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Anthony Dream Johnson – Under 21 Convention 2008

In the summer of 2007, history was made in Orlando, FL when Dream hosted the first ever “Under 21 Convention”. 80 people from around the world gathered for a full 2 days of ground breaking speeches from world renowned speakers.In the summer of 2008, Dream did it again! Only this time bigger and better than ever! This time men (yes, the event is for everyone, not just college students!) from around the world gathered to listen to an expanded 3 days of seminar from some of the world’s top dating coaches such as Sinn, Afc Adam, Mehow, Manwhore, El Topo and more! Better yet, the event was professionally filmed with multiple camera angles, and professionally edited. The result? The “most comprehensive dating product ever released”.
Dream I and II Summary”Following the opening and a brief recap of his last year’s speech, Dream, the organizer of the Under 21 Convention, began his real speech. I was impressed by the improved demeanor and relaxed state he was able to maintain while up on stage, definitely a big shift from last year. Also, as Dream spoke he laid bare the truth on the ups and downs of his personal development while giving tips on how to create discipline in getting your life/pickup handled and what pitfalls to avoid, such as becoming so focused on pickup that you forsake all other avenues of your life. At the last minute in response to some chatter going around on my end of the crowd, Dream gave some tips on going out alone, which is an idea that chills me to my soul to this day. After some final advice on emotional stability and mastery, Dream set the stage and introduced the next speaker…”Braddock Summary”
Prior to the convention I had never heard of Braddock, though the “buzz” (watch the speech) surrounding him was that he’s a pretty big deal. He came up incredibly confident, although he powered through his speech due to time constraints. Braddock spoke about college game. He didn’t just speak about it, he outlined exactly the who, what, how, when, and why of the entire process of becoming the king of your campus. He even went so far as to explain a technique for pulling a two set back to your house that, by the time I had finished sketching out my interpretation of it, looked somewhat like a diagram of a football play. Although a lot of the speech was centered on the idea of there being frat houses at your school, the major concepts are applicable anywhere. Straight money.”Heartwork Summary”Heartwork comes off as an extremely positive, carefree, and just straight fun guy to hang around with. Not to mention incredibly intelligent, skilled, and knowledgeable in his area of expertise. I had the pleasure of seeing him work in field, the dude is legit.
Heartwork opened with a short segment on how to learn the game properly with his idea of Goal Centric Training. He then moved into a fairly detailed section on Shaping (the ability to make people behave the way you want in your presence) and its uses, followed by the most easy to use system of rules for cold reading I’ve ever heard anywhere in the community (who knew the word ‘sometimes’ was so useful).”Zebra Summary”Huh, imagine that. The guy who came up to talk to me while I was reading was actually speaking at the convention. The Tetris block comment about coming from Sweden falls into place. Zebra was, in my opinion, THE most surprising speaker at this year’s convention. In addition to presenting incredible amounts of valuable information, Zebra is an incredibly dynamic speaker. The energy, certainty and skill that came out in his presentation projected exactly the type of personality that bespeaks of true self-esteem and confidence. He laid out what he considered the three most important things to take care of before anything else when deciding to learn game; getting leverage on yourself, setting goals, and becoming conscious of yourself and how you see women. On the more practical end of the spectrum, he talked about his personal love of spewing out emotional nonsense at women (“I’m gunna put you in a box!”), an exercise on how to get good at this, the truth about having people JUST talking and laughing with you and doing nothing with it.”Dream & Home Run King Summary”
These two took the stage to open up the second day of the convention and spoke about vitality, health, and fitness. There was a fair bit of valuable information in the speech, but it was hard to grasp as much of it challenged almost every long held belief about eating and what to eat that I (and many other convention attendees) hold. At times it felt more like conspiracy theory than legitimate information, but despite this I managed to take some serious notes and will be attempting to go 3-4 weeks without milk products to put Dream to the test on his assertion that much of what goes into milk is basically glue.”Sinn Summary” Sinn’s speech was incredibly fluid and jam packed with information. My six pages of notes boil down basically to Sinn’s model of how social interaction works, some of his philosophy “bottom line, you wanna get laid, who gives a fuck about how you do it,” the components within the model (types of comfort, qualification, and attraction), ideas on framing, beliefs, practical tips and uses, and even some stripper game.
Sinn also took some time to warn all the newbies about the dangers of becoming an under 21 pickup artist. I’m sure some of the guys tuned this out, but having only a month or so before his speech discovered in myself one of the key pitfalls he outlined, I think it was a well warranted warning.”Ratisse Summary”Ratisse genuinely looks like an unapproachable badass.
His style of game and absurd number of f-closes seems to reflect this. Having spent some time taking a break and talking with him at House of Blues, I can say that Ratisse is genuinely a cool, grounded dude, who has the drive and motives of a true teacher. He spoke in large part about text game and his particular take on it, as well as sexual priming which is basically “a smart and efficient way to know where you are” or as Sinn would say “blow me or blow me out.” This, coupled with Zebra’s speech, helped me to flip the switch inside me that says “fuck it” and just go for broke if I find myself in the 20 minute set to nowhere. He also spoke a little bit on endgame and dealing with LMR. My one criticism was that he kept his notes on his cell phone, which made it look like he was answering texts during his speech. Value packed speech, very relaxed demeanor, incredibly skilled PUA.”Nautilus & Right Hand Man Summary”Nautilus was a returning speaker from last year, and with his partner Right Hand Man, they gave a speech on a very different style of game. They spoke on Inner and Outer game, and their idea and beliefs that one should never ‘chase’ a girl, ever. This includes asking for phone numbers and at times sexually escalating.
Their confidence and stage presence definitely lends credibility to them however.”AFC Adam Summary”Just. Straight. Wow. Watch the video. Seriously, watch it. This guy has to be seen or better yet, experienced, to believe. In short, he talked about the three things that every guy who is good with women has: Confidence, Abundance, and the Ability to Sexually Escalate, and ways to improve all of these. The man is so positive and giving and such a personality that… words fail to describe. With day two wrapped up, that only left one more day, and with such extraordinary speakers, day three would be hard pressed to live up to the rapidly rising bar, even with my favorite speaker from last year taking a two hour chunk.”Dream III Summary”Dream opened up the final day with a Q&A of questions that he took from the forum. It is difficult to describe this without reproducing every question here, but basically it involved some tips on pulling, beliefs, Dreams pyramid of reasons for being out at night (which is deceptively simple, yet profoundly powerful), and more valuable information on mastering your emotions (pleasure pain principle) and leadership.
“Mehow Summary”Returning once again, one of the top PUA’s in the community came to reveal some of his newest theories and technology. He spoke on his idea of group attraction while breaking down a video demonstration of it in action, and also his new form of teaching via ebook, called DNA. I don’t remember what it stands for, but it in essence tells you exactly how to deliver a line, from tonality, to speed, to what you should be doing with your hands, so that guys don’t spend months repeating a line and saying it wrong over and over again. He also introduced the idea of solo winging and some tactics with wings. Mehow proved once again that he doesn’t mess around. He delivers.”Manwhore Summary”Wow.
For me personally, Manwhore’s speech hit right on the money with the type of information that I think more guys need to absorb and understand in the community. He spoke massively on the idea of presence, dominance, leadership, limiting beliefs and other profound inner game topics. I particularly loved his metaphor for game, “Inner game is the language of social interaction. Once you get it dialed, outer game is just the pronunciation of the words.” And of course, he wasn’t without his out of control stories and as-repeatable-as-schwarzenegger one liners such as, “If I wanted you to be the measure of my balls, I would put them in your mouth.” I was disappointed that a lot of the guys didn’t get as much out of his speech as I did, as I think this kind of thing is really all you need if you understand it and embody it. I’ll be listening to the audio over and over between now and the 2009 convention, where I hope Manwhore will return to speak again.”
El Topo Summary”El Topo is an interesting guy. He has a sense of humor unlike anybody I’ve ever seen, and is absolutely hilarious. He spoke about his RedStack concepts and was creating custom material for any guy who had the balls to raise his hand and call out answers to his questions. He also gave some tips on how to improve delivery and your overall skill.”El Topo, Doc Holliday, & Entropy Summary”El Topo is an interesting guy. He has a sense of humor unlike anybody I’ve ever seen, and is absolutely hilarious. He spoke about his RedStack concepts and was creating custom material for any guy who had the balls to raise his hand and call out answers to his questions. He also gave some tips on how to improve delivery and your overall skill.”In Depth Questions & Answers Summary”Too much to go over here. Every remaining speaker got on stage and fielded questions from the audience. Very valuable time, I wish I could have thought of a question. I also heard the first “whispers” of the soon to be infamous ‘Circle of OI!’ routine. The most devastatingly effective routine available in the community, probably that ever WILL be available. I’m still waiting on the video, though I participated in a Group of OI at HOB. I hit state instantly.”The Last Word”Top notch speakers, over 17 hours of (professionally made) footage. This really is the best quality event/product available to the community.
For $167 you get what would normally cost you upward of $2,000, not to mention the numerous discounts (and free stuff) offered by some of the speakers. The 2008 Under 21 Convention was a sight to behold and an experience that I won’t soon forget. Most guys have never had the opportunity to take in such a large amount of information and then CONSISTENTLY put it into practice, each night. Also, each of the speakers took enormous efforts to answer questions from the audience and make themselves available during the convention to talk with about game or just to shoot the shit. Phenomenal. Does it get any better than this? Probably not. I’m reserving my ticket to next years convention ASAP, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.Are you ever going to be finished with women in your life? No. It doesn’t matter how old you are. The Under 21 Convention 2008 is the most underrated, highest quality experience that, if you’re willing to commit to it, will take you places you never thought possible.”

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