Tax Sale Lists Seminar – John Lane

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Course Curriculum

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Complete Success Package

We look forward to assisting you in tapping into the very lucrative world of tax sales through our Complete Success Package.

Through this program, you will receive the following:

  • 15 Hour Live Online Workshop
  • Comprehensive Tax Sale Guide & State Manuals
  • Unlimited Toll Free Support
  • Free Weekly Update Newsletter of lists and Internet Sales

And the following Free Bonuses:

  • National Tax Sale Directory
  • Annual Tax Sale List Subscription (300 Lists)
  • Four strategies that don’t take a lot of money and don’t require you to go to tax sales
  • Free Access to Archived Tax Sale Workshops

Upcoming Workshop Schedule:

6 Weeknight Classes in July- August:

1) August 10th
2) August 11th
3) August 12th
4) August 17th
5) August 18th
6) August 19th

Starting time for different time zones:

Pacific: 5:30 PM
Mountain: 6:30 PM
Central: 7:30 PM
Eastern: 8:30 PM

If you have a schedule conflict, don’t be concerned as all sessions are recorded (both video and audio) and available the next day.

*There is a $100 cancellation fee, if canceled prior to one week before the workshop, and a $250.00 cancellation fee after that time, as a cancellation keeps someone else from obtaining the scholarship. There are no cancellations or refunds once the workshop has started. All sessions are recorded and you can make up an absence by viewing the videos.

Each class begins at 8:30 PM EDT and will run through 11:00 PM EDT

Tax Sale Lists Seminar – John Lane is digital download at

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