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What Cannabis Patients & Consumers Want

This 4th annual report contains:

  • 149+ charts from exclusive consumer market research
  • Customer spending data: how much, how often, what products
  • Strains, edibles and infused product preferences
  • The top 6 consumer buyer demographics profiled
  • 160 page printed report; Pub. September 2015, ISBN 978-1-938219-16-0

Base Your Business Plan on What the Market Really Wants

Discover what cannabis, infused products and paraphernalia customers really want – and how much money they are willing to spend on marijuana purchases. Based on research data from 1,666 actual cannabis customers across the USA gathered in the summer of 2015, this report includes critical data for:

  • Wholesale growers
  • Edibles and infused product makers
  • Dispensaries and recreational retailers
  • Ancillary product and service providers

It provides analysis to help infused product manufacturers in their product development, formulations, packaging design and dosage levels. For growers, it can aid in seeing how consumers make strain choices, how important strain selection is compared to other determining factors, and more. For anyone supplying the growers, retailers or infused products manufacturers, insights through the entire sales or production cycle are often the key to providing the right solutions at the right time.

149 Exclusive Tables & Charts of Consumer and Patient Data

Use this consumer preference data to help you:

  • Build a more realistic business plan
  • Show investors that your product has large demand
  • Decide which strains and infused products to consider or maintain in your inventory
  • Design your products and services to meet the retail store and consumer’s needs
  • Create more powerful marketing campaigns

Consumer Spending Data: How Much, How Often and
What Products

Find out if patient and recreational interest in marijuana has grown or remained steady recently. Has the amount they spend changed with the introduction of new markets and new products? Knowledge of these trends are vital for businesses and entrepreneurs that want to capitalize on the opportunities of the legal cannabis marketplace.

Strains, Edibles & Infused Products Preferences

As insiders know, the pace of change in this industry is unlike that in any other. It’s imperative for businesses to keep a thumb on the pulse of consumers in order to capitalize on emerging trends, meet users’ needs and best the competition. This report contains exclusive data on product preferences such as:

  • How much do consumers and patients spend
  • Black market effects on buying habits
  • User preferences broken down by geographic location, age and sex
  • Types of edibles users prefer
  • Preferences for THC potency

The Top 6 Consumer Buyer Demographics Revealed

Marijuana companies that truly internalize the unique preferences of medical vs. recreational users, women vs. men, and other demographic information – as well as those that implement operational changes to cater to these groups – will be the most successful not only at earning business from licensed competitors, but at earning the business of users who are on the fence about whether to convert to legal markets. Read about the Top 6 buyer demographics and keep your company in the forefront by tailoring your product or service to the best kind of customer for you.

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About Marijuana Business Daily – Publishers of What Cannabis Patients and Consumers Want

Founded in 2011, Marijuana Business Daily is the most trusted B2B publisher and event organizer for the cannabis industry. We pride ourselves in non-biased reporting of the news, data and laws that affect the $3.1 billion marijuana industry.

Our stats and financial projections tend to be on the conservative side. We believe the industry is far better served by moderate, realistic projections than by hype. As members of the media, we are not trying to influence investors or lobbyists. Our sole goal is to serve business owners and their backers with the finest information.

We’ve been featured on television – including NBC, CBS and CNBC – on the radio including NPR’s Marketwatch, in major newspapers ranging from the Boston Globe to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, and in business journals ranging from Fast Company to Harvard Business Review.

Our publications have the largest business circulation in cannabusiness. Our events were the very first national conferences for the industry, and remain the largest in terms of business attendees.

What Cannabis Patients & Consumers Want – Marijuana Business Daily is digital download at Edudigi.net.

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