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Shane McDavid – The Appetite Control Blueprint

Now You Can Rapidly Lose Fat, Eliminate Your Cravings and Put an End to Your Big Appetite with a Simple Step-by-Step System

The Appetite Control Blueprint - Shane McDavid
Yes, By This Time Tomorrow, You Can Be On Your Way to Losing Belly Fat and without ANY Cravings and Finally Feel Satisfied
The Food Industry Has “Cracked the Code” to Forcing You To Crave High-Calorie Foods, Even After You’re Full…
You’re about to discover the mistakes you’re making, along with thousands of other people, that will never allow you to lose fat, and even GAIN weight … even if you’re on a diet. It’s not your fault.

Read this Highly Controversial Report by: Shane McDavid,
Appetite Regulation Expert and Nutrition Author
Did you know that some foods are designed to completely bypass your body’s ability to reduce hunger?
These foods don’t increase levels of important hormones that tell your body that you’re full.
More importantly, they also increase food CRAVINGS!
Have you ever found yourself extremely full at a restaurant after having eaten a large appetizer and main meal, only to say…
“I probably have enough room for dessert”
How did you go from absolutely stuffed to WANTING MORE FOOD?

The Food Industry has found a way to make foods HIGH CALORIE andSTILL cause you to Crave these foods even after you’re FULL…

In just a minute, I’m going to reveal some of the mistakes that are causing thousands of people to NEVER lose the belly fat they DESERVE.
You’ve been tricked into believing that calories are all that count.
If you don’t continue to read the information that I have discovered, you may never truly lose the fat you deserve.
You’ve Been Lied to About How to Burn More Belly Fat
The Appetite Control Blueprint - Shane McDavidIt’s 5:45 am in your house.
You’re rushing around trying to get the kids dressed.
Your oldest child is struggling to wake up (even though you’ve tried to wake him up over 3 times).
Your youngest has all the energy in the world. (If you could bottle up that energy and sell it, you’d be a millionaire!)
But wait,
You’re dieting and you need to fix a healthy breakfast. On top of that, you’re supposed to eat 2 more healthy meals and then snack between meals to make sure your metabolism stays boosted.
The “experts” say you need to eat frequently to boost your metabolism.
And don’t forget the kids’ breakfast while you’re fixing your own meals.
You finally pack everything up and get the kids out of the door.
Later that evening, you finally get to rest and enjoy a little down time. This usually involves watching television and enjoying the company of your significant other.
And there’s that IRRESISTIBLE craving. You go to the refrigerator multiple times to see what could curb your craving. It’s not that you’re really that hungry. You just need something sweet or salty to eat.
You sit down and start to relax while enjoying the food you selected.
Two weeks later and you step on the scale. You’re down 1 pound.
REALLY? Only 1 pound?
You just struggled every morning to make sure that every meal is ready to go (on top of taking care of your family).
You worked your full-time job and did everything in your power to stay busy. You went to the gym and worked hard.
I think we all know you deserved more weight loss than 1 lb!
We all know something has to be wrong. How do people stay on a diet without having the overwhelming food cravings, especially at night when you’re tired.
Just imagine how EASY losing weight would be if your cravings were eliminated and you were NEVER hungry…

  • Without leaving the dinner table STILL hungry so that you don’t have to go to bed STARVING
  • Without craving foods that are sitting in your pantry or refrigerator so that food NO LONGER controls your life
  • Enjoying your favorite foods so that you NEVER have to “diet” again
  • While still being able to take your kids out for ice cream and actually enjoy some yourself (oh yes, you can eat ice cream with this plan)
  • Without having to do some crazy “Detox” program…so that you’re not taking some weird product with voodoo ingredients
  • Without having to prepare your DIET FOODS and your family’s “NORMAL FOODS” separately so that you can stick to your diet
  • Without taking any CRAZY fat loss supplements, so that you’re not spending your hard-earned money on gimmicks that don’t work.
  • Without having to eat some special diet when you go out to eat with friends/family/coworkers…so that you can actually enjoy the time spent with others
  • Without having to worry about eating 6 meals per day so that you can spend your time with family, not preparing food
  • Without stressing over food all day long so that you can actually enjoy the rest of your day…Trying to lose fat should NOT consume your entire life
  • Without losing muscle so that you have that toned body you strive for
  • Without eliminating carbohydrates or fat… so that you can still enjoy your favorite foods

How I Discovered the Weight Loss Secrets to
Losing Belly Fat while ELIMINATING Food Cravings
My name is Shane McDavid. I’m an expert when it comes to gaining control over your appetite and cravings.
I spent my entire time in education studying what causes people to gain body fat and struggle with food cravings.
The Appetite Control Blueprint - Shane McDavidI’ve studied thousands of research papers and mentored with great neurobiologists to figure out WHAT CAUSES people to overeat.
What I’ve uncovered is a specific process for losing belly fat like never before. Learn how to lose still fat and still be allowed to eat your FAVORITE FOODS.
See, I could’ve become a Registered Dietitian and worked with people only one-on-one. Ever since I discovered these fat loss secrets, I feel obligated to share them with the ENTIRE world.
My goal is to FINALLY show people how to LOSE FAT AND KEEP IT OFF….
Just so you know, you and I have a lot of similarities. I struggled following weight loss diets. Being married and having family obligations, it was ridiculous to think that my wife and I had to prepare two separate meals at each meal.

  • One meal for my “diet foods”
  • One meal for her “normal” foods

Going out for dinner didn’t happen as much either. There were many places I couldn’t eat “diet” food, so we had to stay away.
It was miserable!
And because of these issues with weight loss, I designed the EXACT step-by-step program to overcome these typical diet flaws.

The Appetite Control Blueprint – Shane McDavid is digital download at

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