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You see, most people go through their lives believing that the fortunes of the successful are guided by luck, pure and simple.

Successful people believe they make their own future.

Belief can make a difference, but belief alone is not enough. We all know of someone who is more than fortunate in one vital area of life. How would you like to plan for success like theirs …and more?

How surprised would you be to hear that there is a way to have the ‘luck’ that many ascribe to the wealthy so that you too can just sit back and watch as opportunities arrive in your life?

The process of attracting opportunities, possibilities and that which we desire into our lives is called manifestation.

More love, better health, more wealth, a secure future and the reality of a successful life can all be part of your future when you plan and manifest them.

Later that day, Susanna led the group through an experience – a journey that reveals knowledge necessary for the process of manifestation. Join in and build a better future for yourself as you focus on getting more of what is important in your life.

And when you use the knowledge laid out in this recording, you will find that life just gets better and better…

For those of you who have heard of manifestation before, there are several popular misconceptions and bits of disinformation which can quickly be shown for what they are.

  • Myth #1 : “If I manifest something, someone else will lose out.”

    This statement is often voiced by those who put the interests of others before their own. However, the true implication of this statement is that resources are limited and scarce. This is normally not the case – we live in a world of abundant opportunities and resources if we would just care to look. And in the rare instance that this may be so, this system of manifestation makes sure that opportunity arrives where it should, for the best of all concerned.

  • Myth #2: “A person can only manifest success in one area of their life.”

    This myth is usually spread by those who only have experienced success in one area. Their limits prevent them from seeing success elsewhere in their lives and therefore they fail to get any more than they believe is possible. These are people who do not know how they came by their good fortune – once you know how, you will be aware of opportunity everywhere.

  • Myth #3: “Manifestation is a difficult process that only an elite are capable of.”

    Many who have come by this knowledge believe they are better than others because of all the benefits they have gained so easily. This could not be further from the truth. Manifestation does require some discipline, but the benefits are available to all who know the steps and make the effort.

  • Myth #4: “There are many other powerful ‘attraction’ systems to choose from”

    While there may be many who claim to have all of the pieces of the puzzle, those who have explored the many systems out there are often aware of ‘missing pieces’ and ‘vagueness’ in the steps required. Many appear to work for only some people, some of the time – if at all. This shows that something vital is missing from those systems, whether through ignorance or by design. The footage from Manifestation Master Class is a frank discussion of ALL the pieces required, as well as a testament to their completeness.

The secrets contained in Shamanix™ Manifestation Master Class are available from in DVD format. We are currently able to release them for a price of only £29.95.

When you have more love, better health, more wealth, a secure future and enjoy the reality of a successful life – and compare that price with these benefits, you too may realise the point at which everything started to go your way…easily and according to plan.

Invest in yourself now to plan for a better future.

Place your order below or go here to order offline.

IMPORTANT – the knowledge laid out in this Manifestation Master Class is powerful and highly effective. If you use this information correctly to manifest something, you will get it…

So be very careful what you wish for…

Shamanix – Manifestation Master Class is digital download at

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