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Digital download. Quickly learn ALL the past tense grammar tenses and how to use them. Forget the technical, boring grammar lessons you learned in school!…

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The English Coach – English 24.7


100+ Videos & Audio Files To Improve Your English Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Confidence & Fluency

Get Instant Access To These Courses & Video Series:


❖ How To Talk About The Past

Quickly learn ALL the past tense grammar tenses and how to use them. Forget the technical, boring grammar lessons you learned in school! In this course, I teach you advanced grammar using simple patterns that are easy to understand.

❖ How To Talk About The Future

This course is just like “How To Talk About The Past,” except you learn how to talk about the future. In both courses, you quickly learn simple patterns and important tips to speak correctly and sound more natural.

❖ Good Writing Habits

Instantly improve your writing by watching this course.

You will learn:

  • How to make a good topic sentence
  • How to keep your readers’ attention
  • How to break up sentences that are too long
  • How to structure your writing
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • & much more!

❖ The Sounds Of American English

Do you struggle with pronunciation? If you do, this course is for you! We focus on individual sounds, sound clusters, & intonation. Expect new videos to be released in this series every month.

❖ The Hidden YouTube Files

These are videos I made for YouTube but never published. Why didn’t I publish them? Well, many reasons… maybe I didn’t like my hair in the video. Maybe it was a practice video that I never planned on sharing. Or maybe I realized later that I shared something too personal. Either way, if you enjoy the videos on my YouTube channel, you’ll LOVE this series!

❖ Stories With Stef

This is probably the most popular series in this monthly membership. It’s like a podcast… instead of teaching or talking about English, I talk about things that are much more personal. I tell stories, share lessons I learned, and let you in on my personal observations, ideas, and secrets. If you want to improve your listening skills & pick up new vocabulary, these audio episodes will definitely help!

 Real Conversations With Native Speakers

You pick up so much new vocabulary by listening to real, unscripted conversations. Not only that, but you subconsciously learn and incorporate things like…

  • How to agree with someone
  • How to disagree
  • How to react when you’re surprised
  • How to ask for clarification
  • How to politely interrupt someone
  • & so much more!

This is why I created “Real Conversations With Native Speakers.” It’s an audio series where you can hear me have interesting, dynamic conversations with other native English speakers. We talk about anything and everything! These conversations are totally unscripted, 100% authentic, completely unedited. Meaning, you get to be a fly on the wall and listen to EVERYTHING we say and how we say it.

❖ Casual Chats About Anything & Everything

In this videos series, I tell stories, share my ideas, and talk about subjects suggested by our members. This is a new series that I recently added to the program, and I started it so you can hear and SEE me speak about everyday topics. This will help you improve your listening skills and build vocabulary. And, if you shadow these videos, you can also improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.

❖ The Secret Facebook Live Archive

This series contains videos from my old Facebook page that I recently shut down. I used to do live videos ALL the time. These videos were shared hundreds of times and watched over and over again by thousands of people. They contain tips, lessons, stories, & much more! These videos are no longer available anywhere on the internet… you can only access them here in English 24/7.

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