The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop – Matt Bacak and Mike Litman


Product info: [4 CDs (MP3)]. Digital download. Would you like to discover how to create a profit producing cash machine that has you making money 24 hours …

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The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop

Two #1 Best Selling Authors Reveal Their Secrets For Creating Instant Cash and Multiple Streams of Income From Home…

Discover The Little Known And
Jealously Guarded Secrets That Will
Set You Financially Free…

From: Matt Bacak

Dear Friend:

Would you like to discover how to create a profit producing cash machine that has you making money 24 hours and day 7 days a week all from the comfort of your home?

A few months ago, two #1 Best selling authors and information marketing gurus came together in Atlanta to teach a small private group of entrepreneurs everything they knew about building a lucrative information empire.

If you have ever wanted to live the Ultimate Lifestyle… selling information while you sleep,…have a great idea to start selling information,…or are already selling products and services online and off and simply want to sell more, I urge you to accept my personal invitation to learn from myself Matt Bacak and Mike Litman in ‘The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop’.

You really can live the Ultimate Lifestyle

You Can Make More Money Each Day Than Most People Sweat For All Month Long.

And what we have in store for you surpasses any workshop we’ve ever done before. You will look back on ‘The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop’ and say ‘that this is when it all began…’

You see, you have many treasures inside you, that you have been keeping inside. Something was stopping you…

That’s why you need to spend these 4 hours with us, because we will make it a BIG day in your life (Style). Mike Litman specializes in helping create multiple streams of income in the ultimate lifestyle business. He will motivate you and get you on your path to financial freedom. Matt Bacak will then take that path and makes it possible for you using his million dollar marketing systems! 

Get The Picture, Your At Home While Everyone Else Fights Traffic Going To Work…

Imagine… traveling the country or the world and getting paid nicely? Have you ever thought about sitting at the beach while you are drinking a few peach Snapple’s getting a suntan? What would it be like sitting at home (or anywhere you choose) in your underwear (or whatever you choose) while you make money?

Meet The Millionaire Instructors Of
The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop

Matt Bacak. 
The Powerful Promoter and #1 best selling author

I will share with you everything I have learned throughout the past 3 years in selling information products online and off. I will show you exactly how to start new, fresh and immediately. Shaving years of frustration off your learning curve, you will be ready to hit the ground running when I am done with you!

  • Learn Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet
  • How to skyrocket your online sales with sales increases up to 837%
  • Learn 100’s of FREE and cheap online tools, resources, and software that you can use to automate your web site
  • Step-by-step advice that you can use to start your very own Internet business in as little as 48 hours!
  • Discover 1,000’s of FREE and dirt-cheap sources of traffic for your web site!
  • How to build your opt in list instantly and automatically
  • The list goes on and on…

Mike Litman’s interviews have started an international phenomenon in the #1 best-selling book Conversations with Millionaires. He’s been involved in selling over 1 million dollars of information products all from his own home.

Mike will teach you ‘How to create multiple streams of income in the ultimate lifestyle business’.

  • How I Turned A $75 Investment into $117,361
  • How I make more money in one day than most people make all month
  • How to make an extra $3,200 by next Monday in your home based business
  • How to find a hungry market desperately wanting to buy your product or service
  • The secret to selling high ticket items from home
  • The #1 mistake all home based entrepreneurs make and why you must avoid it
  • How I sold over 120,234 books without writing single word
  • How to turn your passion, expertise, or hobby into a cash exploding home based business
  • And much, much more…

Here’s 5 Reasons Why Selling Information
Is The Best Business in the World.

High Margins-You Get Your Products for Pennies on the dollar and Sell them for Hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars

No or Low Overhead-You start your own business for less than a $200 investment

Unique Product-Sell something that everyone wants to buy.

No Employees-You can create this amazing lifestyle business without the hassles of employees.

Instant Cash Flow- Easily create multiple opportunities to enjoy instant cash flow on a constant basis.

The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop – Matt Bacak and Mike Litman is digital download at

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