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Product info: [30 Video (MP4)]. File size: Updating. Digital download. The problem is they teach “this” or “that”, but they never combine “this” and “that….

Course Curriculum

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Social Growth System – Win at Facebook

I’m sure you’ve seen lot’s of Facebook trainings out there.

The problem is they teach “this” or “that”, but they never combine “this” and “that.” That’s because they’re one-trick ponies.

With Social Growth System you will take the relationship building power of Facebook profiles, multiply it with the community building power of fan pages, then pour gasoline on it with Facebook ads.

You’ll be harnessing the full power of the whole Facebook ecosystem, instead of using one small piece.

Imagine for a second, you’ve been invited to a private masterclass with one of the world’s top Facebook experts. That expert is responsible for generating millions of dollars for private clients.

And this expert is ready for you to look over his shoulder, trade notes, share everything he knows about driving millions of wallet-fattening clicks, leads and sales – and he’s going to let you copy his system….

If that sounds like something you’d love to be involved in, then welcome to Social Growth System.

Hi, I’m Justin Brooke. In the last 6 years I’ve generated billions of ad impressions that have driven millions of dollars in sales, and this has attracted an impressive client list to my agency.

If you’re marketing a service, health supplement, digital training, or software then you’re a good fit for our masterclass system.

If I’m coming on a bit strong, it’s because I believe it’s a disservice not to share something I wholeheartedly know will make an impact on your business.

Inside Social Growth System, you will learn…

1. Strategic Networking: Stop using your personal profile for food porn and jokes. You’re about to discover how to create and cultivate relationships with the top influencers in your market – for free – with your personal Facebook profile.

2. Traffic Mastery: Discover tricks for getting the cheapest clicks, highest CTR, and the ROI boosting ad copy tricks I use to make my clients 200% ROI or more with Facebook’s advertising platform.

3. Market Leadership: Build your business into a brand name that dominates the top of mind awareness in your market. You’ll have the market eating out of your hand with a viral army of raving fans. It’s all revealed in my Fan page community building strategies.

Here are some of the results that these tactics have achieved:

  • Took a client from 362 silent fans to a tribe of 11,092 raving fans
  • Increased a dentists total company revenue by 40% through targeted ad campaigns
  • Sold over $300,000 of my own marketing services by cultivating key relationships

Today is the day you stop posting to your fan page and feeling like you’re talking to yourself because no one is commenting. You’ll use my 12 proven types of posts that inspire interaction.

Now is when you stop being a slave to Google’s teddy bears only to be blessed with a small trickle of traffic. You’ll be using Facebook ads now, getting thousands of clicks for pennies.

You’ll start using your personal profile to create relationships with the celebrity leaders of your market in a strategy I call “Feeding the T-Rex.” The leaders will be your strategic partners or even your clients and customers.

If you’ve ever thought there was more to Facebook. If you wanted to use it to it’s full power without embarrassing yourself on spammy tactics, then you will love Social Growth System.

You’re going to learn the type of strategies they teach in closed-door team meetings for Fortune 500 companies.

Social Growth System is for people who want to win at Facebook.

Your Instructor

Justin Brooke

In the last 6 years Justin Brooke has generated billions of ad impressions that have driven millions of dollars in sales, and this has attracted an impressive client list to his ad agency.

Justin is the Founder of , a cutting edge ad agency that specializes in a combo of Facebook, Retargeting, & Email Advertising. The effect these three channels have when combined is comparable to none.

He also founded a software solution to very easily test and track your website traffic and sales.

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Essentials

  • Introduction to the Course (0:59)
  • Who is Justin Brooke (1:34)
  • Facebook is NOT Adwords (5:09)
  • Facebook Explained (5:16)

The Facebook Mindset

  • Using Personal Profiles for Business (9:44)
  • Creating Your Audience (8:28)

Directing Facebook Traffic

  • Facebook Ad Basics (7:06)
  • Facebook Ads: What Should You Advertise? (5:46)
  • ABC to Creating the Ad (6:23)
  • Targeting with Precise Interests (3:38)
  • Targeting Broad Categories (6:43)
  • User Interface vs. Power Editor (2:31)
  • What Makes a Good Ad – Images (7:33)
  • What Makes a Good Ad – Copy (7:37)
  • What Makes a Good Ad – Testing (5:13)
  • Offers, Promoted Posts, & Sponsored Stories (6:21)
  • Retargeting & Mobile on Facebook (3:55)

Fan Pages for Success

  • Intro to Creating a Fan Page (2:27)
  • Benefits of a Fan Page (2:26)
  • Critical Elements of a Fan Page (6:12)
  • Creating Your Shell (3:16)
  • Designing Your Fan Page (2:47)
  • Types of Facebook Tabs (6:50)

Engagement Strategies for Sales

  • Attracting Your Audience (8:08)
  • Engaging the Audience (4:57)
  • Turning Fans Into Sales (1:57)
  • Turning Fans Into Sales P2 (1:23)
  • Tracking Sales (3:40)
  • Admin and Maitenance (2:49)
  • Other Features and Wrap Up (3:50)

The Social Growth System – Justin Brooke is digital download at

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