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PDS – Time Warp Trader

The Most Powerful (And Simple) Contributing
Factor to Profitable Option Spreads

Understanding PPD, and more specifically, warped PPD, is the underlying principle behind giving yourself the greatest mathematical edge possible. There are, of course, other things to consider, but this one principle should be the backbone behind every option spread you trade.

How I Conservatively Turned $5,000 Into $11,120 in Just 90–Days

Time Warp Trader - PDS

Based on a challenge from a client, I traded a $5,000 account with essentially nothing more than the core versions of my Time Warp Strategy. After 90–days, that account grew by 122%. Even more impressive is that 45–days later, that same account grew to over $17,200, or 244% in just 4 1/2 months. That averages out to be a 12.8% return per week.

There are many Time Warp traders who have done even better than that. You have the ability to experience extraordinary returns with a high-probability, proven option spread strategy by learning this powerful strategy through my 4 online Time Warp videos.

Why “Credit Spreads” Are Incredibly Inefficient

When traders want to produce income, the trading industry is obsessed with “Credit Spreads”. This only proves that most of the industry doesn’t understand the basic principle of “Warped PPD”. If they did, they would understand that the warped time value with credits spreads is a fraction of what it is with most Time Warp Strategy opportunities.

How many reading this right now have been caught in the trap of trading credit spreads, experience success, only to give it all back and then some 6–months down the road?

A “Credit Spread” is a spread where you buy and sell 2 different options with the same expiration but different strikes, creating a credit. A typical credit spread has a warped time value of only about 25% (sometimes less). Compare this to some Time Warp opportunities where the warped time values are as high as 1,000%.

Maximizing the Ability to Create Weekly Income

When you learn my Time Warp Strategies, you learn how to use them to give you the highest probability to generate weekly income. In fact, when traded consistently and combined with proper risk management strategies, the Time Warp strategies have the ability to achieve extraordinary returns over a 2–year period.

You’ll see why in my videos.

Hundreds of Traders State Time Warp is the Best
Strategy They Have Ever Traded

I have received hundreds of emails echoing the same sentiment…that Time Warp is unique and the best trading strategy they have ever traded (option or otherwise). In the “Power of PPD” video, I have already revealed to you how and why warped PPD values is the most powerful contributing factor to profitable option trading. The math doesn’t lie. Start making this powerful approach work for you.

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Time Warp Trader – PDS is digital download at Edudigi.net.

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