What Next Integral – The What Next Collection


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What Next Integral – The What Next Collection

With all the emphasis we see in spiritual communities about the importance of being in the NOW, it can be easy to forget how important it is to keep a careful eye on the future. After all, aren’t our thoughts about the future just another way to distract ourselves from connecting to our true selves in this present moment?
As Ken says, “The way you approach the present isn’t just determined by the way you approach the past, but by the way you approach the future. The richer conception of the future you have, the richer your life in the present becomes.”
What kind of future we are imagining for ourselves? For the integral movement? For the impact of the integral vision on our shared future? It’s clearly just as important for us to integrate the future in our awareness as it is to integrate the past and present, but in such a chaotic world, how should we go about doing that? These are precisely the sorts of questions that prompted us to hold the What Next Conference this past New Years: after almost 10 years of the online integral movement, we wanted to see what the integral vision can really offer to the world and to our rapidly evolving cultural conversation, and wanted to create a space where we could come together as a community and look forward to all the wonderful possibilities waiting for us to enact.
It was an exhilirating week, and by most accounts one of the most fascinating and fun events we’ve ever thrown. Some have called it the best integral conference yet—we certainly came back feeling more inspired and more energized than ever. It wasn’t exactly a spiritual retreat; it felt more like an integral advance. (Check out the visualization to the right for a gorgeous bird’s-eye-view of everything that transpired, lovingly created by Mathias Weitbrecht over the course of the entire conference.)
Here you can find the full media collection for the 2012 What Next Conference. We were able to capture some of the greatest moments from this extraordinary event—moments you can now enjoy from the comfort of your own home.
The collection includes:
• Introduction and Intention Setting with Jeff Salzman and Terry Patten (2 videos)
• The Poetry of Ken Wilber performed by Jeff Salzman, Arni Karlsson, and Ed Sarath (1 video)
• The Future is Calling with Roger Walsh, Diane Musho Hamilton, and Terry Patten (3 videos)
• Ken Wilber Keynote: Why We Matter to the Future (6 videos)
• Imagining the Future Through Your Enneagram Type with Helen Palmer (2 videos)
• A Tribute to Ken Wilber (1 video)
• Reflections with Jeff Salzman, Diane Musho Hamilton, and Ken Wilber (1 video)
• BONUS: The Future of Politics—What Now? (audio panel discussion)

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