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If you want to:

* feel that you have been scammed or ripped off by other training “experts” and you’re disappointed with your actual results
* build muscle and lose fat in the time you have
* have an athletic looking body in less than 3 months guaranteed without missing one barbeque or giving up beer
* discover the four hidden dangers that are adding pounds of ugly fat to your body daily
* drive the opposite sex nuts on the beach
* stop wasting money on useless “gurus” training programs that make you look smaller and fatter

Busy Dad Loses 2 Inches Off His Waist And Adds 1.5 Inches To His Shoulders In Just 4 Weeks Using The Physique Formula

Ed Scow

“I am a skinny-fat guy to the core. I have small arms and legs and whenever I gain fat it’s right in the spare tire.

I don’t want to even think about what I’d look like if I quit working out. I’ve been training for close to 15 years and have been a trainer for nearly a decade and have never come across a program like Jimmy’s. His program took my training to another level and I saw results in a matter of weeks in my arms and shoulder.

My shoulders have never been more defined and my waist has never been this small, even when I was 30 pounds lighter. I even have to get a new suit jacket because my shoulders grew by a solid 1.5” in just over 4 weeks. Not only that my arms grew by a little over ¼ inch each in 4 weeks and my waist is now at 29.8 inches, which means I lost 2” off my waist…all in 4 weeks! That may not sound like much to some people, but you have to realize that I’m a personal trainer.

I wasn’t starting from scratch here. I was already in very good shape but Jimmy’s program helped get me in excellent shape. And the only reason I even mentioned the suit jacket was because I ad to wear my suit a little over a month ago and it fit fine, maybe a little snug but a perfect fit. I just tried it on again yesterday because I need to wear my suit in a few weeks and wanted to make sure it still fit because all the rest of my shirts are tighter in my shoulder.

Jimmy’s training knowledge and personal experience have made him an expert when it comes to getting skinny-fat guys like me in the best shape of their lives.”

Ed Scow, 29 Years Old, Trainer, Lincoln NE

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43 Year Old Man Adds 46 Pounds of Lean Muscle, Gets A Six Pack And Adds 2 Inches On His Arms With The Physique Formula


Pierre Garcia

” I have always been an hardgainer, I could never really pack on serious size. I contacted Jimmy ,the first month I began noticing changes and within one year of following his training and diet plans I went from 170lbs to 216lbs.My bench press went up 50lbs,my arms grew 2 1/2 inches.Jimmy Smith is the real deal,if you are serious about your goals,he will bring you there.

Pierre Garcia 43 Years Old, Trainer, New York City

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31 Year Old Adds 12 Pounds Of Muscle In 9 weeks

“The Physique Formula has given me rapid improvements in both my size and strength. I went from a 195-pound guy with a gut to a lean 207 pounds in as little as 9 weeks. The principles in the Physique Formula will deliver extraordinary results.

John Demors 31 year old Production Assistant

37 Year Old Gets A 6 Pack With The Physique Formula

Marc Ferrera

“I’m loving the Physique Formula Nutrition method. Not only does it allow me to eat what and when I want but I don’t have to do endless cardio either. Keep up the great work. I now have the 6-pack at 37 to prove it”
Marc Ferrara, Chicago

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….Then This Is The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read…

Let me ask you this:

Do you want to be an average “JOE” with a humiliating gut and small muscles for the rest of your life?

Do you want to look ridiculous anytime you’re shopping for new pants because you can’t button them over your stomach?

Are you happy when your trainer only wants your money?

I really hope your answer is “NOOOO!

My name is Jimmy Smith. Besides the fact that I’m a physique training and nutrition expert … I’m also a 25 year old man who loves to go out with his friends, drink Budweiser, root for the Yankees and (probably like you) love hanging out with gorgeous members of the opposite sex.

Let’s cut to the chase…

The reason I broke my silence and wrote this letter is to show you how to build muscle fast while rapidly losing fat and getting six pack abs. Since you’re reading my message I’m pretty sure that you have the same problems that I had a couple of years ago – no muscle and a lot of fat. Don’t worry! I have the answer

I’m sick and tired of seeing hundreds of “gurus” who claim to know the ultimate truth when it comes to building muscle…especially when they are trying to rip you off for every dollar in your pocket.

You see…maybe one or two of their methods are valuable…but it’s not enough. The key is to have a complete system that you can effortlessly follow from A to Z to build muscle and lose fat.

These “gurus” (scammers actually) tell you how to build muscle and lose fat….but they never hand you the exact blueprint because honestly they don’t know how to deal with skinny-fat people.

Have you ever encountered the situation when you bought a bodybuilding program for gaining muscle and all you got was a bigger belly? …or…Have you ever bought a dieting program for losing fat….and as result you lost all your hard earned muscle that took you months to build?

This is exactly what happens when you don’t know the secrets that I’m about to share with you today. (Frankly, very few people know what I’m going to reveal today….so hold on.)

How I Cured “Skinny-Fat” Syndrome

Right from the beginning I want you to know that. I will tell you some things that definitely will make you very uncomfortable….and you’ll get the God’s honest truth about your condition.

Before you begin to allow me to share some results with you

This picture was taken 2 years ago when I was thinking, “I will always be a beanpole”.

This picture was taken on January 2, 2008 when the “skinny-fat” curse overwhelmed me. (I was in serious danger of breaking up with my girlfriend and my medical bills were on the rise from this disease.)

This picture was taken 3 months after discovering and applying the secret that I’m about to share with you today. Its effectiveness can be seen even today! I’ve never had problems with my ugly gut again. I’m healthier, more muscular and leaner than ever.

Now look at me. I’ll go anywhere with my new muscular and lean body. I’ll even hang out at the beach and have fun for hours.”

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The system that I’m talking about (which gave me those great results) is simply known as “The Physique Formula” because it’s so easy to apply and the results are outstanding. It really doesn’t matter if you are a 21-year-old man, a 34-year-old mother of 2 or a 45-year-old busy executive. You’ll build muscle and lose fat regardless of your situation. That’s my promise.

Please don’t get me wrong. My system only produces results, if you’re committed to changing your old bad training habits caused by fake training “gurus”. This method might not be the “perfect” method. I’m only saying that my program delivers results….and it’s tested to work every day in multiple gyms around the country..

If you want to build muscle, lose fat and live a better, cooler life….I’m giving you the “fish” so you’ll never have to go “fishing” for training or nutrition advice ever again. Once you have discovered my secret training and nutrition tricks you can be sure you’ll never deal with the “skinny-fat” disease again….

I’ll point out what The Physique Formula Is Not…

1) It’s not a system where you need to spend hundreds of dollars each month without getting any results…actually it will help you to gain a muscular, sculpted body as fast as humanly possible.

2) It’s not a system that will make you quit your normal life, stop you from enjoying chicken wings at barbeques, drinking beer, going out to clubs or not sleeping 10 hours a night. No it isn’t!

3) It’s not a time-consuming workout. Actually, the moment you open it, you’ll be able to apply all the tricks instantly in the gym today in just 45 minutes.

4) It’s not a system that is only for well-trained or hardcore bodybuilders. It’s for anybody (even if you’re a 62-year-old man or a 37-year-old career woman).

5) It’s not a scam just to take your money like other “so-called” guru trainers are doing (-if it was, do you think that the most respected fitness magazines in the world today like Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness and Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness would feature my training and nutrition information almost monthly?)

6) It’s not a 250 to 300-page book with tons of useless charts and descriptions of your body that just confuse you. You can just implement the “quick fix” methods that I’m showing you in this book in the gym in 1 hour.

Now, let me show you what “THE PHYSIQUE FORMULA” really Is

A) It’s the guaranteed method for adding pure, lean, sexy muscle while dropping your body fat to all time low levels (and all these without giving up your normal life or steroids).

B) It’s an easy to use step-by-step system that can be used immediately after you read it. There’s no rocket science inside of this book. You’ll only find some simple counter-intuitive things that you did wrong (like I did) in the past.

C) It’s the cheapest way of getting building lean, sculpted muscle without spending money on protein jugs, steroids and other supplements that can harm you. Why pay a small fortune on something that doesn’t deliver and can actually accelerate your syndrome?

D) It’s different from any other program you’ve seen or will see in your life…because it has a 94% success rate… In my 8 years in the trenches at the gym, I managed to help hundreds of people like you…and I’ve never received negative feedback. In fact here’s some results from people who have used the program:

His Arms Got More Muscular And Defined After Just One Workout With The Physique Formula!


Ryan Patrick

”Even as a bodybuilder I’ve been anti-bodybuilding and I can’t remember the last time I did an arm day. The Physique Formula workout started with dips and chins–this really help me feel like it wasn’t just an arm day and it got my entire upper body pretty jacked!

I started to feel a little vain during the second superset and noticed my arms looking freaking huge in the mirror (while trying not to stare). I know the pump only lasts for a short time, but my forearms were so jacked I could barely close my fist and I couldn’t even flex my arms enough to touch my delts with my hand. They had to temporarily grow 1 inch during my workout.

I’m not a newbie to hypertrophy–I’ve been around the block on a bodybuilding stage or two, but I’d love to see what a difference the Physique Formula could make for me over 6 weeks!”

Ryan Patrick, 22 Year Olds Trainer, Fort Collins CO

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41 Year Old Lost 10 Pounds, Got Stronger, Added Size To His Shoulders In 19 Days While Only Doing Cardio Once!


Dear Friend,
We are now at the end of the message. I hope you didn’t get bored…but I needed to keep it that long…because every single detail that was presented to you is vital for your health, body and your wallet.

I hope I’ve convinced you that the “The Physique Formula” is the best investment you could make today….and I could go on and on about the benefits that I’m sure you’ll have when you open it…but if I haven’t convinced you yet, then I probably never will.

Just to be sure that you haven’t skipped anything, allow me a couple of seconds to wrap up what you’ll actually get:

The Physique Formula”– $39.99
Free Gift #1– Nutrition Elite Software (valued at $67.00)
Free Gift #2-The Complete Physique Formula Beginner-Intermediate 21 Week Program (valued at $27.95 )
Free Gift #3-The Advanced Physique Formula 21 Week System (valued at $27.95)
Free Gift #4– Bulletproof Body: The 8 week introductory system for healthier joints and less pain (valued at $27.00)
Free Gift #5– The Physique Formula No Fail Social Guide: How to eat out, party and live life while still adding lean muscle (valued at $22.95)
Free Gift #6– Scandalous Confessions Quickstart Audio (valued at $20.00)
Free Gift #7– One Month Test Drive In The Exclusive Physique Formula Club (valued at $87.00 )
Free Gift #8- My Personal Examination Of Your Training and Nutrition Programs (valued at $77.00 )
Free Gift #9– Lifetime Updates (priceless)
The Physique Formula – Jimmy Smith is digital download at

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