The Passport Book Version 12 – Robert Bauman

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Robert Bauman – The Passport Book Version 12

Dear Friend,

The Passport Book Version 12 - Robert Bauman

With your permission, and with strict precautions for privacy, I would like to send you the newly revised, 12th edition of Robert Bauman’s best-selling and controversial work… 

The Complete Guide to Offshore Residence,  Dual Citizenship and Second Passports

This is a “must-have” book for your personal library. It reveals why millions of people already have their second passports and how you can join them in removing the government’s vise-like grip from around your neck… how you can become an independent world citizen –  free to live, work, and acquire property anywhere in the world, without Big Brother watching over your shoulder. 

Never in the history of the United States have ordinary people had so much of their hard-earned incomes stolen from them through exorbitantly high income taxes that seem to increase without end each and every year. 

Never before have people had to live according to so many complex statutes, laws, and regulations, most of which are completely useless. All they do is classify you as some sort of “criminal” in the eyes of the law… and keep swarms of lawyers, bureaucrats, and government workers fat and happy in their jobs.

Never before have people’s God-given rights and civil liberties been so eroded… their personal privacy so violated… all in the name of national security. You and I, and any other intelligent person, knows that automobile accidents kill more people in the United States each year than acts of terrorism.

The Passport Book Version 12 - Robert Bauman

It’s been well over 200 years since Benjamin Franklin said that… and it’s truer today than ever.

That’s why, after practicing law for over 40 years, Bob is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can have a life full of personal freedom and abundance, simply by learning the latest strategies contained in his best-selling book. 

The Passport Book Version 12 – Robert Bauman is digital download at

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