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My original experiments with this area were inspired by working with “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding (many other books and teachings from Western and Eastern alchemy influenced my work, however Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East best describes where I’m heading with this recording), working with A Course in Miracles, applying different NLP techniques, but primarily working with Time-Lines, and on the lives of world’s greatest alchemists.

I have had some out-of-this world amazing experiences using the techniques I present on this recording and I wanted to share them with others who would desire to move further along on a spiritual path much faster. This recording would help you to rewire your neurology in a new way, in accord with your spiritual goals and it will help to create breakthroughs in consciousness and to liberate you from learned limitations.

The recording takes you all the way to the time before your birth. The reason for this is that many perceptions and limited beliefs were imprinted in our subconscious mind and in our neurology even while we were still in the womb. While due to release of certain hormones at birth, a lot of what we experienced may have been consciously forgotten, it is not erased from the depths of our subconscious and in some way it influences even our adult lives. For example, people who go through a “rebirthing” (this process involves energized breathing – as breath is a powerful way of releasing blocked energy patterns) begin to remember events that go all the way back to the time of conception.

Some interesting patterns emerge. One person who had difficulty finishing projects whether they related to business, relationships or anything else found out that this pattern had something to do with the fact that she was born prematurely – she didn’t get to complete her “time” in the womb and this pattern got wired so deeply that it influenced her for much of her adult life. Many people whose parents had second thoughts about having them experience “fear of abandonment” issues and often create subconsciously the very experiences that would allow this fear to materialize in their lives. One way that these fears may manifest is a form of “self-sabotage”.

Some of the things that happened long time ago and still have effect on our adult lives, as a reference point – however, this recording goes much further than healing these types of issues and limitations. On the other hand, these issues are the reason that this recording goes all the way to the time before the birth – to rewire the programming that was impressed upon us at such times.

After we were born, we embraced learnings, beliefs and worldviews that started with our parents and then continued with the significant people in our lives, with our educational system, with the society and culture we live in. Some limitations were wired into us due to the teachings we received, others were wired into us due to our interpretation of those events. Sometimes the limited results we were able to produce were the result of our limited vocabulary or because we had tiny bodies, or didn’t possess skills to express our needs and have them met appropriately and in spite of the fact that we are now grown up and have developed new resources – often these limiting patterns that were formed in our childhood run our lives from the depths of our subconscious.

You may be familiar with a story of a small child whose mother yelled at him “Don’t slam the door, something terrible will happen!” The child did slam the door and immediately after that, well it just happened that an earthquake began. Shocking experiences are a powerful way to impress new beliefs rapidly and deeply into one’s subconscious mind. I don’t know if this child wired the belief that slamming doors can be dangerous or “wow, I am really powerful, I can make some major things happen” – but whatever belief he formed would have a significant influence upon him for many years go come and if kept on reinforcing it, perhaps for the rest of his life.

It is so common with most people to project the abilities of their parents onto themselves, at least on subconscious level. If one’s parent was a tradesman, then a child is expected to follow the same life-path. If one’s parent was an intellectual, then a child is expected to follow the same life-path. Parents’ expectations influence children. This has also been proven in educational institutions. A child will often perform well or poorly to match the teacher’s expectations – even if they are unspoken. People do transmit information through their body language, through their behavior as well as energetically.

The more our wellbeing and survival are dependant upon specific individual or institution, the more we’ll tend to embrace the world-view and beliefs of that individual or institution unquestioning their validity. The subconscious reasoning is really simple here – I’d better go along with or else I may cease to exist – and I’ll do whatever it takes to survive.

To break this connection with the limiting belief system of parental heritage which does influence all of us to a certain extent, all great alchemists would re-wire their neurology with an archetypal set of – parents not made out of flesh and blood, parents that express abilities they desire to express, parents that are free of limitations, parents that are endowed with perfection. Since, as humans beings we are all imperfect and have much to learn – a new parent, or a set of parents would be of divine origin, endowed with divine attributes, and often would be the very Source of existence.

Whom we perceive as a source of our wellbeing, as a source of our survival, we’ll tend to serve, we’ll want to please – if not on a conscious level, then unconsciously. When we are small we project the idea of “source of our wellbeing” upon our parents and if they don’t meet our needs adequately, we develop all sorts of unconscious resentments and hostilities, a quiet anger that they failed to express perfection. Sometimes, people adopt the belief that perhaps the problem lies not in parents – if parents are perceived in the child’s mind as perfect – but in a child itself. The patterns “I’m not good enough” then run into adulthood and a 70 year old person may still be doing things, unconsciously, to prove a point to a parent who has long since passed out of earthly life.

The true “Source” exists – but it’s not our physical parents. Our physical parents and people around us are merely allowing some of the Source to express through them according to their beliefs, perceptions and worldview – often running patterns they inherited from their parents and their culture. The true “Source” can be reached only from within – then according to our understanding, beliefs and perceptions it gets projected to varying degrees outside.

It really doesn’t matter by what name you call this “source” – it is nameless – though certain words have power because throughout thousands of years millions of people have invested energy into those words (that is how all symbols gain their power – and words are just symbolic representations). What does matter is your awareness and sense of connection to the Source. If not consciously, then unconsciously, we have the strongest connection to that which to us represents our “parent”, something that presented a mold upon which we were formed – from which we inherited not only our form, but also our attributes and potential abilities which we can develop and express.

Our fathers and mothers are the roots out of which we spring. Who do you identify with as your father and your mother – you will tend to emulate in some way. For St. Germain, his mother was “The Mysteries”, for Jesus, his father was “God”.

Here an important shift in identity occurs and this shift is a prerequisite for expressing higher abilities. This is the reason that on Spiritual Alchemy New History Generator, you get a new set of parents, a divine set of parents, whose attributes then become wired into your neurology.

The recording then leads you through rewiring memories about the culture you grew in, the friends you socialized with, the significant people in your life – as well as you entire past, your entire life as if you lived it from this higher level of existence.

Our memories are for the most part constructed. They are based on our interpretation of events, rather than on actual events. They don’t exist anywhere else other than in our energy field as clusters of emotions associated with images that accompany them. They do color how we perceive present events. Events that happened long ago, even though they are no longer part of our actual present “real” life, still exert their influence on how we think and act today. Most of them prevent us to fully engage in the present moment, to experience the present as it really is – without the projections from the past.

It is not the events and circumstances that happened that caused the problem and how these events got wired into our neurology – it’s our perception of the events and our resourcefulness in handling them that would determine whether they left empowering or disempowering imprints in our subconscious and in our neurology.

While you can access all the resources that would’ve been useful to you and re-live any past event in this new light – the Spiritual Alchemy New History Generator is designed to help you accomplish this process from a spiritual perspective.

There are many ways to handle and resolve memories from the past that leave you in some way more empowered. If you had an experience where someone abused you in any way while you were a small child, you may feel empowered even by re-running the memory of being able to hit back the person who hit you and smash him into a pulp; and from one spiritual perspective you may “offer another cheek” – but then again, you may re-run your past in a way that you were loving and so powerful at the same time that the person would’ve never dared even to attempt to hit you, or that it would have no more effect than an infant trying to hit an adult – the adult may simply be amused by the infant’s attempt and may then lovingly find out what’s troubling the infant and help it to feel better. You get to feel “safe” feeling truly loving only after you feel truly powerful – love and power go hand in hand and are joined with wisdom.

Infinite Love for the Source lets the Infinite Power flow through you and inspires you to extend your love to others as well as to empower them in a beneficial way.

Even though as a small child you might have not had big enough body or vocabulary to fight for your rights or to get your needs appropriately met – you were still connected with the Source even though you might have not been aware of it. Therein your power to resolve the issues from the past lies – by bringing the Love, Power and Wisdom of the Source into equation.

“I relax my body completely, relax my mind completely,
and then imagine myself at a level where anything can happen.”

– Richard Bach

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