Volatility Arbitrage System – Dave Vallieres

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Volatility Arbitrage System

This strategy seeks to arbitrage the relative levels of volatility between two major market indexes (i.e. DOW/NDX) utilizing trading instruments such as futures or ETF’s and profiting from anomalies in the relationship.

It’s not pair trading. It’s unique and actually very simple once you see how and why it’s done. It’s 100% original and has been traded successfully for almost 5 years now with little change.

I started teaching this in 2017, have simplified the strategy and made it more effective and took my first Private Client to teach it to a few months ago. You’ll get to see a couple of my clients trade the system in these videos. You will not find anything like this, anywhere. The closest example of the strategy I’ve ever seen anyone discuss was revealed in an interview on Chat With Traders by Dr. William Ziemba. You can listen to it here. However, my system is traded more frequently and, imo better, for retail traders.

The videos include precise entry/exit criteria and you’ll receive the tools like our Excel spreadsheet to measure the anomalies, two TDAmeritrade ThinkorSwim TOS scripts and 8 in-depth videos total. These videos are the ultimate guide to this reliable, almost daily, income generating system with minimal risk/drawdowns.

There’s very little ‘guess work’ involved. My very first student, Dan (winning 55 out of his first 58 trades) and I take you through the strategy step-by-step so you will be able to understand it and start practice trading it within just a few *hours*.

This strategy is consistent, reliable and profitable using our step-by-step methods. Includes: Easy to update MSExcel spreadsheet that tracks VA anomalies, 8 in-depth videos, outline in *.docx format. May be traded in a 401k (check with your administrator).

Bonus: 2 VA indicator scripts based on the spreadsheet (for TDAmeritarde ThinkorSwim TOS platform only).

Volatility Arbitrage System – Dave Vallieres is digital download at Edudigi.net.

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