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Let me tell you a story…  

…About what MMA fighters, athletes, and every day guys are calling the “gold-standard” of training techniques for men of all ages who want to get the body of a fighter, fast. 

This training method allows you to shed fat and build lean-functional-muscle in as little as 4 weeks without results slowing down.

When people ask how you made your transformation and you tell them you don’t go to the gym, they won’t believe you.

They might even accuse you of cheating… 

…But they won’t question your strength or ability to hold your own in a fight – even if you’ve never thrown a punch in your whole life.

You’ll have a body that performs as good as it looks. 

Because you’re training like the pros you’ll develop the same strength, speed, explosiveness, and endurance that makes professional fighters so deadly. If you don’t learn these methods (which are backed by cold-hard-science) you may never be able to achieve “the fighters body”.

It’s Not Your Fault That You Haven’t Been Able To Get The Lean 6-Pack Look

Every day I see different programs promising to give you six-pack abs in 10 days or a diet plan that will turn you into a fitness model overnight.

And the people selling these programs usually look pretty good. But they’re results weren’t achieved in 10 days. 

Some of them are using special “supplements” to cheat.

Others are selling methods they don’t even use themselves.

There’s so much information out there, it’s hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t… 

Use The Training Methods Of Real Professional Fighters To Get Shredded The Right Way

The truth is the training of most professional fighters is completely different than the way most people say you should train.

Most people say:

XYou Need A Gym Membership To Train Properly 

XBeing Athletic & Muscular Is Mostly Genetics 

XHaving A Shredded 6-Pack Is All Diet 

XYou Can’t Burn Fat & Build Muscle At The Same Time 

XYou Can’t Build Muscle Without Lifting Weights 

These “Facts” Are Completely Wrong 


Do You Know What These Fighters All Have In Common?


All of these train a very specific way. And, most importantly… 

None Of These Shredded Professional Fighters Lift Weights

They all have different body types. 

They all have different genetics. 

But we can agree on one thing – They all look like fighters.

Just by looking at them, you can see they’re strong, they’re fast, and they’re not to be messed with.

They’re in different weight classes and have different body types, but they all follow the same basic training method which gave them these shredded physiques.


If You Follow The Same Core Training Methods Of Professional Fighters, You Will: 

  • Develop the functional strength, speed, and endurance of a fighter. 
  • Never have to step into a gym or touch a bar-bell. Enjoy your training and find workouts fun and motivating. 
  • Build hard, lean muscle while burning off body fat. 
  • Be able to enjoy all your favorite foods, without worrying about wrecking your six-pack (and yes, you’ll achieve a six-pack)

Results won’t come overnight. You won’t be able to take a magic pill and look like a pro-fighter. But if you put in the work and follow tried-and-tested methods, you can get lean, ripped, and strong to the core in as little as 8 weeks. 

Check Out What People Are Saying:

“I am recovering from depression, anxiety, possible hypermania and addictions, so need to make lifestyle changes. Things are going very well. Your package is one of my recovery strategies and I’m very confident that it is the correct choice.

I REALLY appreciate your positivity, determination and approach to life. I share that level of ambition so finding people like you is the kindof point of reference i need right now. I will feedback as I go through more but i feel like I’ve found someone who can help with my problems and get me on track.” 

– Matthew W.


” Thanks for your help 😉 I would like to say a massive THANK YOU, because this has changed my lifestyle and eating habits. I downloaded your Fuel The Fighter book 5 months ago and from then I lost extra fat, got shredded and started to eat healthier food. I feel great now! I don’t even know how to express my feelings how thankful I am because of that book. Massive THANK YOU! ;)” 

– Robertas L.

“My favourite part is the fact you have put training plans/workouts together because I always need guidance and a timetable for training, otherwise I’m lost.

I’m going to start at the basic workouts, but taking my time and learning each move correctly. I love the amount of material you have provided!”

– Paul L.


” Thank you for putting this type of information out there for all. I cannot lie I was a bit skeptical however I took a chance and dived in. The initial impression was that you took time out to explain the movements thoroughly. It was if I was there in person taking instruction. I really enjoyed the simplicity of it all.

The favorite part of the course is the workout programs. I am new Muay Thai however not to boxing. You can imagine that without a trainer present I get confused of what else to add in my sessions on the bag and shadow boxing. I’m starting are the beginner workouts and will work my way through!”

– Jacob M.


“The Muay Thai Guy” Sean Fagan

Profesional Fighter, Amateur Champion & Muay Thai Addict

Hi, I’m Sean Fagan – professional fighter and personal trainer. My clients include competitive fighters, athletes, and normal guys who just want to have the body and performance of a fighter.

Here are a few things you should know about me: 

  • I took on Joey Herdandez at Madison Square Garden and won the Amateur Muay Thai Championship. I’m now on a mission to become a professional champion, as well.
  • l won my USA WKA title after breaking my arm in the first round and pushing through the pain to secure my 2nd title!
  • I’m founder of Nak Muay Nation & Muay Thai Guy where I help thousands of fighters around the world improve their training and performance.
  • I’ve created multiple other online training programs that have sold thousands of copies to passionate practitioners who are looking to take the passion, skills and fitness to the next level

With S&C Coach Michael Bouranis

Michael is a professional strength and conditioning coach and owner of Stoked Athletics

Here are a few things you should know about Mike: 

  • Owner of Stoked Athletics
  • He gas transformed hundreds of bodies online over the last few years.
  • Mike works with some of the worlds best powerlifters, fighters, and athletes.
  • He is the current Strength Coach to Chris Mauceri and me, Sean Fagan.

“If You Want To Look Like A Fighter You Have To Train Like A Fighter!”


The Fighters Body

By Sean Fagan of Muay Thai Guy & Nak Muay Nation in collaboration with Michael Bouranis of Stoked Athletics

Digital Fitness Program To Get You The Body Of A Fighter In 16 Weeks’ Time

The Fighter’s Body is an easy-to-follow training plan that teaches the step-by-step techniques used by the world’s top fighters to get ripped and strong in just 16 weeks. 

It’s a completely digital program. You can go through it on your computer, phone, or tablet. After you make the payment, you’ll get immediate access to all the files, videos, and the members area.

You’ll start going through the entire program including:

Here’s Everything You Get When You Are The Proud Owner Of This Transformational Program…

Introduction To The Fighter’s Body

This is where you’ll get all the downloads, printouts, and tips which will help you maximize the success you achieve on this program.

You’ll learn how to go through it and understand how to use the training, no matter your fitness level.

Phase 1: Foundational Strength 

This is the starting point of The Fighter’s Body. In this phase you’ll be building the foundation for the success of the rest of the program.

The focus will be on optimizing:

  • Training Capacity 
  • Strength 
  • Endurance 
  • Explosiveness
  • Metabolism

Whether you haven’t trained in a while, are currently training regularly, or have never trained before – this phase will fill in your gaps and weaknesses to make sure you have a strong foundation to maximize the results you get in the following weeks.


Phase 2: Strength & Volume 

This is where you’ll pick up the intensity.

The focus of this phase is quickly building up your strength and increasing the amount of volume your body can handle. Here’s where you’ll notice your body really starting to lean out and your muscles growing quickly. 

If anyone’s been telling you that the only way to make gains is with a gym membership, this is where you’re going to prove them wrong.

Phase 3: Power Development 

What is Power?

It’s strength demonstrated with speed – it’s the type of explosive strength all fighters have. 

The power to knock a guy off his feet.

Power is what separates the gym rats from the real fighters. It’s the type of strength you can use in day to day life, whether you’re doing athletics or have to face a real-life-fight – your body will be equipped.

Phase 4: Explosive Endurance 

In many sports, you’ll encounter 2 types of athletes:

– Those who can keep going without tiring – Those who have incredible strength and speed 

But rarely do you see athletes with both… except for in martial arts. 

This phase is about taking your newly developed strength, power, and speed – and making it last. So you can keep going without exhausting yourself or losing power.

BONUS:The workouts in this phase stimulate something called “The Afterburn Effect” which will put your body in a fat-burning mode for up to 48 hours after your workouts.

It’s this style of training that’s responsible for the famous ripped physiques of many fighters.

Resource: Ultimate Exercise Library 

A huge problem with most workout plans… 

…They’re boring. 

How are you supposed to stay consistent if you don’t even enjoy your workouts?

An effective exercise plan needs 2 things to give you results:

1. Consistency

2. Progression 

You need a wide variety of fun exercises to stay consistent. And you need a proven progression model to get results.

In The Fighter’s Body Ultimate Exercise Library you’ll get access to 64 different exercises with detailed instructions to make sure you’re form is perfect, so you don’t have to worry about injuries.

Even better, you’ll discover small adjustments you can make to each of these exercises to switch up difficulty and intensity based on your current strength and the progress you make.

If You Order Today You’ll Also Receive These Valuable Bonuses:

BONUS #1: Fighter’s 6 Pack Abs Workouts 

($17 Value) 


BONUS #2: Exclusive Heavy Bag Workouts 

($27 Value) 

BONUS #3: Intense Fat-Burning Sprint Workouts 

($27 Value) 

BONUS #4: Fighters Body 7-Day Meal Plan & Weekly Planner 

($17 Value) 


BONUS #5: Workout Tracking Sheets & Calendar 

($17 Value) 


BONUS #6: Video Training With Muay Thai Coach Don Heatrick

($17 Value) 

Sean Fagan (The Muay Thai Guy) – 7 Day Fighters Body Challenge is digital download at

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