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Abundant Mind – Subliminal Visualization Videos – Addiction Releaser

This video subconscious meditation is intended for those who want to destroy patterns that harm their wellness and wellbeing. It is a subliminal training for people who want to quit smoking, quit drinking, get rid of drugs, get rid of gambling, addiction to sex, porn or whatever. Basically, it is greatly useful if you have decided to get rid of the addiction that restricts your freedom and doesn’t allow improving your life. 

The video is a replacement of professional medical care in no way. It just renders additional assistance in overcoming addiction. It is not true that getting rid of addiction is solved by watching the video once.  It works only integrated into medical therapy with daily meditation training. 

Nevertheless, this is a potent subliminal method to start a new life – the life with no addiction. It supports your decision to live free, decision to live in control, and gives you the strength to be ready for change. You find the right society to socialize and don’t tempt your addictions. You realize that it is easy when surrounded by positive people. 

This subliminal also turns you into a caring man. You take responsibility and support your loved ones. A sigh fills you with peace as you watch it to the end, and each time you feel more distinctly that addiction desire left you. Your body and mind become stronger once you can control bad habits. You are healthy and live a sober life ever since.

Go beyond the limitations of the past and live now, focusing on the present! 

Some of the SPOKEN and VISUAL subliminal commands that will be delivered to your subconscious mind in this visual, subliminal meditation video include:

  • You are sober
  • You are powerful again
  • You choose to live life free
  • You choose to live life in control
  • You give yourself permission to change.
  • You create a new life with new rules that totally support you.
  • You easily and comfortably release that which You no longer need in life.
  • You are willing to change and grow. You now create a safe, new future.
  • You choose to handle all your experiences with love, joy, and ease.
  • You love and cherish yourself. It is safe for you to care for yourself.
  • All desire for the addiction has left you and You are free.
  • You are happy with who you are
  • You are in control of your own life
  • You are loved by everyone around you
  • You are not tempted at all by your addiction
  • You always make sure to only align yourself with people who support you
  • You find it easy to turn down your addiction
  • Being surrounded by positive people is natural to you
  • You will stay free of your addiction forever
  • People look up to you as someone who has wrestled with your addiction and come out on top
  • You are strong
  • You have overcome your addiction
  • You are happier without your addiction
  • Every breath You take fills you with peace
  • You are loved
  • With no addiction your mind is sharper than ever, and You are more effective at everything You do.
  • Your body and mind get stronger each time You say No to your addiction
  • Your true positive, fun, kind self is coming forward now that your mind is clean and free
  • You are at peace with yourself now.
  • Your true positive, fun, kind self is coming forward now that have totally eliminated your addiction
  • Your true positive, fun, kind self is coming forward now that your mind is clean and free.
  • Each breath that You inhale fills your body with strength and power.
  • You are grateful for everything that You have received in your life as well as for everything that you will be receiving in the future.
  • You are rich, successful, healthy and happy.
  • You release the need to get the approval of anyone
  • You are perfectly healthy in mind, body and spirit.
  • Your life is full of joy and happiness and You radiate joy and happiness.
  • You deserve and get goodness from the world and in turn, you give goodness back to the world.
  • You understand that the Universe is limitless and you are open to receive all that is offered to you.
  • …and many more like these

  • You are addiction free
  • You have choices again
  • You choose to live life sober
  • You lovingly take back your power. You release the old idea you and let it go.
  • No person, place, or thing has any power over you. You are free.
  • The past is over. You choose to love and approve of yourself in the now.
  • You are doing the best You can. You are wonderful. You are at peace.
  • You refuse to limit yourself. You are always willing to take the next step.
  • You move beyond past limitations into the freedom of the now.
  • You now choose to support yourself in loving, joyous ways.
  • You are free from your addiction
  • You look inside yourself for happiness
  • You respect your body
  • You find it easy to turn down your addiction
  • You have the natural ability to stay in control
  • The only thing in control of your life is yourself
  • You deserve to be free of your addiction
  • Your life is free from your addiction
  • People see you as someone who has successfully overcome your addiction
  • Being free of your addiction has been an improvement in your life
  • You are whole
  • Your body craves a healthy lifestyle
  • You want to nurture your body and mind
  • You have control over your cravings
  • As You strengthen your body, You strengthen your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Being addiction free has a positive impact on every area of your whole life.
  • You are grateful and thrilled You are healed of addiction.
  • Your world is perfect and complete.
  • You fall asleep easily without ANY addiction
  • You love yourself as You are NOW.
  • You are happy and proud being addiction free
  • You control your thoughts and create the reality that You want to.
  • You let go of all past and concentrate only on the present.
  • You always give your best in any activity that You undertake and therefore you are successful.
  • You take complete responsibility for everything in your life and therefore you are in a position to lead the life that You want
  • The Universe and you are one.
  • The more You give away anything, the more you get.
  • You are a loving and caring person and You are always surrounded with loving and caring people.

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