Sol Stone – Quick And Casual Close-UpSol Stone – Quick And Casual Close-Up

Product info: [1 DVD – AVI]. File size: 261.83 M. Digital download. His magic is quick direct and visual. His technique is superb and he has a “soft touch”…

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Sol Stone has remained an underground figure in the New York magic scene for more than 50 years. Although many of his routines have been published in various magazines and books, very few magicians have ever seen him perform.

His magic is quick direct and visual. His technique is superb and he has a “soft touch” which helps make everything he does seem very magical.

This video features some of his favorite routines with coins, chips, pins, sponge balls, ropes, balls, and finger rings.

Includes performances and explanations to:
►Fusion Fission: Two quarters change into a half-dollar and back to two quarters.
►Tenkai Quarters: A quarter magically jumps from one hand to the other.
►Vanishing Eagle: A quarter placed into your fist vanishes, as both hands are shown empty.
►Cointemplate: Two coins are placed under a clear plate held by a spectator. One of the coins startlingly penetrates up through the glass to appear on top of the plate.
►Chaperone: A routine with three different colored balls accompanied by a cute presentation. Balls are repeatedly placed in your pocket but appear back in your hand. The routine ends with all the balls vanishing.
►Ring On, Ring Off: A borrowed ring penetrates the center of a pen that is held at both ends by a spectator. Just as easily the ring is pulled off the pen.
►Acupuncture: A quick linking pin routine with an acupuncture presentation.
►North, South, East and West: As two coins are moved to opposite sides of the table one of them magically disappears and joins the other.
►Jarred Coin: A coin repeatedly vanishes from your hand to appear inside a little jar. The jar is sealed shut but the coin still manages to vanish from your hand and appear inside the jar.
►Purple Cow: A quick and direct spellbound routine presented as a poem. A silver coin changes to a purple coin and back to silver a number of times.
►Knot For You: A piece of rope is placed around a spectator’s neck while a knot is tied in the center of a second rope. As the spectator holds both ends of the rope the knot disappears and appears on the rope which has been previously draped around his neck.
►Just Gone: A silver coin and a copper coin vanish one at a time until nothing is left.
►Elusive Sponge: A sponge ball routine with vanishes, appearances and multiplications.
►The 51 Cent Trick: The two-coin routine Sol Stone developed after his plane was shot down during World War II.

Many professionals have added these routines to their working repertoires–we are sure you will too. Hosted by Gerald Deutsch. Original release date: February, 2002. Running time: Approximately 75 minutes.

Special DVD Features:
Performance and explanation to the Patriotic Poker Chips.

Sol Stone – Quick And Casual Close-UpSol Stone – Quick And Casual Close-Up is digital download at

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