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Dear Friend,

You know you should be using your mind to build the strength and body you desire.

After all, every top athlete says that their game is 90% or more mental. So why do you spend so much time and money on learning and tweaking lifting techniques, nutrition, and program design?

Not to say that all that isn’t important, because it is. But it seems to me you should work first and foremost to unleash the most powerful ally you have available to you…Your Mind!

How Powerful is Mental Training?

  • Dr. Judd Biassotta did more mental than physical training to do a 605 lb. squat at a bodyweight of 130 lbs.
  • A Soviet study found that athletes who did 25% physical training and 75% mental training outperformed those who did 50% physical/50% mental, 75% physical/25% mental or 100% physical training.
  • Charles Garfield used it to set a lifetime max at benching of 365 lbs. after not really lifting for years.
  • A study of free throws showed that visualization alone was almost equal in effectiveness as actually practicing.
  • I’ve used it to hit many of my goals from 301 24kg kettlebell snatches in 10 minutes to pulling a firetruck with my hair. And the more I use it the faster the goals fall and the bigger they become.

So why aren’t you using your mind to its fullest capabilities?

Its not your fault…

While you may recognize the need to engage in mental training to help you achieve your goals, the problem is no one is teaching you how to do it.

If you search long and hard you’ll find scraps of information here and there. Going through trial and error you may learn a few things and bring about some results.

But there is no system for mental training…Until NOW

Enter the Plug and Play SYSTEM for Training Your Mind

Think and grow strong - Logan ChristopherI’ve spent the last two years of my life searching out every bit of information I can find on how to bring about faster results in the gym and out by actively using your mind.

And you get to reap the benefits of all that research.

I’ve put together a program where all you have to do is listen and follow along.

You’ll instantly gain the benefits of the most powerful mental training techniques on the planet.

Let me introduce you to some of them.

Hypnotic Relaxation

The mind is a powerful thing and its divided into two main parts. The conscious mind and the subconscious. If we want to get the best results we need to work on the subconscious.

The problem is the conscious mind will act as a guard or barrier stopping us from doing so, unless we can get it out of the way.

By using physical and mental relaxation you’ll get into a deeper brain wave level that allows you to ‘talk’ directly to the subconscious mind.

And the fastest way to do this is using hypnotic techniques.

There’s a lot of misinformation and myths surrounding hypnosis. But its completely safe and very effective.

By following along with my voice you’ll achieve a great level of relaxation and then input the mental training tactics in order to bring about greater results.

Without reaching a deep level of mind you’re likely to be wasting your time! At best you’ll be marginally effective but with hypnotic relaxation your efforts can be 100-1000x as effective!


The cornerstone of mental training is visualization.

The problem is while many people tell you to visualize few people will show you the right way to do it. And unless you’re doing it right you’re not going to get results.

If you’re doing it right the nerve signals the muscles you’re imagining to be lifting. EKG machines have proven this. Think that can help make you stronger or faster?

Discover the steps to do it right and then actively work on your body and the exercises you choose to do.


Anchors are a technique from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) used to bring about an instant associated response. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means I explain it all later and you don’t even need to understand it to get the benefits.

But with this technique you can instantly bring about states of concentration and peak strength with as little as a mental phrase. They’ll also be used to get use into the relaxed states mentioned earlier as easily as flipping a light switch.

The push button system is loaded up with anchors for different effects because they’re immensely powerful.

Secrets Techniques

And there is much more contained in the system that I won’t even hint. These hypnotic tracks combine a wide variety of mental training tools and tactics into a short period of time to deliver the results you want as fast as possible.

I guarantee you NO one else has this level of mental training techniques and tactics applied to helping you hit your fitness goals.

When you add to the fact that they’re stacked on top of each other you at least triple the power.

Speaking of goals, there are four different follow along audio tracks depending on your goals.

  • Stronger Mind, Strong Muscles will bring about greater strength in whatever exercises you desire.
  • Crazy Skills Overnight will allow you to master any skill quicker then just through practice.
  • Melt Fat with Your Mind can trigger hormonal responses to help you lose weight and make eating and working out easier for you to do.
  • The Muscle Growth Command will do the same helping you to pack on slabs of Muscle.

Each audio file is actually composed of three different tracks, the beginner, advanced and pre-workout track for different uses. That will all be explained later.

I could (and probably will later) sell each audio individually for $49…

But You Can Get All of them for FREE
…for a Limited Time Only

Why? It’s an Ethical Bribe to Try My
Brand New Think and Grow Strong Monthly Program

I’ve just started this new program to give you the best in mental training in all its forms. I want you to join me. And to get you to do so I’m letting you get all Four of the Push Button Mental Training Audios for Free.

All you have to do is sign up for the monthly program.

Each month I release a new Video, Audio File and Booklet that covers one aspect of mental training in great detail. Everything will be available for download in the exclusive online portal. The plans for the following months include:

  • The 17 Steps to 100% Goal Setting Success
  • Volition: The Drive to Succeed
  • Erasing Doubt and Fear in 2 Minutes and Installing Supreme Confidence
  • ‘Flicking a Light Switch’ Unlocking the Power of Anchors and Conditioned Responses
  • 12 Steps to Making Your Visualizations as Real as Life
  • Beyond Biofeedback: The Next Level
  • Secrets of Timelines
  • Installing Energy Bodies
  • Weakening the Opposition
  • And much more

Plus from time to time I’ll have additional bonuses for you too!

Sign up for Think and Grow Strong Monthly Today to receive your first issue, the Mental Training Quick Start Guide and in addition you get all Four of the Push Button Mental Training Audios for Free as my bonus to you for joining.

Every month you’ll be billed $77the low charter member price of only $47/month to receive the latest and greatest information in mental training.

You may cancel anytime with just an email or a phone call. But I know when you see the quality of the information presented to you each month for the low price you’ll stay a member for life. This is my best value offer out there!

All you have to do is click the Add to Cart button below and sign up today. Your receive immediate access to Think and Grow Strong and get started on the path right away.

Think and Grow Strong Monthly

  • Stronger Mind, Strong Muscles ($49 Value)
  • Crazy Skills Overnight ($49 Value)
  • Melt Fat with Your Mind ($49 Value)
  • The Muscle Growth Command($49 Value)
  • Mental Training Quick Start Video ($77 Value)
  • Mental Training Quick Start Audio ($49 Value)
  • Mental Training Quick Start Booklet ($77 Value)

I could only wish this was around when I got started in training. It will cut your learning curve into a tenth of what it what be. With this first month alone you’ll be far above and beyond what 99% of the trainees out there are doing with mental training.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I guarantee you’ll love it. If you don’t for any reason I’ll give you your money back.

P.S.S. This is an Crazy Sweet Offer…

You get the Stronger Mind, Strong Muscles, Crazy Skills Overnight, Melt Fat with Your Mind, The Muscle Growth Command Audios ($196 Total Value)

You get the Mental Training Quick Start Video, Audio and Booklet ($203 Total Value)

Think and grow strong – Logan Christopher is digital download at

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