Shakti Silence Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Music – Shaktipat – Kip Mazuy


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Shakti Energy Meditation CD Awakens Youinto A Whole New Level of Bliss

Shakti Silence Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Music - Shaktipat - Kip Mazuy
The Shakti Energy on Shakti Silence Has Been
Completely Revamped in 2015 Making it The Most Powerful Ever.

It Now Comes with 2 CDs of New Meditation Music
with The Option of Getting A 3rd Music CD At Very Low Price

Now Available As MP3 Downloads!

Shakti Silence –
Shakti Energy Transmission on CD

The first time I listened, I felt like something that felt like a “burst” in my head….

Next my tingling/electrical sensation around my sacral spine area…. Next a tingling on the top of my head (crown chakra) Then much heat in my head and all over my body…

The next time I saw the most beautiful RED everywhere.

Needless to say, I am VERY impressed.

I feel it was truly “grace” that lead me to find you again and your music.
I am not sure you can call it “music” – it is BEYOND music”

“WOW ! ! The first time I listened to your ‘Shakti Silence’ was BOTH mind boggling and truly wonderful. *
(Donna Dillon, AZ, USA)
Shakti Silence Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Music - Shaktipat - Kip Mazuy
Dear Friends,
Many of you already know about Shakti Silence. Shakti Silence is an almost silent CD that
transmits Shakti Energy allowing you to easily experience deep states of meditation and bliss.
It provides you with the energy that is necessary to awaken you into self realization and
enlightenment. But it now also comes with 2 CDs of meditation music that also transmit Shakti,
allowing you to have the transmission whether you prefer to sit in silence or listen to music.
What is Shakti Energy and why is it so important?
Shakti energy is the energy vibration of unconditional peace, bliss and love. It is this energy itself
which makes meditation happen.
When one reaches the highest states of meditation, they naturally transmit Shakti Energy. When
you sit with such an enlightened master, you feel this energy. It makes you feel peaceful, blissful
and puts you into a state of meditation without any effort on your part at all.
Just by sitting with such a Shakti Meditation Master repeatedly deepens your meditation, your
experience of bliss and awareness. It even has positive effects on your outer life. It in itself will
fast track your spiritual progress far more than years of meditation practice on your own.
Shakti enhances any meditation technique or practice you might follow. it allows you to take
those practices and go far deeper than you could just by practicing them on your own.
Shakti is nothing new. It has been the tried and true method for attaining enlightenment for
thousands of years. It is even documented in the Upanishads:
“The Supreme state of being established in one’s own real nature, which
is so difficult to attain by other means, is easily attained by the grace of an
enlightened Siddha.”
(Yogashikha Upanishad, Written 800-1400 B.C.)
After a profound spiritual awakening I was “shown” a way through using special audio equipment
how to capture Shakti Energy and turn it into sound.
Imagine sitting by a fire on a snowy Himalayan mountain top with your eyes closed. Your Spiritual
Teacher touches you on the head and suddenly you feel immense peace and bliss. It is as though
he opens the door in you to incredible freedom…
Now imagine sitting in the comforts of your own home, pushing play on your CD
or mp3 player and experiencing the same peace & bliss.
Imagine being able to utilize this same Shakti Energy in your meditations every day.
You could struggle on your own with meditation and never really taste the peace and bliss
that is available, or you could make things incredibly easy simply by listening to a unique
CD that washes you in the shakti energy of unconditional peace.
If you don’t already know me, my name is Kip Mazuy. Presently thousands of people all
over the world experience incredible states of bliss while daily meditating to my Shakti
CDs including Pure, Ocean Euphoric, Infinite Sky and The Calling.
Shakti Silence Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Music - Shaktipat - Kip Mazuy
Shakti Silence Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Music - Shaktipat - Kip Mazuy
This new version of Shakti Silence has been my personal choice for my morning meditations for
the last 8 months. It is fantastic.
You also receive with Shakti Silence 2 CDs (or 4 mp3s) of meditation music, four 30+minute
meditation music tracks with their own unique Shakti Energy transimission along with the new
Shakti Silence quietly underneath the music. There is also an option of getting a 3rd additional
meditation music CD (or 2 more mp3s) for a very low price.
Many people who were having incredible meditations with Shakti Silence asked me to offer it with
more music. So now you have both the silent energy transmission and transmission of Shakti
Silence through very blissful meditation music as well.
I am also offering these as downloads as well as CDs. I am trusting everyone will be respectful of
this and not share the mp3s with friends or post them on the web. I depend on each sale to keep
going and I need your full support. Please tell your friends about them, let them listen, but
encourage them to buy their own copy.
What are the benefits of having a silent Shakti CD?
First, you will notice there is something very unique about how Shakti Silence makes you feel.
The Shakti is subtle yet very very powerful. Some claim Shakti Silence is the most powerful
and advanced out of all of my CDs for meditation and spiritual awakening.
As it sounds like white noise, it allows you to meditate in silence without any music. It allows you
to meditate in a more zen style of meditation that helps you become accutely aware of your
thoughts and of awareness itself yet at the same time still receive the Shakti Energy
Transmission. This can be really helpful to to discover the whole mechanics of mind and the
essential silent awaress that is at its essence.
This is what meditation and self realization is all about: realizing the essence of your mind, which
is pure silent awareness.
And for those that like the connection of Shakti through music, there is lots of
new meditation music to choose from on Shakti Silence.
The music allows you to have a relationship with the Shakti, feel the energy vibration of the Shakti
through sound. Most people find it easier to connect to the bliss through music, so there is lots of
music to choose from.
Here Are Some Other Great Uses for Shakti Silence:
Play it in your house during the day on a low volume. It will transform the energy vibration of
your house into the home of an enlightened saint. When you come home, you will feel that
wave of peace wash over you when you walk in the door.
Play it during work. No one will know you are playing anything, they will think it is your
computer fan. And then you turn work into a meditation. You have the Shakti Energy
awakening you all day long. (First meditate with Shakti Silence to get used to the energy.)
Play it while you sleep. Although a lot of my customers play my other Shakti Music all night
long, if you are sensitive to noise, put Shakti Silence on at a low volume while you sleep.
Once you get used to it, it will make sleep much more like a blissful meditation. You will
wake up feeling the bliss vibrating in your body. A nice way to start the day!
Play it for children during the day or while they sleep. Again, start with a little bit at a time
until they get used to it, but it will bring the energy of enlightenment in peace into their lives
early on. Don’t you wish you had that kind of upbringing? 🙂
Play it when guests come over to create a peaceful atmosphere. Why not make everyone
Shakti Silence transmits Shakti Energy in a very unique way. It sounds like white noise, like the sound of a heavy rain or gushing waterfall. That means you can meditate basically in silence, letting the Shakti Silence drown out distracting outward noises.

I update the Shakti Energy vibration on Shakti Silence every few years. Many of you who already love Shakti Silence have been asking me about the latest update,. It took so long because I did a complete overhaul of the Shakti Sound Vibrations with the most modern audio equipment available making it incredibly powerful. It is not just an update, it is a whole new set of Shakti Sound Vibrations mixed in.

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Shakti Silence Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Music - Shaktipat - Kip Mazuy
The meditation music on Shakti Silence is also quite unique. I’ve spent $10,000 on new audio equipment that allows me to turn Shakti into sound in much more modern ways than I could before. The result is the sound quality is more lush in the music without compromising the Shakti Transmission. Every sound you hear in this music is transmitting to you this shakti energy.

There is a meditation musical track on Shakti Silence that is also quite special that needs mentioning: “Lakota” is a meditation music track that transmits the energy of kundalini awakening directly to you. It is incredibly intoxicating and incredibly powerful. If you had good experiences with “Kundalini Kali” from my Pure CDs you will love this track.

The Shakti Vibrations on “Mahadevi” help open the heart while “Formless” awakens the energy in the higher centers of the third eye & crown.

Please Know Be Assured That This Shakti Energy Sound Vibration on Shakti Silence is Absolutely Safe. It is Only Transmitting the Energy of Unconditional Peace.

Want to Feel Blissful? Listen to some of the music samples from Shakti Silence. Take a moment to relax your body, close your eyes and feel the Shakti Energy Transmission in the music.

Shakti Silence Shakti Energy Silent CD
Shakti Silence
Shakti Silence Shakti Energy CD 2
Shakti Space
Shakti Silence Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Music - Shaktipat - Kip Mazuy
Shakti Silence Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Music - Shaktipat - Kip Mazuy
Shakti Silence Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Music - Shaktipat - Kip Mazuy
Shakti Silence Shakti Energy CD 3
Shakti Sonic
Shakti Silence CD 4
“It Knocked My Socks Off! Wow! Very Powerful!*
I know this is your finest work up to date! I am blown away!”
(Louis Delmar, USA)
If you take the time to listen to a couple of the samples, you are already feeling the vibration of peace and bliss in the music, yes?

This is the Shakti transmission that happens through the music. Listening for 15 minutes, half an hour, an hour, several hours, the Shakti builds in your body, awakening you more and more into your natural state of pure awareness and unconditonal peace. Read what others are already saying about these new CDs:

“Shakti Silence is a complete surprise! *
I found myself cemented in the now, enjoying many variations of bliss.”
(Jean Morrison, Australia)
“I cannot express in words how much I am enjoing
your Blessed music & vibration. *
I really cannot listen to anything else so far it is food for my soul I can tell you, the vibration from your music feeds a part of my being that I knew was there but more & more is becaming out into my consciusness. I also cannot express enough my gratitude for what you provide to us….THANKS A MILLION.”
(Giorgio Capuz, Italy)
Many of these new meditation machines like light and sound goggles and “Audio Meditation Programs” cost hundreds of dollars but do not awaken you to deep meditation like these CDs can. I have tried every tool out there and the only thing that awakens you into deep meditation is Shakti. So although I have been told to charge hundreds of dollars to be taken seriously, I want these CDs to me more available to everyone.

So order now and you can receive the Shakti Silence 4 CD Set for $127US

On Sale US$101.00 mp3s or US$105

My love is to share this music with others. So that everyone can use this incredible tool to deepen their state of peace. If you love them, you will let your friends know about them and as more people know about this music and purchase it, this will support me enough to continue making this music so its all good.

I just ask that you please support me by not copying the CDs or mp3s for others. This also insures the Shakti on The CDs/mp3s remain 100% effective.

You Will Also Receive:

Free Bonus # 1 ($47US Value, Yours FREE)
“Realizing the Self: Discovering the Key to Inner Bliss” E-book.
I have completely re-written most of this book from the original version. This book will be
extremely helpful for anyone wanting to really dive deep into meditation and those who are serious
about awakening into self realization.
This is a hands on workbook designed to be used with the Shakti Sonice that comes with Shakti
Silence that can catapult you into advanced states of meditation. It can give you the freedom to
enjoy life from a completely new perception beyond the mind and body.
Including Topics on:
How to directly experience oneness (non duality)
How to enter witness consciousness & experience formlessness.
How to transcend the personal ‘me’ and experience the level of nothingness, the experience
of pure peace.
How Shakti relates to awareness and awakens you into Self Realization
The key to being blissful in your meditations and maintaining this bliss throughout your day.
How to experience the Self, the awareness beyond the mind and body. Learn how this
allows you access to incredible states of pleasurable peace & freedom.
Meditation techniques to help keep you resting in the Self
How to transcend the mind through self acceptance
Bonus chapters on directly experiencing the Self and Self Nurturance & Surrender
“Reading the E-book and listening to Shakti Sonic
created an incredible opening for me,
a high experience of expanded awareness.
Something totally new is happening which is so personal that it is hard to explain.

Your music is an art that opens doors to blissful awareness. The E-book is something that I will periodically return to and read again and again.”

(Will Cunningham, NY, USA)
Bonus #2 (Usually NZ$120 per hour, yours FREE)

Expert Online Consultation on Meditation Available Anytime.

Have any questions about meditation, awareness? Would you like to be free from those problems that you struggle with on a day to day basis? 

I offer free online guidance so you can find answers to problems that you may have been struggling with for years whether it been in meditation or your outer life. Simply send me an email with your question and problem and you can usually get a response to your questions within 24 hours.

Free bonus #3 Online Live Shakti Energy Awakening Meditations
(Value $40NZ per session, yours FREE)

Free Access to the Online Group Meditation Shaktipat Awakening Sessions with Me.

Just sign up for free, click on the website link at the time of the session and I will be there on live audio stream. I will guide you in a meditation, talk a little, maybe answer people’s questions, but the main part is the transmission of this Shakti Energy that awakens you into deep meditation & bliss and along with the CDs will speed up and enhance your process of spiritual awakening.

“I was on the session on Sunday & I honestly can say that I don’t ever remember a feeling of such peace & love wash over me. Ever.
This was my first call with you and I really didn’t know what to expect, but by the end of the call I felt like a gentle, warm cloud of love was enveloping me. It was almost tangible.

When I woke the next morning, I felt an amazing total stillness. So — I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

(Diana Alexander, AZ, USA)
When you order Shakti Silence: Shakti Energy meditation CDs, you will receive:
-Shakti Silence CD or mp3 Download– over sixty minutes of the powerful Shakti Energy
Transmission. Recently updated 2015 to be a powerhouse of Shaktipat.
– 3 CDs (or 6 mp3s) of Meditation Music that have both Shakti Silence underneath and
their own unique Shakti Sound Vibrations. Over 3 hours of meditation music to choose from.
-Free Online Assistance with Your Meditation. If you have any questions about your
meditation experience, how to deepen your meditation & your enjoyment of peace, feel free
to email.
-Free Online Shakti Energy Awakening Meditations with Me to turbo charge your
spiritual awakening process and infuse you with peace and bliss.
-Your Free Copy of the E-book “Realizing the Self: Discovering the key to Inner
Bliss,” valued at $47US
(That’s hundreds of dollars worth of free gifts)
All For only US$101.00 mp3s
or US$105 for CDs
Only available through our website
There is a candle in your heart,
ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul,
ready to be filled.
I have taught meditation for many years. But the words only take you so far. You have to have a
direct experience of what I am talking about. And that direct experience is through receiving
Shakti Energy.
My joy is to help awaken you to your natural state of unconditional peace and love by providing
you with CDs that carry this enlightened presence, this time honored tool for enlightenment.
I not only offer them to you, but I meditate with them a couple of hours a day. The energy on
these CDs keep expanding me into deeper and deepers levels of bliss and also help me
transmit this shakti energy to others.
So I know first hand how important these CDs are. If you are serious about meditation and
deepening your experience of peace, I am betting you will also find how powerful of a tool for
enlightenment they can be.
Whether you order the CDs or not, may you be filled with unconditional love, peace and bliss.

You don’t have to order now, but getting Shakti Silence and the Meditation Music that transmits Shakti could be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. It could bring your day to day experience into a whole new level of bliss.

Like a magician with his or her magical box from which to pull and put all kinds of wild and crazy things–the magical formula box to which we refer lives inside human minds. The brain produces it, and yet the magic box transcends the brain. And because everybody you meet also has a magical formula box–you will learn some very, very powerful magic.

    • You will learn magic that will enable you

  • to change realities,

  • to alter the direction of life,

  • to change the past,

  • to restructure emotions,

  • to shift paradigms,

  • to leap logical levels at a single bound, and

  • to jump off tall towers of terror in a single leap,

to utter mind-lines and see demons vanish and heavens spring into existence,

and much more.!


Then come with me to explore your own neuro-linguistics and neuro-semantics.

Become a magician so that you can use your meaning-making powers with grace and power.

Mine those mind-lines that will change your mind for good–

change it so that you can run your own brain, make the changes you want, and keep the change forever.

Learn to become truly elegant and professional in the mind-lines you offer to your associates, loved ones, and friends.

Set includes 8 DVDs and 5th Edition Mind Lines Book

Shakti Silence Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Music – Shaktipat – Kip Mazuy is digital download at

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