!

    • from Dr. Sara Gottfried… Dr. Sara’s Blacklist: 10 Foods to Avoid that Cause Hormonal Chaos

      Discover 10 foods that will hijack your hormones and your health (and eat you alive!) if you don’t get rid of them. To feel better fast, you need to know what they are and cut them out of your diet…yesterday!

    • from Christa Orecchio… The Whole Journey Cookbook

      Put out the fire! The Whole Journey Cookbook is loaded with 180 delicious, anti-inflammatory recipes. No gluten, dairy, sugar, or deprivation. You’ll also learn how to use healthy fats and oils for hormonal balance and weight loss as well as how to truly embrace using food as medicine to create a vibrantly healthy lifestyle.

    • from Dr. Dan Kalish… Digital Copy of The Kalish Method: Healing the Body, Mapping the Mind

      Find out how Dr. Kalish integrates the latest in modern scientific testing with age-old natural health solutions for weight loss, fatigue, depression, digestive problems and female hormone imbalances. The doc also reveals how he incorporates one of the most significant recent breakthroughs in natural medicine, the next generation of amino acid therapy: Mind Mapping.

    • from Chris Kresser… Your Personal Paleo Code Bonus Chapter on Thyroid Disorders

      In this special report you will discover how problems with the thyroid may directly harm your gut, heart, liver, cholesterol levels, and even your brain (And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!)

    • from Sean Croxton… The JERF (Just Eat Real Food) Cookbook

      Just Eat Real Food! Enjoy 133 pages and 63 real food recipes from the likes of JJ Virgin, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Mary the Paleo Chef, Diane Sanfilippo, Chef Lance, and more!

    • from Bridgit Danner… Supporting the Thyroid for Potent Fertility e-book

      A healthy thyroid is critical for fertility and conception. Learn how to support your thyroid and reproductive hormones through Chinese medicine, dietary modification, and emotional healing in this special report by Bridgit Danner.

    • from Dr. Alan Christianson… Dr. Alan’s Lean in 15 Webinar

      Does fat burning seem completely out of your reach with the numerous other tasks that complicate your day? The good news is you can shred fat in just 15 minutes a day. Even better, you can do it with just a few simple lateral shifts. Dr. Alan shows you how!

    • from Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo… Thyroid Solutions

      In these TWO presentations and e-books, Dr. Ritamarie will help you to understand your thyroid health, identify if you might have a potential thyroid imbalance, and how to use foods, herbs and nutrients to heal!

    • from Suzy Cohen… Introductory Chapter to Thyroid Healthy: Lose Weight, Look Beautiful and Live the Life You Imagine

      In her new book, Suzy blows the lid off of standard medical treatment for thyroid disease, helping you find the best lab tests, how to interpret them, where to buy them, and more. Here’s the first chapter!

    • from Jen Wittman… 7-Day Family Meal Plan for Moms with Thyroid Disease

      It’s not easy being a hypothyroid mom. The Radical TLC Solution Meal Plan and Cookbook help to make life easier for you, mapping out simple thyroid-healthy meals that your entire family will LOVE.

    • from Andrea Nakayama… The Holistic Nutrition Lab Probiotic Roundtable

      What’s the gut got to do with it? In Andrea’s session she talked about the importance of “backing it up”, of addressing gut health as the core to considering the health of your thyroid gland and hormones. In this first-of-it’s-kind audio recording, Andrea interviews three experts in the realm of bacteria and discusses the microbiome. Grab your audio recording and transcript of the Probiotic Roundtable here. Plus, you’ll get her Girl’s Guide to Hashimoto’s!

Meet Your
Thyroid Sessions Experts!

  • Thyroid Myths and Truths

    Chris Kresser, L.Ac. – Author, Your Personal Paleo Code


    • Why the TSH test is not enough! (And what is.)
    • Cruciferous vegetables, to eat or not to eat
    • How a rise in thyroid antibodies can be a GOOD sign
    • One single dietary change that can reverse autoimmune disease.
  • How to Lose Weight When Your Thyroid is Off

    Dr. Sara Gottfried – Author, The Hormone Cure


    • What your eyebrows, lashes, and fingernails can tell you about your thyroid
    • The 3 main symptoms of “thyropause”
    • Why a low-carb diet may not be a good idea…if you’re a woman.
    • Green juice: Why nothing can be worse for hypothyroid
  • How to Beat Hashimoto’s

    Nora Gedgaudas – Author, Primal Body—Primal Mind


    • Telltale (and confusing) signs and symptoms of Hashimoto’s
    • Why most docs don’t bother looking for antibodies
    • The “healing” foods can make Hashimoto’s worse.
    • How a fat-based diet may be the diet of choice for Hashimoto’s
  • Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Thyroid

    Andrea Nakayama – Functional Nutritionist


    • “Top to bottom” tips for healing the gut and reversing autoimmunity
    • 5 gut-healing nutrients to add to your regimen
    • How to catch autoimmunity before it becomes a problem
    • A simple “free” way to identify food sensitivities
    • Download the Handout!
  • Ending Thyroid Confusion: Toxins, Nodules, & Surgery

    Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD – Author, Healing Hashimoto’s


    • The “XX” reason why more women than man get thyroid disease 
    • How to shrink thyroid nodules, naturally
    • The shocking truth about the standardization of synthetic and natural meds
    • When to have thyroid surgery (and when not to)
  • Stop Chasing Symptoms: An Illustrated Guide to Finding the Root Cause of Thyroid Disorders

    Reed Davis, FDN – Founder, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition


    • How a dysfunctional liver can be to blame for thyroid problems
    • The friendly bacteria in control of 20% of your thyroid hormone
    • A digestive “toxin” that sends your thyroid control center offline
    • 3 simple non-blood tests that investigate the WHY behind thyroid disorders
  • Thyroid Home Testing

    Dr. Dan Kalish, DC – Founder, The Kalish Method


    • How our modern lifestyle is walking us into a “hormone nightmare”
    • A simple test created in 1940s that is more accurate than standard blood work
    • How stress and poor adrenal function cripple your thyroid
    • The spiritual approach to healing the thyroid
  • Thyroid Gone Rogue: A Food and Lifestyle Approach to Healing from Graves’ Disease

    Christa Orecchio – Founder, The Whole Journey


    • How to clear radiation from the thyroid
    • The viral connection that can “turn on” Graves’ disease
    • What to do if your thyroid has been removed
    • 5 foods to ban from your diet…and which to add
  • Thyroid Medications: What You Need to Know

    Dr. Kelly Austin, ND – Naturopathic Doctor


    • The gluten-containing medication that can make your thyroid worse!
    • The medication you DON’T want to take if you have Hashimoto’s
    • The 2 cleanest, natural thyroid meds — free of dyes and additives
    • The 3 words you want your doc to write on your prescription slip
  • The Thyroid’s Effect on Conception and Pregnancy

    Kim Schuette, CN – Certified GAPS Practitioner


    • Subtle, slow detox strategies to prepare the body for pregnancy
    • The single worst food to consume if you want to get pregnant
    • Kim’s highly effective pre-conception/fertility diet
    • How a mother’s low iodine levels affect the IQ of her child
  • The Gluten-Thyroid Connection

    Dr. Tom O’Bryan – Host, The Gluten Summit


    • How “eating your healthy whole grains” can trigger autoimmunity and thyroid problems.
    • What your morning shower may be doing to your thyroid!
    • How a case of “mistaken identity” can leave your thyroid under arrest.
    • The very best test to accurately detect gluten sensitive.
  • Thyroid Healing Cooking Demo

    Pete Servold – Head Chef, Pete’s Paleo


    • Sablefish Confit in Duck Fat
  • Thyroid Healing Cooking Demo

    Mary Shenouda – Founder, The Paleo Chef


    • Caesar Dressing
    • Oregano Pan Fried Beef Liver
    • Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea

PLUS, Web Video Interview Sessions with…

  • Thyroid Nodules and Cancer: Causes and Treatments

    Dr. David Brownstein, MD


    • Why thyroid cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the United States
    • The “touchy, feely” way to find thyroid nodules…
    • How “low-salt” recommendations contributes to thyroid disease
    • Why taking thyroid supplements WITHOUT addressing iodine is a bad idea.
  • My Journey with Hashimoto’s

    Katie the Wellness Mama


    • How pregnancy can be the straw that broke the thyroid back!
    • Why a T3/T4 combo is crucial to halting thyroid nodule growth
    • Katie’s thyroid-healing diet and supplement protocol
    • 3 tips for getting your kids on board with your thyroid regimen
  • Managing Hypothyroidism and Motherhood

    Jen Wittman, CHHC, AADP – – Thyroid Loving Care & The Radical TLC Solution


    • How to deal with the fatigue, brain fog, and endless juggling act of motherhood
    • 3 steps to losing the baby weight when you’re hypothyroid 
    • 5 things hypothyroid moms wish their friends and family understood
    • For Men: Why “fixing it” isn’t what she wants
  • How Exercise Destroys Your Thyroid and What You Can Do About It!

    Ben Greenfield – Author, Beyond Training


    • Why your body’s survivalist instincts shut down your thyroid. (Don’t do this!) 
    • Why cardio gets such a bad rep. Hint: calories DO count…
    • The most important nutrient when it comes to thyroid health
    • The BEST tests to find out if exercise is affecting your thyroid
  • Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Blood Sugar Imbalances and Thyroid Dysfunction

    Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, DC


    • 5 reasons your blood sugar is out of control…even if your diet is perfect
    • How to turn “couch potato” muscles into workhorses for your thyroid
    • The truth about agave and other “natural sweeteners”
    • 3 key supplements for balancing blood sugar
  • Toss the Hormones Forever and Heal Your Thyroid

    Wendy Myers, CHHC


    • How your hair may hold the clues to why your thyroid is down
    • Heavy metal toxicity: Where it comes from and what to do
    • How your shower and drinking water may be clogging your thyroid
    • The therapeutic effect of blue corn chips
  • Drug Muggers: How Thyroid Meds Rob Your Body of Thyroid-Friendly Nutrients

    Suzy Cohen, RPh – Author, Thyroid Healthy


    • The little-known “active ingredient” in The Pill that can deactivate your thyroid
    • Name brand Rx drugs that mug your thyroid of nutrients
    • The best probiotic for your gut flora fingerprint
    • Non-drug solutions for fatigue, hair loss, constipation, and migraines
  • Your Fertility Depends on Your Thyroid Gland. Support It!

    Bridgit Danner, LAc – Owner: Joyful Mammas: A Pregnancy Success Program


    • How low thyroid can be the “first domino” to fall with reproductive problems
    • The autoimmune disorder that may cause major pregnancy complications
    • How late nights and bright lights can crash your thyroid…and your fertility
    • 15 foods to support your thyroid, liver, and gut (plus, a few to avoid)
  • 7 Supplements to Subdue Hypothyroidism

    Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP


    • Why hypothyroidism can sometimes feel like HYPERthyroidism
    • A highly common bacterial infection connected to thyroid antibodies
    • How to make sure your compounded meds are the same every time
    • The cigarette ingredient that reduces thyroid antibodies
  • Alternative Treatments for Thyroid Disorders

    Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND


    • Energy Medicine: effective treatment or quackery?
    • Specific acupuncture points that balance the thyroid
    • How to use homeopathy as part of your thyroid-healing program
    • A “hands and feet” approach to balancing your thyroid
  • Boost Your Thyroid, Boost Your Mood

    Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD – Founder, Holistic Women’s Health Psychiatry


    • How thyroid problems can cause depression and anxiety…at the same time!
    • Why rapid postpartum weight loss is a telltale sign of thyroid autoimmunity.
    • Why she STOPPED prescribing psychiatric meds. (BTW, she’s a psychiatrist.)
    • 7 test markers everyone with mood issues should ask for.

Here’s a quick recap of the topics covered in our Thyroid Sessions Talks

  • Thyroid-Boosting Nutrients
  • The Critical Lab Tests Your Doc Isn’t Running
  • How to Check Your Neck for Thyroid Nodules
  • Key Supplements for Thyroid Health
  • Thyroid Surgery: When and Why?
  • What to Do if Your Thyroid Has Been Removed
  • Are Cruciferous Vegetables Off Limits?
  • Safe and Unsafe Thyroid Medications
  • Thyroid Meals that Heal
  • How to Heal Your Gut and Cleanse Your Liver
  • The Top 2 Natural Thyroid Meds
  • How to Test Your Thyroid at Home
  • Healing Strategies for Graves’ Disease
  • The Hypothyroid Effect on Reproduction
  • The Link Between Your Adrenals and Thyroid
  • Birth Control, Menopause Drugs, and Thyroid
  • Fat Loss Tips for the Hypothyroid Man and Woman
  • Thyroid Cancer: Causes and Treatments
  • Iodine: To Take or Not to Take
  • Why Calories Count…when Your Thyroid is Low
Sean croxton – The Thyroid Sessions (2014) is digital download at

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